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All data points are estimates provided by the Clutch team. Each data point can change at any time and is subject to the company’s discretion once they claim ownership over their Clutch profile.

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Market Research Company in Tejkunipara, Dhaka

As an experienced market research company, our job is to learn what people like, and why they like the things they like. The purpose of market research is to help companies make better business decisions about the development and marketing of new products.

Market research represents the voice of the consumer in a company. With market research a company can get some kind of confirmation that there is a market for their idea, and that a successful launch and growth are possible.

And that knowledge helps product designers and manufacturers give people what they want. Force ń Focus makes the difference with the presentation of accurate, fresh and original solutions to the end user that are easily understood and convenient to implement.

We aim to be at the cutting edge in the marketplace and strive to do better, because we know our success is built on the success of our clients' companies. Our quest for quality is a never-ending journey that will never meet the hope for further improvement of our business. We pay every attention to details to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customer.

2 - 9
Founded 0
, Bangladesh
  • 68/2, Tejkunipara (1st floor) Tejgoon
    , 1205


Service lines
Market Research
Marketing Strategy