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  • Developing strategies and consulting services;
  • Web-design and prototyping;
  • Website development;
  • Promotion;
  • Web analytics;
  • UX design


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Minsk, Belarus


Key clients: 
  • Hygger,
  • Oasisdrinks, 
  • Rara-avis,
  • Zvezda,
  • Bbrovar,
  • Ahmad,
  • Bosch, 
  • Mzbn,
  • Taxpayer,
  • Vodka-syabry,
  • Bambolina,
  • Sochny,
  • Caseup.by,
  • Inshkaf,
  • Etazh Larry,
  • Staff Decisions,
  • Footberg 


Client is a producer of unique cell phone cases.

MISSION: Our goal was to develop a site which allows for creating in the online mode an individual case design with the use of different background graphics, stickers, and texts.

FINAL: An online constructor, where users can choose their cell phone model, case material and create a design for their case in a preview mode most closely approximate to the realistic

view of the case on the cell phone has been developed. The constructor makes it possible to add to the design an unlimited number of stickers from a catalogue, increase and move them, and add any texts and choose fonts and colours for them. As a result «CaseUp!» case producer receives an e-mail containing the order and a full-fledged layout, by means of which a case will be developed. 

Link: https://www.caseup.by/



ТМ «Bambolina» — client is a unique baby food produced with plenty of tender loving care.

Our goal was to develop a promotion website for a promotional game.

A user-friendly and responsive website enabling to register sales slips of promotional game players. A user-friendly personal account with the possibility to log in using a phone number was created for clients/game players. In his/her personal

account a player can view a list of his/her sales slips and their status in the system, as well as to download a new one. For ease of the promotional game moderation an administration area was developed, which enables to confirm or reject sales slips and to upload a database to conduct prize drawing offline. The design is developed on the basis of Keyvisual provided by the client. The website is mobile-friendly.


ТМ «Bambolina» — client is a unique baby food produced with plenty of tender loving care.

Our goal was to redesign website for “Bambolina” baby food, as well as to develop additional web pages with the necessary features.

The final result – style-forming packing elements provided by the client were taken as a basis for the design. A warm yellow colour was offered as a main base colour, and a

company pattern – check was also used. Manual elements depicting tacks, patterns, deliberately jagged badges echo the handiwork concept underlying “Bambolina” brand. Simple and user-friendly navigation on the website enables users to find easily the information of interest. The website is mobile-friendly.


Link: http://www.bambolina.by/

Sochny dvorik Image

Sochny dvorik

ТМ «Sochny» – client is the top brand in the market of juices and nectars in Belarus.

Our goal was to develop a promotion website for registration of applications from «Sochny dvorik» project participants.

A single-page promotion website has been developed, which contains the following units: follow-up form, project information, an interactive map with children’s playgrounds already installed. «Sochny»

brand green colour was used for the design. Cartoon characters, embedded in the subject of the main photo-banner, make the design more emotional.

Link: http://www.сочныйдворик.бел/




Client – Taxpayers Association of the Republic of Belarus.

MISSION: Our goal was to develop a data portal with closed forum features.


FINAL: A data portal, where users can get information on changes in a tax sector, as well as the latest financial news has been developed. A personal account and a closed forum for documents exchange were developed for the members of the Association. The website

is developed in a laconic manner and is mobile-friendly.


LINK: https://taxpayer.by/



«Rara-Avis» – client is a wedding dress brand.

MISSION: Our goal is to develop a corporate site..


FINAL: Light and powdery tints were taken as a basis for the design, which adds ethereality and minimalism in the visual perception of the website as the main stress is laid on the product. A unit system is used on the home page, which units are marked off between themselves by blots of colour and

forms. The website is multilingual as the brand is represented in a great number of countries. An interactive map is made available on the website for ease of search of wedding shops in a user’s city. The website has a user-friendly version for ease of use.


LINK: https://raraavis-official.com/en/



Client is the first online platform in Belarus for selling pre-owned brand and premium-class goods.


MISSION: Our goal is to develop an information site with a gallery of goods.


FINAL: Instagram is a selling platform for @insta-shkaf, and the website shall become rather a supporting platform of the project, so the main stress was laid on an informational part: the necessary information is

presented in an intelligible form, and the design serves only as its framework. The website is mobile-friendly and quickly downloaded due to its simple design..


LINK: http://inshkaf.by/

Bbrovar.by Image


«Babrujski brovar» — client is a Belarusian producer of beer and kwass.

MISSION: Our goal is to develop a multilingual corporate site.


FINAL: As the website was created for a new player in the beer market, the decision was taken to make the website design maximally categorical: so that the company sector would become clear once a user goes to the website home page. One of the producer’s beer

commercial reels is used on the home page behind the menu bar. To solve a categorization task an approach with the placement of a «carrousel» from company products on the home page was implemented. A parallax effect was used on flypages to demonstrate all tastes within a line of each brand.


LINK: http://bbrovar.by/en/



Hygger — client is a product management system for growing companies.

MISSION: Website section/unit redesign 


FINAL: Style-forming elements of the main company site are taken as a basis for the design. Simple and user-friendly navigation on the website enables users to find easily the information of interest. 
The website is mobile-friendly.