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Key clients: 

Icleland Foods, National Health Service (NHS), PSA Insurance, Gowling WLG, Angeleye Fashion, Instant e-Care, Direct Carpet Tiles UK, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, TJ Hughes

Revenue growth from fast fashion... Image

Revenue growth from fast fashion...

ANGELEYE maintains the philosophy of creating trends and exciting fashion that is exclusively found at inspirational London landmarks such as where it was born in Camden market. This unique perspective and understanding of trends are ingrained in the DNA of ANGELEYE.

Their goal is to make the modern women feel confident, feminine and proud.

The Challenge

We were tasked by ANGELEYE to improve their

website’s organic online visibility, increase traffic to the site, improve the online conversion rate and increase the website’s ecommerce revenue.

There was also a secondary objective of increasing brand reach with the target audience. ANGELEYE have been stocked and sold in leading retail chains such as Debenhams, Silk, ASOS, Fred and Lipsy (Next) for some time, but they wanted to make existing and potential new UK customers more aware that they could now buy directly from the ANGELEYE website.

Our Solution

We developed digital audience personas for ANGELEYE, so that we could better identify and target their most profitable audience segments, and also highlight areas with the most growth potential. We also analysed how the existing website audience were finding and using the site, to help identify any patterns with drop offs or barriers to conversion.

We carried out technical SEO and content audits, to highlight any areas for improvement and we also analysed the website's backlink profile to see how this important search engine ranking metric compared to their competitors.

Using the data from our various audits and target personas, we developed a multi-channel campaign strategy that would encompass a combination of technical SEO changes, website content creation, and blogger outreach activity to build links and increase brand reach with the target audience, facilitating natural steady growth over the campaign period.

The Results
  • - 863% increase in organic revenue
  • - 696% increase in organic transactions
  • - 330% increase in conversion rate
Introducing new digital channels & new strategies to facilitate further revenue growth Image

Introducing new digital channels & new strategies to facilitate further revenue growth

Daisy London launched in 2009 on the iconic Portobello Road in London’s Notting Hill.

The brand was established out of a love and passion for travel and adventure.

The Challenge

To raise the profile of the brand, thus increasing traffic to the website through a multichannel strategy (Organic and Paid).

Our Solution

Building curated content tailored to their

target persona and increasing visibility of the Daisy London website through non-brand search queries. We knew that competition in this particular vertical was high, so it was crucial for our SEO and Outreach strategy to work in parallel. We had to ensure that the pages we optimised were done so coherently with both content and backlinks. The Results
  • - 122% increase in organic traffic vs the previous year
  • - 148% increase in organic revenue
  • - 84% increase in transactions


"It is a real pleasure to work with Hit Search. They are extremely proactive and professional, providing us updates, insights and analysis on a regular basis. They have dramatically improved our SEO rankings, Ad strategies and conversion rates within a short timeframe. They are always available and dedicated to meeting deadlines. They pay so much attention to details and deliver excellent results. They are running our SEO & PPC activity, a part of our Content Marketing and CRO optimisation. I worked with them at my previous job as well and I am really impressed with their skills and ability to increase our revenue and return of investment. I have previously worked with multiple SEO & PPC agencies, but Hit Search is the best agency I’ve worked with so far and I totally recommend them to anyone who is looking for performance. Thank you on behalf of Daisy team for providing excellent service at all times.”

Introducing PSA Insurance to direct selling and growing policy volume Image

Introducing PSA Insurance to direct selling and growing policy volume

Founded in 2017 and based in Malta, PSA Insurance Solutions, part of the wider PSA Group, provides insurance products and solutions to its customers, to ensure that they are protected in the event of vehicle theft or a car accident.

PSA Insurance solutions operate in France and Germany, offering reliable excess, gap and personal accident insurance to drivers. PSA's aim is to remove the potential

financial burden that making a claim under your motor insurance policy could bring. Challenge

We were challenged with increasing PSA’s brand visibility, with our main KPI’s being to raise the brand’s profile within the French consumer demographic. We wanted to raise awareness and gain coverage for the brand as well as eventually increasing qualified referral traffic to the Gap Insurance category page – a page that we had previously optimised with content.

Our Solution

We got to work producing a well thought out influencer marketing strategy, using French influencer Valentin Leonard. The aim of our campaign was to showcase the importance of having gap insurance as well as to demonstrate the freedom that comes with having a fully insured vehicle. Valentin was tasked with exploring his own country by car, covering his adventures in Bourges on social media as he went, using the hashtag #DoMoreWithPSA. To ensure we received high-quality, coverage to really show PSA in the best light, Valentin was accompanied on the trip by a professional photographer. This meant that we received bespoke content in the form of 10 Instagram story posts and three grid posts, which were put in front of Valentin’s highly engaged 657k followers, as a result of the campaign. We were also able to use the assets created by Valentin across PSA’s own social channels.

We used key brand messaging in order to target the 26-34 year-old demographic of our customer personas, which highlighted the ease of using PSA to purchase Gap and Excess Insurance, allowing customers to really explore what’s on their doorstep whilst having peace of mind that there is some protection in place if the worst should happen. By giving the content a lifestyle focus, it helped PSA to come across as a relatable and reliable insurance provider.

The Results
  • By sharing his content via Instagram stories at the beginning of his adventure, Valentin sent 84 qualified new users to PSA’s gap insurance product page as well as one returning customer
  • The overall audience reach of Valentin’s Instagram channel is 657k, with an average engagement rate of 2.70%
  • Photographer, Vincent Trabucco has an engaged audience of 11.4k on his Instagram channel and also shared a series of IG Stories and an IG grid post using the campaign hashtag, #DoMoreWithPSA
  • The two Instagram grid posts shared thus far have generated 18.2k and 19.3k likes respectively, with 60+ engaged comments
The art of growing revenue from a niche audience Image

The art of growing revenue from a niche audience

Murdock London are specialists in the art of barbering and have had a number of barbershops situated on iconic London streets, for a decade now.

Their barbers know everything there is to know about barbering and specialist grooming, offering a contemporary take on the traditional barbershop experience. They also sell their own range of Murdock London grooming products, both instore and

online. The Challenge

We were asked to make the most of highly-ranking keywords that were currently on ‘An Interview with the Rich Brothers’ – a blog page on Murdock London’s website. With a page title and meta description only allowing for a limited number of characters and the range of keywords that the page was ranking for, exceeding this, it was necessary to find an alternative way that catered for all the keywords on the page. With an expert SEO team, we set to work to find a solution that would greatly improve the visibility of the Murdock London website.

Our Solution

Our solution was to implement FAQpage schema on a handful of pages by carefully analysing the specific keywords that the page ranked for and identifying opportunities for improvements. The specific FAQ pages were written based on these keywords and were marked up with the schema. The purpose of the schema is to allow for the FAQs to appear in the search results and implementing it meant that Murdock London’s on-site content was answering the highest searched questions.

However, in a bid to avoid neglecting the site’s overall click-through rate, as can happen when the user finds the answer to their question without needing to leave the search engine results page, we decided to carefully word our answers, ensuring that the answer provided on the results page is informative but also vague enough to tempt people into clicking through to the site in order to find the full answer that they’re looking for.

The Results

A huge increase in click-through-rate from search engine results, which meant the page received over 1600 clicks in one day, from an average of about 500.

Improving using experience, conversion rate and revenue using neuro marketing Image

Improving using experience, conversion rate and revenue using neuro marketing

Ripe Insurance is a specialist insurance company which sees more than one million visitors a year to their website and have no less than 200,000 policyholders on their books.

As an expert insurer, Ripe offer five-star insurance for a wide range of sectors including sports, leisure as well as a specialist product for musicians and music teachers, aimed particularly at musicians with a passion for music and a love for

their instruments. Their fresh approach and unique product offering have led them to become one of the leading niche insurers in the UK The Challenge

We were asked by Ripe Insurance to raise the conversion rate of visitors to the website that completed a quote. This was a challenge because Ripe Insurance have a well-established website already, with a good conversion rate. Using advanced biometric technologies to really get under the skin of the target customer, we knew we had the knowledge, tools and skills needed to significantly increase Ripe Insurance's overall revenue.

How we solved it

We knew this one required a hands-on, practical approach so we;

  • Recruited 10 musicians, who were touring or signed to a record label, to align perfectly with Ripe’s chosen demographic. Once we’d found our participants, it was time to utilise our neuromarketing expertise, to get a better understanding of why these potential customers were making particular decisions whilst using the Ripe insurance website.
  • We used eye-tracking, to see the Ripe Insurance brand through the eyes of their customers.
  • EEG to measure the electrical activity of the brain when looking at Ripe’s music insurance product, we left no stone unturned when assessing how well Ripe’s website is tailored to their target audience.
  • We even used facial coding, which effectively measured the movement of facial muscles,revealing the response of the subconscious, to ensure we’d really dug down deep.
  • Our test results were expertly analysed, and we used this data to provide a series of recommendations.
  • These included some changes for Ripe Insurance to make to the website design, layout, forms and overall user journey towards requesting a quote.
"We implemented changes on I4M (Ripe Insurance’s music product) in August 2019 and it’s had a big impact. The conversion rate went from 10.72 to 11.97, which is an incredible overall increase of 11.73%. If this new conversion rate was to be applied to the previous nine months, Ripe would have seen a huge £7.5k monthly increase in revenue"


The Results

Overall, with the help of Hit Search’s Neuromarketing services, Ripe Insurance expect to see a huge 90K increase in revenue, which provides an incredible 45 times Return on Ad Spend.

  • - 11.73% increase in conversion rate
  • - £7,500 monthly increase in revenue
  • - 45X Return on Ad Spend
Legal client prospers from multi-layer digital strategy Image

Legal client prospers from multi-layer digital strategy

Stephensons Solicitors LLP is a full service, award-winning top 150 law firm, with 36 partners and over 470 staff nationwide.

Recommended in over 10 areas by the Legal 500, Stephensons’ client base is wide ranging. From highly-tailored personal cases covering everything from clinical negligence and personal injury, to driving offences and family law, through to large commercial, public and third sector

services. Stephensons deliver in more than 35 areas of specialist legal advice. The Challenge

Like many in the legal sector, Stephensons have faced unprecedented legislative changes in terms of fees and referrals treatment for services. These changes fed into a review of communications to clients and prospects via the website which informed an overall marketing strategy review, with an increased focus on digital channels.

The main objective set by Stephensons was, and still is, to provide an informative and user-friendly website, that ranks well and delivers a great user experience, which translates into website visitors making an enquiry, either online or via the telephone.

Our Solution

The Hit Search team set about creating dynamic and measureable SEO campaigns to ensure the client’s presence within the search engines stayed highly visible, enabling them to compete adequately.

Our team then set about creating an innovative conversion rate optimisation (CRO) campaign. Employing a variety of CRO tactics would help support Stephensons’ initial objective, to provide a user-friendly website, delivering a great user experience.

The Results

- 23% increase of overall traffic & 25% of organic traffic over the year

- 59% increase of overall conversions over the year

- 66% increase of mobile traffic