Marketing based on influence psychology and math

There is a formula for any business success. We know how to calculate it and win. Over and over again. Fond of web marketing based on influence psychology and math.

 *working only with interesting and challenging projects.

- Marketing research and strategy (45 strategies for 4 years)

- MailChimp Expert (email marketing PRO, 3789 email sent, 45% AVG open rate) - Building teams to make strategy works (from account managers to designers, according to KPI's from strategy)

- StartUp and MVP, agile marketing


About Alesia Dubrovskaya - owner of Fckmarketing

- Adviser (production and blockchain companies)

- Columnist for

- Conference Speaker (SMM, Inbound marketing)

- Customers from all over the world

- Influencer on FaceBook

$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
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Grodno, Belarus
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Key clients: 


Producing (manufacturing) companies


B2C/ B2B services

From zero to 320% ROI in 1 Months .

From zero to 320% ROI in 1 Months ... or how to win when your competitors don't believe in online marketing.


BMW Workshop in Dubai (JUST OPENED) Goal: get customers from 0 Situation: analysis showed that competitors don't do online marketing and spend money mostly for magazines and Ads

The project was in 2016

In first 7 days we got first 3 customers. After the work was done

we put pictures of the process and before/after in invoices.
We set up the CRM system to keep in track when to call to customer again.
Plus all details (+pictures) were inside, so customers don't need to tell every time the problems they have.

9. General customers spent around 8400 AED (web site and set up, payed ones) and 300$ for Ads (monthly).
In first month we got 25 leads and 12 customers with average check 2300 AED
ROI - 27600/12000*100=328%