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Key clients: 

up4 Probiotics Dunbar Armored CME Group Machine Tools American Society for Nutrition The Side-Out Foundation

up4 Probiotics Image

up4 Probiotics

up4® Probiotics is a new brand in the health supplement space. Their marketing team asked Gulo to be innovative and find a unique way to connect with customers.Their site now offers a personalized experience to users generating a curated product recommendation from one of the of up4® Probiotic Supplements. The recommendation is based the user persona and responses to the online brand quiz. Additionally, users are segmented

based on the media channel from which they accessed the site. The goal of the campaign is to establish trust, loyalty and an emotional connection to each customer.
Dunbar Armored Image

Dunbar Armored

Dunbar came to us to help them build a B2B e-commerce payment system and account management portal to satisfy customer demand for easier billing. The result is a simplified invoicing solution that makes it easier for Dunbar Armored customers to do business with them.We built the site using the Laravel framework and integrating with legacy backend processes and their AR (Accounts Receivable) system. For payment processing, we

chose PayTrace’s Gateway API to give Dunbar fast payment processing at an extraordinarily low rate.
Machine Tools Image

Machine Tools

MachineTools asked us to redesign the site, make it mobile responsive, and simplify common interactions. Over the next 4 months, we worked with MT’s internal dev team to reimagine the site design and user experience. Their 500,000+ machine listings are now easier to find for their 5 million+ unique visitors a month.

American Society for Nutrition Image

American Society for Nutrition

Nutrition was in need of a new way of thinking about their audience. They needed to have their own internet evolution.To kick off their evolution, ASN asked Gulo to look at how the site was being used by its visitors. They wanted us to provide a fresh, updated approach for visitors to increase engagement and readership.The result, a fresh homepage taking aim at consumers and gaining more consumer interest and engagement. Our

objective is to build an audience. In their first month, ASN has increased their mailing list 15%.
Advancing PM&R BOLD Image

Advancing PM&R BOLD

Over the past 3 years, AAPM&R has worked with members to define future opportunities in the changing health care landscape, create a unifying vision, and create plans to help advance the specialty towards that vision. This initiative has been called PM&R BOLD. AAPM&R wanted to make sure the initiative had a vibrant presence online that helps connect the dots of many related projects and tells compelling stories.

Something beyond a website and more of an interactive experience that focused on helping their members understand the PM&R BOLD vision and see how it applies to them personally.
The Side-Out Foundation Image

The Side-Out Foundation

Our work for the Side-Out includes a website redesign built with WordPress, a from-scratch peer-to-peer fundraising website, and several other custom development and integration projects to help aid in their fight against stage IV breast cancer.


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Web Dev for Armored Transportation Services Company

“I'm very pleased from a financial perspective.”

Willing to refer: 
The Project
July - Oct. 2017
Project summary: 

Gulo designed and developed a new website to process credit card payments. The PayTrace gateway has a checkout function to view and pay invoices. An automated process communicates with accounts receivable.


The Reviewer
1,001 - 5,000 Employees
Hunt Valley, Maryland
Tom Mathias
VP Finance, Dunbar Armored
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Gulo delivered a system that both simplifies internal workflows and saves money via lower interchange rates for credit card payments. It has already saved $70,000 and will provide an ROI within one year. They worked seamlessly with both in-house employees and other third-party vendors. 


A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I'm the VP of finance for Dunbar Armored. We're an armored car cash transit provider that also offers outsourced processing for banks. In our money rooms, we physically process and count coin and currency for deposit. Money processing is our core business. 

Our ancillary services include a web system that allows customers to pay invoices online. We're not a major proponent of credit card use because our industry doesn’t offer cash discounts and the 2.5–3% interchange fees can add up quickly. We manage these payments very selectively. They account for less than 5% of our overall tender simply because of cost. Our returns are pennies on the dollar, so every transaction counts. Check and automated clearing house (ACH) payments are much more effective.


What challenge were you trying to address with Gulo?

Like any business, we needed an online portal to allow customers to pay by credit card if their contract requires it. We had a significantly outdated website that was hosted on very old server technology. We contracted with Gulo to create a new website with a PayTrace gateway. 

Our hosting company was going through some changes and highly recommended that we move to another provider. At that point, they couldn't promise they could relaunch our site if it ever crashed. 


What was the scope of their involvement?

Gulo designed and hosted our new website based on the wireframes we provided ahead of time. We didn't want to break away from the mechanics of our existing system’s customer experience, so they kept the UX simple. The payment gateway makes it easy to go online, look up open invoices, select ones to pay and check out.  It’s not meant for viewing anything in detail. We have other web portals for our customers to access copies of their bills. Gulo also works in conjunction with another company who manages interchange auditing. Level three processing minimizes the rate often to as low as 2% per transaction.

As the team automated processes, they built the new interface to update and refresh nightly. At midnight, the system automatically pulls payment information from accounts receivable into a file for our IT group to grab the next morning. The previous system’s user-driven updates required our cash-out person to initiate this process by manually refreshing the website.

The project lead carefully worked through all the details with our IT and finance teams to get the system up and running. My group and the cash-out and accounts receivable teams walked through and tested it. They provided feedback about what was missing or needed tweaks. 

What is the team composition? 

Zach (Partner and Chief of Technology, Gulo) was the project lead. He was on all our calls as we walked through the process and started testing the site.

How did you come to work with Gulo?

Our IT group got a referral to use Gulo. It might have been from the company we use for audits. 

What is the status of this engagement?

In July 2017, we started mapping out the project. We converted over to the new system in October 2017.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Gulo helped us build a new system that gives us a much lower interchange fee. It saves us a good 70 basis points on $10-11 million worth of sales, which is about $70,000. I'm very pleased from a financial perspective. We'll see a return on our investment in less than a year. 

Internally, going through this process made our jobs easier. Having a much cleaner nightly cut off at midnight syncs up all the operations on the merchant end. Our engagement was a success. It has simplified work for our employees.

How did Gulo perform from a project management standpoint?

Gulo was excellent. The owner was always very helpful. We communicated through phone and email. 

What did you find most impressive about them?

Gulo delivered what they promised to. We’d used another provider who couldn't finish our project right. After that vendor's system went live, it had so many bugs we had to cut ties. During our second time around, we used Gulo, and it has worked out very well. 

Are there any areas they could improve?

I can't think of any. I haven't seen any bugs. We've only had 1–2 updates where customers made multiple payments late at night that weren't reflected correctly on the download report. After we submitted a help ticket, they were quickly able to remediate, research, and close out the transaction. 

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