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Numrich Gun Parts Corp. GTL DNA Duralee Fabrics Dr. Fuhrman Erectile Dr. Accrediation Solutions Alliance


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NJBiz #31 Best Places to Work in New Jersey in the small/medium category

2011-2013 BtoB Top Agencies

Best in Biz-Fastest Growing Company-Small Business Category 2012

The Web Marketing Association- January 2012 Social Network Standard of Excellence for Hatchedit

The Web Marketing Association- January 2012 Certificate of Merit-Not for Profit for NJRCC

The Web Marketing Association- January 2012 Certificate of Merit-BtoB- Incomm Conferencing

Web Award-January 2013 Outstanding Achievement in Website Development for Hatchedit


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Numrich Gun Parts Corporation Web Design

Web design
Project summary: 

The client is Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, the world's largest gun parts manufacturer and online retailer. There was a need to develop and design a new website that was more modern and better for online sales. Hudson Horizons was selected to design, develop, and maintain the site for years. Hudson Horizons is also adding new features on an ongoing basis for at least one more year.

Feedback summary: 

The client is extremely satisfied with the work produced by Hudson Horizons. They are easy to work with, competent and have a large team. There are no complaints to report. Hudson Horizons is highly recommended to others.

"They are very personable. That’s why we actually chose them."

IT Manager, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation
11-50 employees
New York Metro Area

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Please describe your firm as well as your role and responsibilities.

I’m the IT manager. Our company is the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts and accessories. We’re a mail-order business.


What was your goal for the work with Hudson Horizons?

We had a website, but it was growing way too busy, way too fast. It wasn’t very modern in appearance. We needed a scalable, modern-looking, definitely faster-performing website.


What was your process for selecting them to work with on this project?

We wanted someone who was in driving range of our business because we find that you really have to have a face-to-face personal relationship with someone who wasn’t afraid to come and talk with us so. We wanted actually to meet individuals as opposed to someone just on the other end of a website. We selected probably a dozen of them that were within driving range of our location. We chose them after interviewing all 12.

Please describe the scope of the work.

There was both design and development. We also paid them to support our website, so we don’t have to monitor it. We don’t have to see when there are errors. It wasn’t just, “We wanted you to build it and see you later.”

How much of the design elements did you provide to them?

We let them handle that completely. I just approve designs. Sometimes, they give us a couple of options.

Can you provide a sense of the size of that project or, if not that in monetary terms, just the amount of hours approximately they dedicated to your work?

I wouldn’t be able to. I’m sorry. It’s huge. We’re one of the largest e-commerce sites. Almost anyone we interviewed talked about it. We have a half million SKUs [stock keeping units].

Is the work ongoing?

Yes. Originally, we hired them for one project to redesign, build, and complete the website. Now, it’s an ongoing project because we need functionality, we want changes, and we want updates. 


What are the results of the projects?

Phenomenal. We signed up again for a whole other year with them to maintain and update and monitor our site.

Do you happen to have any statistics or metrics that you could share about the success of the site?

We’re very tied to world events, politics. I can tell you complaints about performance. We’re down to from thousands of questions a week to only a couple hundred. At least 80 percent of the complaints have dropped right off.

How did Hudson Horizons perform?

They are very personable. That’s why we actually chose them. They took the time to come just like the others. They sat, talked, and gave us feedback. You aren’t just brushed off on one guy. You’re assigned a team. You deal with the entire team. You don’t have to worry about one individual, one guy going on vacation. They’re a full-size company.

Looking back on the work so far, is there anything that you think they could improve upon or something you might do differently looking back?

They’ve never done anything on our scale. It was new to them this time, but that’s not their fault. One of the reasons we went with them was because of their history and their sales. I think they might have done things differently if they’ve done something on this scale before. I don’t have complaints about it.

We ask you to rate them from one to five with five being the best score. To start, what would you give them out of five for the quality of their work?


For schedule, as in being on time and meeting deadlines?


For cost, as in value for your money and sticking with original estimates?


For the overall score?


How likely are you to recommend them to a colleague out of five?


Dennis Brown
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Duralee Web Design and Development

Web development
$200,000 to $999,999
Jan 14, 2015
Project summary: 

The client is Duralee Fabrics, one of the largest textile wholesalers in the United States. There was a need to design and develop a very complicated website with e-commerce capabilities. Hudson Horizons was selected to handle the large project in three stages. The last phase is just beginning. 

Feedback summary: 

The client is extremely satisfied with the work produced by Hudson Horizons. They are very honest and flexible while providing strong advice. The only minor complaint is that Hudson Horizons is not as strong in design as they are with development. Hudson Horizons is highly recommended to others.

"They are very honest and flexible to work with."

Director of Software Applications at Duralee
201-500 employees
New York Metro Area

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Average: 5 (1 vote)

Overall rating: 

Average: 4 (1 vote)

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Please describe your company.

Duralee Fabrics is a textile wholesaler that caters to interior designers and architects. We are the fourth largest textile wholesaler in the U.S. and have been in business for about 60 years.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the director of software applications. I work with all of the internal software application systems, and I was a key contributor to the Hudson Horizons website project.


What was your goal for working with Hudson Horizons?

Our software vendor is in New Zealand and deals with all of our order entry and our shipping system. The integration with the website would have been API [application programming interface] driven. We have an off-the-shelf shopping cart. It's very technical because we're dealing with fabric and yardage as well as different types of orders. We don’t have a regular standard order. We have reserves, cutting for approvals, and we send out memo samples. It's a very technical shopping cart. Our challenge was to find a company that could handle the technical aspect and understand our business in a very short period of time and deal with our APIs and our software vendor in New Zealand.

On top of that, we had an R&D [research & development] company in Russia. They had to plug in the software to our system as well. It was a search engine where a person could search for something like 100 percent polyester upholstery fabric with green dogs. It would come up with all of the fabric selections in our 60,000 SKUs [stock keeping units] and give them the right search results. They worked with that vendor on the search side, too.

We have sales reps around the U.S., including 13 corporate showrooms. We needed to build a permission-based login system where the sales rep can log in, and you can manage their customer's account. The shopping cart show exactly what’s on back order, what's on reserve, their shipping addresses, etc. For our customers, the interior designers may have 10 people working for them, of which one person would be paying the bills. So, we build a commission-based system where the person paying the bill would be able to pay it, and the others would only be able to place orders. It was highly technical.

From that point of view, they helped us with the backend design as well as training and support later on. We have continued our relationship with Horizon on Phase 2, which was just completed, and we're going on to Phase 3 with them.


Please describe the scope of their work.

They did a lot of design from a technical point of view

What was your process for selecting Hudson Horizons to work with?

We had a vendor that started using a programming language called Ruby on Rails. Unfortunately, he couldn’t complete the website, so we were out of pocket. We searched the entire United States for a developer that could help us with Ruby on Rails to pick up that code and complete it. That’s how our vendor selection started, but we couldn’t find any that could look at our shopping cart and say they could program it on Ruby.

Then we decided to look at vendors with any other programming language that we could tap into. Our vendor selection was out of approximately 60 vendors over a good year of searching.

Could you assess how Ruby on Rails handled your needs?

We dropped Ruby on Rails because they do it on .NET and the platform would not work for our company. We did a few vendor selections of people that we liked, and liked what we saw, but they weren’t willing to pick up the code and continue on because they knew it was an absolute mess.

Can you provide a ballpark dollar figure for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

It's an ongoing project. The first project was about a year. Our project manager had a team of programmers, and we just dealt with him. We're not sure where their resources were. In our IT department, we had four people on the project and two people from marketing. It was a major project.


Do you have any statistics or metrics to track improvement from the project?

The results have been good, and they made the milestones when they needed. They were completely flexible. We can never make up our minds on what we want. They were very flexible and gave us good advice. If they didn’t meet a milestone date, it was because we couldn’t make up our minds. They were within budget. Whatever they quoted us for the project was exactly what they billed us. We were happy. We kept them on target, and later, they kept us on target.

Is there anything unique about them that really makes them stand out, compared to other companies?

They are very honest and flexible to work with. We put them through some horrific meetings, and they always remained cool, calm, and professional.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or that you might do differently?

We are higher end in design, and we needed a very strong design team. The marketing team felt they weren’t that strong on design, even though they were very strong on the technical side. But, it could also be because of our industry. We design fabrics, and we're always at the edge of fashion. So, from a normal person or company, a hospital that is doing a website, they’d probably be fine with it. It did not impact the design of the project. They told us, and we knew it, so we added additional resources. They hired more designers that we're working with right now, and that we're happy with. They immediately improved upon it when they realized they had a shortfall.

We ask you to rate Hudson Horizons on a scale of one to five, with five being the top score. What would you give them out of five for the quality of their work?

Definitely a five. They’re good.

For schedule, as in being on time and meeting deadlines?


For cost, as in value for your money and sticking with the original estimates?


For the overall score?


How likely are you to recommend Horizon to a colleague, out of five?


Denise Hoffman
Overall rating: