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Key clients: 

Evan-Moor, Demand Agency, Intela Solutions

Documentorum Image


Documentorum is a global initiative and a new approach to issuing, registering and validating certificates and diplomas. It has been developed with the use of Hyperledger technology. It enables students to collect all their academic credentials in one place where they are protected against theft and fraud.

Educational institutions can minimize their costs by using Documentorum for issuing, storing and validating diplomas

and certificates. The blockchain technology applied guarantees forgery protection. Documentorum can also come in handy to employers, as it makes pre-employment document check easy and short-length. Above that, it provides the information about candidates’ competences and skills.


#Angular #AWS #Blockchain #Dart #FireBase #Flutter #Hyperledger #Node.js #Stripe (payment service)

Online donation platform Image

Online donation platform

Fundraising platform helps 3000+ innovative nonprofit organizations engage more donors and raise more money – enabling them to do more good – thereby creating a better world. 

Project work with leading nonprofits raising upwards of $10,000,000 every year to accelerate their growth and strengthen their communities. Charity platform is spread all over the world and has web and mobile applications. Using them a

user donates to the organization’s campaigns with the fastest and the most convenient way on the planet – donation under 10 seconds.


#Dart #Flutter #Golang #Java #JavaScript #Kotlin #Nuxt.js #ObjectiveC #Swift #Vue.js

Where I Am Image

Where I Am

WhereIAm is a cross-platform mobile application for fixing the position of another user’s smartphone. The key feature of the application is that location tracking is activated only upon request. This significantly reduces the load on the phone’s battery and thereby qualitatively distinguishes WhereIAm from its competitors.


#Dart #FireBase #Firebase Auth #FireBase Database

#FireBase Messaging #Flutter #Google maps API #GPS #Push-notification
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ClaimRide is an innovative solution for insurance companies that deal with motor vehicle insurance. The service is suitable for rental cars, including traditional taxis (Uber, Lyft, etc.), in the event of loss occurrence and impossibility to further drive the vehicle.

The project aims to reduce the costs of insurance companies for the provision of a replacement vehicle to their customers and also sets a new

level of speed and comfort in serving customers in the event of an accident and occurrence of loss.


#Active Directory

#Angular #Azure #Azure Key Vault #Bootstrap #Cordova

#Database encryption #Geo-replication #Gulp #Java #MSSQL #PhoneGap CLI