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Key clients: 

Proof of Impact Linq Atom Finance Sitetracker SellUp Alchemyworx Form Kitchens Hemista Fitmoola Appsembler SkyMagic Clevy Common Energy 360 Learning Grid Vola Yogosha Kleros Oyalabs Ed&Vous QbranchLabs Glidr Crescendo Board of Innovation ShiftRide Algodeep Octobo Blueprint Income Ridge Blanket Profonia Hey Doctor Artifakt Resoltz Visual Ping Retarget Links AgentIQ Waltz Tabono Plentyofus Woollip Audicus Waverly Labs Paygo Energy Active Ai Xwing Exyn Qmarkets Biostrap Dhatim Neurable

Product Design Image

Product Design

It’s been proven that getting kids active at a young age is one of the best ways of ensuring physical and mental health later on in life. It’s just so much easier to take on good habits when you’re young, so why not make it fun and engaging? That’s exactly what Tabono had in mind, and we were excited to be part of their mission. Our task: to build a fun, gamified interface to suit their intuitive platform that facilitates

communication and incentivization between coaches, parents, organizations and young athletes. While fleshing out their brand new UX and UI, we had an interesting challenge to contend with: we would need to craft a custom experience for all four types of Tabono users – the coaches, parents, athletes and organisations.   First, we needed to understand which functionalities each users would require, and the context in which they would access it. Working backwards from that insight, we created a UX that would, for example, allow coaches to complete processes within two clicks, while athletes could seamlessly spend extended periods of time engaging with the gamification functionalities or building up their social experience within the app. Tabono couldn’t have been happier with the results.   Their powerful skeleton of a product now had a slick, playful and colourful new outfit to wear overtop a whole variety of complex mechanisms and functionalities. This allowed them to present the app to non-technical partners and investors, who were immediately drawn in to the simplicity and clarity of the entire experience.   And our work isn’t done yet – we’ll be embarking on the next step of our Tabono adventure shortly, so be sure to check back soon! https://flyingsaucer.nyc/portfolio/tabono/
Full Brandbook design Image

Full Brandbook design

Though we’re firm believers in the importance of distinguishing a logo from a brand, there’s no underestimating the role a logo can play in clearly communicating and reinforcing a company’s brand identity. So when Crescendo reached out looking for support in creating a logo they could connect to, we were excited to dive in. First things first: we conducted interviews and research in order to help the Crescendo team verbalize

and prioritize the company’s mission, values and personality. With that information in hand, we got to work documenting our findings in a simple, one-page brand manifesto providing accessible messaging guidelines and narratives. Next: our team started playing around with lines and shapes to work on a logo that would convey Crescendo’s human-centric mission and approach to honest conversation and diversity.   After a few drafts, they fell in love with this design. With the new logo designed, we polished off our collaboration with a full rebranding and updating of their marketing collaterals – leaving them not only equipped with a bold new identity, but quick and simple templates they could use for their presentations, business cards, social media posts and more.   https://flyingsaucer.nyc/portfolio/crescendo/
3D modeling and renders + branding Image

3D modeling and renders + branding

While our work with Ridge Wallet started out as a simple design assignment to create 3D renders for phone cases, watches, portable batteries and wallets, our collaboration quickly grew. Realizing there was a great fit, the Ridge Wallet team asked for our help in crafting a clear brand identity and vision that could extend to brand new products, features and stories. So we got to work crafting the Ridge Wallet narrative. After

weeks of exploring the company’s origin story and identifying the thread that wove across all of their products and messages, we were able to build a sturdy brand manifesto and brand voice with clear indications about messaging priorities, tone and vocabulary.   With their identity now clearly defined, we applied our new stylistic and aesthetic approach to their website in order to add consistency and character to every page. The result was a slick, no-frills digital space centered around stories of adventure and simplicity. Today, we continue to translate the Ridge Wallet identity across a whole network of strategic Facebook, Instagram and Google ads that allow the right people to come across this great product at just the right time.   Something tells us this is but the beginning of a very long collaboration. https://flyingsaucer.nyc/portfolio/ridge-wallet/
Branding Image


Though the ReviewBot team had a great B2B product on their hands when they first reached out, they were struggling to gain traction beyond a few hundred visitors a week. What were they missing?

In order to boost engagement, our team attacked the challenge from many different angles: integrating elements of visual gamification, personalizing their logo, modernizing their design and helping them hone in on their Unique

Value Proposition in order to adjust website and promotional copy accordingly.

The result: a beautiful, elegantly designed product that truly makes it quick, simple and enjoyable to stay on top of business feedback and reviews.

Guerilla video campaign

We love working with bold, irreverent brands – especially when they’re disrupting something as traditional as investments and retirement.
The big challenge: to intrigue and build hype around a new way to retire.

So when Blueprint asked us to help mount a guerrilla social campaign to Bring Back the Pension Plan, we were ready to hop on board.
The first step was to come up with the concept, script, storyboard,

design, and animation for a fact-centric, unbranded video meant to shock and inform people about the precarity and corporate incentives behind the disappearance of pension plans.

After further designing the website, we helped boost visibility by crafting an entire collection of social media assets along with a comprehensive and ambitious social, SEM and marketing activation strategy.

Always working to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, we’re now helping the team maintain a visibility strategy that’s sure to blow the lid off long-held Pension Plan myths.

Full website design and custom illustrations Image

Full website design and custom illustrations

Qmarkets has a range of B2B solutions for enterprises who clearly understand the need for innovation and creative ideation, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

With a website spanning over 200 responsive pages, this project represented a huge challenge for our design team.

First, we got to work with a full revamp of the UI and UX to modernize the look and feel.

Then, we created custom animated

illustrations to give the website momentum and texture.

The final result? A well-executed overhaul of a complex website experience complete with a clear and concise value proposition centered around helping enterprises foster efficient innovation.

We now keep working together on adding more pages to the site.

Branding, website, marketing for Hearing Aid cie. Image

Branding, website, marketing for Hearing Aid cie.

Whether we realize it or not, our ability to hear and connect plays a central role in the way we interact with the world.

So when hearing aid company Audicus got in touch for help defining and revamping their brand, we saw a unique opportunity to destigmatize and normalize a phenomenon that affects millions across the globe – hearing loss.

Our first step: craft a nuanced, positive narrative focused around the idea

of connection, independence and empowerment.

Next, we gave their logo and overall branding a revamp in order to reflect the new lightweight, proactive and affirming narrative. Because hearing aids don’t have to be about loss, they can be about heightening life’s most beautiful moments.

To support their fresh new identity, we helped their team elaborate an engaging content strategy centered around stories and tips that empower, inspire and inform. Always looking ahead, we’re now helping them take the next leap by sprucing up their entire website and fuelling their marketing efforts.

App design Image

App design

When we first met the Resoltz team, they already had a rough first version of their app and a keen sense that it was in need of some serious revamping.

The goal? To create a fitness experience that catered specifically to tech-native college students looking for a data-driven approach to staying healthy.
The first thing we tackled: crafting an entirely new user experience that would make vast amounts of complex data

simple to track, consult and contextualize.

This meant designing a new way of navigating the app, of onboarding and retargeting users and of incorporating social engagement components. We would also have to create sophisticated dashboards, clear icons and a slick user interface.

The roadmap
Research brand identity and build corresponding moodboards
Build mobile wireframes and social-friendly navigation flow
Create UI screen designs for onboarding screens incl. social and audio player

With an elegant new app under their belt, Resoltz were able to strike up partnerships with major universities across the US including Princeton. The uniquely streamlined design and powerful social integration created an in-app experience that has helped thousands of students find balance and stay fit.

Website design and development Image

Website design and development

When building a powerful brand, consistency is key. In fact, stats show that consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by 23%. It’s that consistency that Artifakt was looking to build when they approached us. First step: clarifying messaging and linguistics. Through workshops and interviews, they stripped down the company’s multiple messages, features and value propositions to truly focus on the

benefits and features that mattered most. They then quickly updated website copy to help streamline the messaging and bolster conversions.   Next, we moved on to translating that newly defined messaging into a modern and consistent visual identity. We revamped the teams website, app design, UI and UX while internally handling development and a full Hubspot integration. The result: not only a seamlessly updated visual identity and focused messaging strategy – but a powerful and customized CRM infrastructure that allows the Artifakt team to scale, experiment and iterate. In fact, we’re already collaborating on an exciting new project – so be sure to check back soon. https://flyingsaucer.nyc/portfolio/artifakt/
Branding, website and product design Image

Branding, website and product design

Blueprint Income – formerly known as Abaris
Before long, we were fully invested in helping them build a new, ambitious and powerful approach to investments and post-retirement income insurance.

After a first UX audit, our team got to work conducting one-on-one user tests and analysis in order to fully understand the consumer’s needs and expectations. From there, we helped the Blueprint team navigate the process of

updating their traditional brand to fit new, entirely digital platforms.

Next, we undertook the tremendous task of designing the entire User Interface for Blueprint’s newest product. From that slick interface came a new website, the redesign of corporate and marketing collaterals, beautiful and dynamic illustrations, sophisticated UI animations as well as a revamping of the platform’s backend and mobile experiences.

Always working to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, we’re now helping the team build a solid marketing, SEO and digital visibility strategy that’s sure to blow the lid on the long-held Pension Plan myth.

Website design & dev for autonomous aviation Image

Website design & dev for autonomous aviation

As with many of our tech clients, we connected with the Xwing team while they were hard at work building incredible technology.

They came to us looking for a team that could translate their trailblazing vision into an equally powerful digital presence. We were more than up for the challenge.

To kick things off, we gave the Xwing logo a slight sprucing up before moving on to a complete design of the website’s UX

and UI.

Next, we provided website development to suit their brand new digital presence, and got to work creating unique animations to add color and movement to their site.

Today, we work with them on a regular basis to help them craft and communicate their story through every aspect of their brand identity.

And it’s paid off. In July 2018, Xwing . We can’t wait to see where they go next, and how we can help them get there.

Branding and website design & dev for clean energy Image

Branding and website design & dev for clean energy

We’ve always had a weak spot for work with a cause. While their project is currently based out of Kenya, it had tremendous potential to change the way people live across the globe.

That’s why we jumped right on board when we were contacted by PayGo Energy, a company looking to mitigate the risks of dirty fuels like charcoal and increase accessibility to cleaner daily energy by allowing people to buy small quantities of

gas as their needs arise.

Step one: spruce up their website and consolidate their branding by standardizing their visuals, messaging and design assets across the board.

Next: we redesigned the entire visitor experience by crafting a new UI and UX that quickly and clearly communicated and translated the simplicity and accessibility of the PayGo solution.

The result: a clean, pared-down and human-centric website peppered with images and logos that clearly demonstrate PayGo’s unique value proposition without any useless frills, widgets or distractions. Because frankly – access to clean, safe energy should never be complicated.

Landing page for an educational toy Image

Landing page for an educational toy

There’s no shortage of brands and products vying for the attention of parents, so Play Octobo came to us wanting to make sure their product wouldn’t get lost in the void.

With a clever educational toy already under their belt, they needed an equally clever website to stand out, simplify the purchasing process, and maximize conversions.

We started with a clean, fresh and engaging UI/UX design supported by some

innovative, behind-the-scenes development work in order to make every website interaction easy to manage, iterate, and monitor.

To wrap it all up, we tested and optimized every step of the navigation process in order to minimize friction and ensure a smooth purchasing experience that would bolster conversions.

This innovative product meant to puts parents at ease about screen time now has a website that’s just as thoughtful and helpful – allowing kids and families to learn, grow and play in full confidence. Win-win!

Ecommerce design & development for a travel pillow Image

Ecommerce design & development for a travel pillow

Woollip is a revolutionary new travel pillow, designed to ease the pain of uncomfortable, sleepless travel.

Few things are as powerful a testament to work well done as return clients, so we couldn’t have been happier when Woollip turned to us for a website redesign after working with us to coordinate a powerful marketing boost only months before. Now that they were getting traffic to their website, they were on the

lookout for a brand new UX and UI that would suit their slick, revolutionary product.

To kick things off, we got to work studying and mapping out their existing user behavior with hotjar in order to identify pain points and opportunities for optimization.

Our main realization? The product needed to be front and center stage of every new element of our design. So to highlight the Woollip’s versatility and simplicity, we produced beautiful sketches that featured the pillow in varying situations and positions. We also analyzed and refined their purchasing funnel through Shopify; making it quicker and easier to purchase a Woollip and go.

Next: we experimented with an innovative way of showcasing the Woollip through seamless 360 design that allowed users to see the product from every angle by rotating through a set of unique features like arm support, an iPad or phone nook, and quick inflation mechanisms.

Equipped with a powerful marketing campaign and a brand new website, Woollip were able to begin opening up and conquering the coveted US market. Next, they’ll be turning their focus on Asia – and we’ll be there to support them every step of the way.

Custom Illustrations Image

Custom Illustrations

Memberbuzz is all about bringing people together through simpler event planning, group coordination and ticketing logistics. When we met them, they were on the lookout for beautiful images that could harness that idea of coming together and community.   The result: simple, light, and welcoming hand-sketched imagery featuring people connecting, collaborating and enjoying great events. By using simple shapes and a pared-down

color palette, our design team was able to seamlessly tie the imagery together across their website and assets.   We love the creative challenge of crafting imagery that translates our client’s vision and aesthetic. https://flyingsaucer.nyc/portfolio/memberbuzz/
Come up with an idea in 48h Image

Come up with an idea in 48h

Nothing gets the Flying Saucer team quite as excited as a great challenge, so when Abaris gave us 48h to come up with a new, innovative way to help people keep track of their daily misplaced items – we were eager to get to work.

We’re no strangers to working on intense deadlines, and if there’s one thing we learnt working with on their 48h challenge, it’s that process and prioritization are key. So our first

step: charting out a strategic and efficient game plan.

The roadmap
Find a killer idea
Design, animate, write the deck

By gently helping users jog their memories and retrace their steps through AI, geolocation and well-crafted UX, Loci provided valuable and personalized support in searching for the world’s endless lost things.
After all, necessity is the mother of all invention. And who hasn’t wasted hours looking for silly things?

Website design and development in crypto Image

Website design and development in crypto

Our team is stock-full of tech geeks. So of course, whenever we get to work with innovative cryptocurrency, we’re on board.

Kleros is at the cutting edge of finance and trying to revolutionize financial dispute resolution in that sometimes nebulous space.

To get things started, we designed a new website, UI, and UX using gatsby.js and contentful.

We then worked on custom illustrations that helped modernize

their look and feel, while complementing their existing dedication to helping customers make informed decisions.

We’re all about excellent communication, and this website delivers in dollars and cents. See what we did there?

App Design and Branding Image

App Design and Branding

When the JoyClean team got in touch, all they had was a great idea.

To create a simple app that would let people book cleaning services in two clicks.The rest was ours to figure out. So we set out to work, first digging into market research, deciding where JoyClean would fit in and crafting a simple user experience that would transform the cleaning industry.

In defining our user experience, an exciting new

challenge stood out: we’d have to create a dual app, one for the cleaners and the other for users requesting their services. And to build trust, of course, review and rating mechanisms would have to be at the core of the product.
With that in mind, we started building and testing our wireframes.

The roadmap
1 – Market and Competitor Analysis
2 – Definition of Brand Value, S.W.O.T Analysis and Market Positioning
3 – Creation of User Personas, Brand Manifesto, Moodboards and Stylebook
4 – Building of Logo System, Color Schemes, Font Systems and Basic Marketing Assets
5 – Design App Flowchart, Wireframes and UI
6- Prototype, Test, Iterate and Repeat

With a fresh and playful overlay of pared-down design and branding elements, the JoyClean app was ready to be handed off to the development team.
We daresay, the JoyClean team was over the moon.
(See what we did there?)

Website design & dev for a drone company Image

Website design & dev for a drone company

When we first met the Exyn team, they had spent months pouring over complex technology to allow varying levels of autonomy for drones and robots in the mining and logistics space.

What they hadn’t done, is spend much time on their website or digital presence. So we got the work getting them ready for the world with an elegant new look they could use to spread their vision and story.

First step: an audit and

overhaul of the website’s of the website’s UX/UI to ease navigation and accompany visitors seamlessly from one feature to the next.

Next, we created custom animations that illustrated and broke down the different components of the Exyn technology in order to simplify and verbalize the intricate mechanisms that help it complete a whole range of autonomous missions with little to no human intervention.

Finally, we spruced it all up with some custom imagery and illustrations they could use throughout their website and digital presence in order to give it a bit more life and lift. The result: a clean, informative website ready to tell the world about Exyn’s ground-breaking technology.

Website design and development for an HR company Image

Website design and development for an HR company

These folks have a collaborative and modern approach to Human Resources we love.

But they needed the website to match. Our solution: a brand new website featuring slick UI/UX and robust development work.

Today, their website UX is intuitive and almost frictionless, which means clients can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Top it all off with a crisp, modern UI and you have yourself a

website that is as functional, human-centric and straight-forward as their product. Last but not least, we needed to make the website as easy to administer as it is to navigate, so our development team waded in to build an easy back-end, and a straightforward CMS that had the Edetvous team off to the races.

The end result is a new, modern aesthetic that communicates their solution in the simplest way possible – virtually ensuring their conversion rates and leaving nothing on the table.

Website design & dev for accounting company Image

Website design & dev for accounting company

If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s taking complex ideas and finding simple, accessible ways of communicating them to the world. So when Dhatim approached us to help them rethink and redesign their website, we were excited to dive in.

Our challenge: to get to know their users and decide how to prioritize and communicate vast amounts of technical information in order to highlight their impressive features without

overwhelming potential clients.

Though Dhatim’s technology is highly sophisticated, their mission is simple: to build efficient, powerful tools that help companies optimize costs and processes across the board. To do so, they leverage the power of AI and data analysis to capture information and automate processes – saving clients thousands of dollars and billable hours along the way. After an intense few weeks of research and wireframing, we were able to carefully map out every hierarchy and interaction in order to create an entirely new design that simultaneously revamped their branding while staying true to their original story and mission.

Since then, we’ve continued working with the Dhatim team to create new marketing assets as well as short, dynamic videos explaining their products and technology. Through time and trust, we’ve built a solid relationship that has led to a noticeable boost in user retention and onboarding.

Website design & dev with custom illustrations Image

Website design & dev with custom illustrations

If there’s one company that understands the importance of relationships, it’s AgentIQ with their AI powered Customer Experience software.

So when they chose to trust us with the entire revamp of their website and aesthetic, we knew it was the start of a great collaboration.

Our first mission: to rethink their website’s entire UX and UI. To support our creative vision, we also provided custom web development

services and infrastructure.

As the cherry on top, we designed beautiful custom imagery and animations to give life to their dynamic, customer-centric solution. With an fresh new look and intuitive navigation experience, AgentIQ was truly ready to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

With an fresh new look and intuitive navigation experience, AgentIQ was truly ready to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

Product design Image

Product design

When the Channel H team joined our roster, they were working on a big idea: completely transforming healthcare by changing the way patients and healthcare vendors collect, track and share health-related data.

With so many different data sources to connect and display, we would need to carefully craft a user experience that toed the line between being informative and overwhelming. We started by producing user flows,

sketches and wireframes that would serve as the skeletons to Channel H’s intricate content.

With data sources and potential audiences still relatively undefined, the Channel H team needed flexible user interface and design kits that could adapt to the company’s evolving capacity and uses, so we created elegant designs for key pages such as the Welcome, the Sign-up and the Client portal pages. We then set to work fleshing out entirely new user experiences and interfaces for the mobile app.

The roadmap
Create initial designs, wireframes and flows for both mobile and web
Build foundational yet flexible UI kits
Create strategic templates for intuitive metric visualization

Last but not least, we worked flow-by-flow to design a myriad of dashboards and graphic representations that could accommodate and compare complex and diverse data points like medical histories, prescriptions, scans, diagnosis requests and more. Finally, patients would have the information and tools they needed to be proactive players in their own health.

Ecommerce Website Design & Dev on Shopify Image

Ecommerce Website Design & Dev on Shopify

Casadenim is on a mission to match their passion for all things denim with their eco-friendly ethos. What they needed to get their brand out there? A fully functional e-commerce platform with a tight UI/UX and a backend that made it easy to administer. Enter our amazing design team. We managed to put together an all-encompassing Shopify-based e-commerce website that had the fresh, clean look they were searching for. Better yet,

it didn’t just look great. Our development team simplified their back-end to made sure the Casadenim team would have no problems tracking website metrics and adding new content. Speaking of content, did we also mention we did a full review of their content – in Spanish? The joys of having an international, multi-lingual team!   Working with Casadenim put our whole range of design, development and content skills to the test. And we’re proud to say we delivered. https://flyingsaucer.nyc/portfolio/casadenim/
Branding and website Image

Branding and website

When Biostrap reached out to us mere weeks before launching their wearable tech.
Their request: a full audit and strategic boost of their marketing assets and brand identity.

As a small, agile team, we work well under pressure. So when Biostrap reached out to us mere weeks before launching their wearable tech, we were ready to hit the ground running. Their request: a full audit and strategic boost of their marketing

assets and brand identity.

After an intense bout of research, our team crafted a solid brand book that would serve as the very foundation of their long-term positioning and messaging. They immediately loved it. Since then, we’ve been incrementally implementing their revamped strategy across their website, app, ads and marketing collateral while making sure not to alienate their existing community and identity.

We also assist the Biostrap team in their daily marketing decisions and positioning; acting as an in-house marketing department and communicating with them regularly in order to help them strategically navigate growth and change.

Website design & dev for Fintech AI company Image

Website design & dev for Fintech AI company

If you’re like us, scheduling time to head to the bank is a hassle. You’re stuck waiting in traffic or transit, then waiting in line for the teller. Mobile banking doesn’t offer specific help, either, and, if you do decide to call the bank – well, you’re back in line, waiting again.

So, when ActiveAI, who specializes in AI smart communication between customers and their financial (as well as insurance) institutions, came

to us looking for web development help, we were very excited. Based out of Singapore, ActiveAI’s product, ‘Triniti’, crafts micro intelligent conversations through AI bots, to help customers manage their accounts and complete actions. ActiveAI then offers their Triniti technology to banks and other institutions enabling them to offer it as a service, freeing us customers from endless queues in boring bank vestibules.

Flying Saucer’s challenge was to make their tech-heavy corporate site (ActiveAI), and their comprehensive product site (Triniti) easily digestible and appealing to the general public.

The roadmap
Design and develop two separate websites for ActiveAI: one for their corporate site, explaining who they are, and one for their product site, explaining how Triniti works.
Make this complex information easy to grasp, as well as appealing to financial and other institutions.
Implement strategic solutions, preparing ActiveAI to launch their UX/UI web design.

After designing and executing these changes, ActiveAI is set to launch their two websites and make all our lives easier by speeding up the communication process between us and our financial and insurance institutions.