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At DigitalWheat, we believe in using our design and development skills to offer a better way of website consulting. We're passionate about providing comprehensive, sophisticated project management for a range of industries. Our dedicated team is experienced in solving real-world business pains. Businesses who partner with us will see some of their most tedious tasks
seamlessly automated, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.

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  • Consulting
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  • Custom Development
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We've assisted hundreds of high-profile companies build custom, lucrative eCommerce sites from scratch. Our sites are built with store owner and customer experience in mind. If you're tired of spending countless hours trying to get your company website to cooperate with your needs, then you've come to the right place. We'll gladly build and launch your custom site.

Clutch has chosen DigitalWheat as one of the leading, Estonian web development agencies. We're an industry leader, and it's our mission to provide an unparalleled level of service and innovative techniques to solve your most pressing design and development issues. Whether you need consulting for your eCommerce site, or a custom-built web app, we've got you covered. We've worked with dozens of companies from the Inc. 5000 list, offering a world-technology stack:

  • Laravel
  • VueJs / ReactJs
  • Golang

And more. We're committed to solving technological problems in the most cost-effective way possible. But we never sacrifice skill on the budget altar. Are you ready to bring seamless innovation to your company's most pressing design needs? Contact our team of knowledgeable digital gurus today and see what we can do for you.

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Key clients: 

Sondors Electric Bikes, Rareform, Whiteside Machine Company

Inventory Management App for Shopify Store Image

Inventory Management App for Shopify Store

We've developed a custom inventory management app for accessories manufacturing company. The app provides an detailed insight on stock level and sales trend for each product.

B2B Ecommerce Platform Image

B2B Ecommerce Platform

We helped a manufacturing company by developing and implementing custom ecommerce platform for their B2B/wholesale customers.

The application has been developed using Laravel framework and has the following features:

  • Order management;
  • Easy product management (products could be copied directly from Excel/Google Sheets);
  • Customer management;
  • Staff management;
  • Private
catalogs for selected customers;
  • Accepting payements through Stripe and PayPal;
  • We also used Envoyer for zero-downtime deployments, so users won't have any interruptions when new version is rolled out.



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      Auto-Product Upload & Inventory App for Accessory Company

      I appreciated their ability to understand our needs and implement an appropriate solution.”

      Willing to refer: 
      The Project
      Less than $10,000
      Apr. - May 2018
      Project summary: 

      DigitalWheat developed two e-commerce apps: one automated image uploads for products within a defined template and the other tracked inventory analytics and sorted them by product collection. 

      The Reviewer
      11-50 Employees
      Los Angeles, California
      Alec Avedissian
      Co-founder, Rareform
      The Review
      Feedback summary: 

      DigitalWheat’s apps enabled the client to upscale without relying on more personnel, which helped mitigate human mistakes. The team clearly understood the business needs and created a time-saving technical solution. 

      The client submitted this review online.


      Please describe your company and your position there.

      I’m the co-founder of a Rareform. We repurpose billboard vinyl into unique, bold, eco-friendly bags and accessories. I manage our online business and business development.


      For what projects/services did your company hire DigitalWheat?

      We approached DigitalWheat to create a way for us to automatically upload product images into our product templates while maintaining the unique SKUs for individual products. Additionally, we needed resources to develop an inventory management app that compiled our historical online sales, customer trends, and out-of-stock dates by collection rather than by product.

      What were your goals for this project?

      We wanted to a have product that worked efficiently and gave us the desired outcome. In particular, we didn’t want to account for human error when we could just implement technology to simplify the process. This would save us a ton of time and energy as we continued to scale.


      How did you select this vendor?

      I found them via Storetasker, which worked out well, so we continued to engage them.

      Can you go into detail about the services they provided and the scope of the project?

      We collaborated closely on a daily basis to complete the project. They quickly developed the apps that we needed according to our functionality specs.

      What was the team composition?

      I worked directly with their founder, which simplified communications as I didn’t have to interact with everyone on the team.


      Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

      The apps have saved us countless hours and reduced human errors. Before, we would have to duplicate and swap out images every time we updated a product even though we used the same template for each product collection. Now, the apps allow us to scale up without having to add more personnel. As for the inventory app, they did a great job. Other apps we’ve used would either show too much data or irrelevant information.

      How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

      We communicated with them daily to ensure project completion.

      What did you find most impressive about this company?

      I appreciated their ability to understand our needs and implement an appropriate solution.

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