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"Fritex Designs is an freelance Web studio located in Croatia."​
In Croatia and abroad we became popular because of trust, skills and our work commitment to client. Our team,  Fritex Designs is official founded in 2010.

Since than, we are on good way to the abroad market with our services.
We are already in competition with good and quality companies and teams with the same services as we offer.

In our team, there are good people, with a lot of skills and conscience.
Our team is small, it consists of five members which are very disciplined in their occupation.
We are still keep learning from each other and develop in our job.

Today, we count over one hundred satisfied clients from Croatia and abroad. Of course, we won't stop counting our satisfied  clients in future.
Our primary focus is to provide customers with quality and professional service.

Allow the client to be satisfied with what is invested in, which is advocated, and what he wanted.
The number of previous and current clients also proves our quality and professionalism.
We offer high quality and professional service so that we maintain cooperation.

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Croatia, Croatia


Key clients:, Betonski elementi Tomašković, Cheerleading klub BRAVO Varaždin,,, LAG Sjeverozapad, Novus Via,,, Obra-93 d.o.o.,, Airshow Varazdin, gaming klanovi (nekadašnji Xfire) ...