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EnCata is the unique end-to-end product development company and Innovation hub for hardware + software engineering with all in-house design, R&D, and rapid prototyping facilities serving many industries.


Why Choose EnCata?

1. Providing REAL estimates and sticking to project timelines;

2. Being cost-effective. Our development location enables us to deliver premium R&D and engineering services at 1/4 of the price compared to that of in N-W Europe and USA;

3. We are truly unique in having all the design, engineering (mechanical, electrical and manufacturing) and industrial prototyping in-house, under one roof;

4. The IP we generate throughout your project belongs to our you.


EnCata designs anything new: from consumer and IoT products, to robots and medical devices. We support our clients from strategy to execution in creating what is next.

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Key clients: 

Most of EnCata's Key Clients are confidential but amond the most powerful one are: TheFir.Tech. Fast building construction with an equipped internal environment for your production.Fast building construction with an equipped internal environment. Finished building is ready for use in 2 months MakeIT.Center. MakeIT is an automated prototyping platform with all the necessary equipment. BDC.

BulwArk Image



A turnkey solution to ensure protection of working, residential or medical premises from infections, bacteria and viruses.
An isolation ward for potentially infected people before the arrival of doctors.

BulwArk is a portable inflatable complex of a transparent pneumatic frame box and a filter-ventilation unit with the function of high powered hard UV disinfection in the flow of incoming and outgoing


The unit has universal dimensions so furniture and/or medical equipment can be installed inside the box.

In addition to mechanical cleaning and disinfection of the air supply with ultraviolet radiation, the system maintains a comfortable microclimate inside the box.

Face Vizor Image

Face Vizor

Face Visor is lightweight and easy to use. The ergonomic design allows you to adjust the level of the visor with special fasteners, and with the elastic located at the back, you can adapt the size individually for each user.

The shield is completely made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), has high strength and ductility. The visor is transparent, which allows a maximum level of light transmission and reduces eye


Versatility and ease of use

High degree of protection against viruses and bacteria

Universal dimensional grid Durable and reliable material

The ability to conveniently combine with glasses and face masks

Face Visor shields are perfect for protection against viruses, but we recommend that you use them in conjunction with medical masks to achieve the greatest degree of effectiveness.

UV Lamps Image

UV Lamps


UV lamp for indoor air disinfection. Intended for the comprehensive disinfection of rooms and the cleaning of air and surfaces

Intended for the comprehensive disinfection of rooms and the cleaning of air and surfaces from viruses and bacteria.

The product is equipped with a motion sensor that turns off the power to the unit in the presence of people, a timer for turning it on and off at the

specified time.

Due to its design and ease of movement, it is recommended for alternating disinfection of several rooms or for use in large areas. UV-peace-mobile is designed for air disinfection in medical, sports, children’s, educational, industrial and other premises. It is also used for disinfecting equipment, products and packaging.

Gate|0 Image



A Gate|0 system is designed to help identify virus symptoms in order to reduce the level of infected people in crowded places

Perfectly suited for crowded places (airports, railway

stations, office buildings, manufacturing plants,

shopping malls, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc)

Automated - staff will be distanced from

potentially infected people

Disinfects a person with flows of ionized air * and cold steam with ozonized water sprays*, disinfectant sprays

Helps to identify people with virus symptoms

Vizard-M Image


The first affordable professional reusable medical respirator for protection against viruses and bacteria.

Imagine the only mask that not only stops the entry of pathogens into the respiratory tract, but also actively kills them.

A virus or bacteria settling along with large aerosols on the surface of a BDC-Air Cu35 primary filter (copper), as well as some viruses and smaller aerosols passing through BDC-Air Cu35

filter, meet with BDC-Air Bioactive filter and are destroyed.

Bacteria exhaled by humans do not multiply on the inner surface of the BDC-Air Cu35 fabric because a primary filter is installed which prevents the growth of bacterial colonies.

The mask is made of medical plastic with the addition of antibacterial additives that prevent the growth of bacteria on surfaces. A patch (obturator) made of soft rubber is comfortable to wear and forces any inhaled air entirely through the filter material (also made with the addition of antibacterial additives).

MedVR Image


Most advance Virtual Reality trainer for surgeons in the healthcare industry. The first iteration is a fully developed laparoscopic operations of any type. The secret sauce is the core technology that can be applied to the training of astronauts or neurosurgeons



An autonomous warehouse robot with 50 kg payload. The robot has IP-53 protection mark to operate both inhouse and outside (temporarily). EnCata refined the startup’s concept and delivered the industrial design, DFM and produced the prototype with all the documentation. The robot plays on the same field as KIVA robots from Amazon and QUICKTRON from Alibaba.



SmartCup is an innovative device that makes coffee, tea and baby formula preparation a more convenient, time-saving and healthy process. This gadget can boil and cool liquids; maintain required temperature; as well as brew coffee, tea and other beverages in a standalone mode. SmartCup offers all these features without any loss in taste or the health-giving benefits of a beverage. 

This gadget went on Kickstarter and it

was a turnkey crowdfunding campaign delivered by the EnCata Marketing team.




A continuously variable frictionless transmission prototype (proof-of-concept) with high torque was developed and manufactured, based on the customer’s patented invention. The prototype went for static testing and further R&D.

Smart Cork Image

Smart Cork


Smart Cork is an accurate dosing device that takes into account the consumption of alcohol in real time, integrates with automation systems and provides customer self-service functions in the institution. There is a prototype of the device and basic software to test its performance. It is planned to finalize the type of device, expand the functionality and improve the information system of intellectual analysis and
management to increase the efficiency of management processes in institutions.


"ADAM" is a humanoid robot specially designed for educational purposes. The robot is paired with proprietary VR software that enables motion control. EnCata has come with the startup the whole way from refining the concept and making a new industrial design - to DFM, tooling design and manufacturing. The robot is now introduced for robotics and programming classes in schools and universities.



A hardware startup, having completed the hardware development with EnCata and successfully accomplished the Kickstarter campaign needed a mobile application for end users. The mobile app is a user-friendly interface to access product features, such as a humidifier, air purifier, ionizer, aroma diffuser, air quality monitoring and make in-app purchases on a fly.



A high precision body scanner for fashion retail. The scanner design is a rotating platform with a set of digital cameras measuring body parameters with cameras. Digital images then transferred via Wi-Fi interface to a PC and undergo realtime conversion into a digital 3D model.



A fully automated drone hatch for Arctic and desert environment. The hangar was designed and manufactured from scratch. The hangar equipped with the advanced drone positioning system, custom drone chargers and smart HVAC system.



5S tool boards empowered with machine vision AI neural network to control tool availability, such that no item can be check-out or missed from its place in a workshop. The software solution is spun to other industries requiring object recognition on-a-fly.


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Product Design Services for Video Game Platform

"It's clear that they're experts because they know a lot about these devices."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Nov. 2019 - Jan. 2020
Project summary: 

EnCata conducted a manufacturing analysis of a video game platform’s product. Their team completed a teardown of the Android tablet in order to analyze its components.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Boston, Massachusetts
Trevor Stricker
VP of Games, Mightier
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Their team found several issues with the product, a major one being battery capacity. EnCata’s efforts have helped the partner foresee and resolve problems that would significantly impact their users. Responsiveness and effective communication complement their project management style.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

We make a video game platform that helps kids' mental health. I'm the VP of Games.


For what projects/services did your company hire EnCata?

We manufacture an Android tablet to run our games. EnCata did a teardown of our tablet to analyze the components.

What were your goals for this project?

I'm looking to ensure we're getting what we paid for, to estimate the production cost, and to identify any problems.


How did you select this vendor?

I spoke with a number of hardware consultants in the supply chain.

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

A teardown, a cost estimate based on current supply chain conditions.

What was the team composition?

Some engineers in their office.


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

They found several issues. One of which was in battery capacity, which severely impacts our users.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

They were quick and responsive.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

It's clear that they're experts because they know a lot about these devices.

Are there any areas for improvement?

It would be easier to pay them if they weren't in Belarus.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer