The BigData Company® are the BigData Mechanics® uses virtualized cloud infrastructure to offer not just compute cycles, but a full range of tuning and other services to enable effective and successful use of cloud for BigData / HPC workloads. Our innovations and deep expertise create “Value” up and down the BigData stack and our primary focus is on the end-user experience.® focuses on enabling companies to derive insights and revenue from their data by giving them the capacity to aggregate structured and unstructured data, to handle high-velocity streaming data, and to process these large datasets at scale. Our platform has assisted our customers cut “time to insight” by up to 500x, and our assistance in pipeline design and productivity improvements have created millions in value for our customers, and their customers as well.® accelerate and empower business to face the 7 key challenges of BigData

  1. How to integrate and effectively “Blend” BigData with their existing data sources and streams.
  2. How to effectively manage the sheer volume of BigData
  3. How to manage the technology complexity of managing and analysing BigData
  4. How to translate and derive insight from BigData
  5. How to extract maximum value from BigData initiatives
  6. How to explore and create value from BigData using cutting edge visualisation techniques.
  7. How to preempt current and future state analytics requirements to enable companies to change and adapt to evolving needs.

We apply our expertise to the above by solving customer problems in a diverse number of BigData / HPC verticals, including Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences (bioinformatics & medical image analysis), Financial Services, and Oil & Gas.

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Alexandria, Australia


Key clients: 

Financial Services / Consulting Services / Media and Entertainment / Oil & Gas / Defence / Energy / Retail / BioInformatics / GeoScience / Government / Engineering & Construction / Retail