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DarwinApps delivers development and technical project management solutions to marketing teams with a focus on clear communication and first-in-class responsiveness.

We have been trusted by marketing departments of AT&T, Audi, Thompson Reuters and more to quickly solve technical challenges and build out marketing solutions.  DarwinApps leverages a team of project managers and engineers to non-technical marketers with the common-sense tools and information they need to make smart, cost-effective tech decisions.

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Flexible Marketing Engineering as a Service

How VTS utilized DarwinApps Marketing Engineering

For the less than the price of hiring one full-time engineer, VTS hired DarwinApps on retainer and received access to a team of engineers possessing a wide range of skills.

This team was able to manage the marketing team’s website, Marketo integration, and full technical environment.

In addition, the flexibility of DarwinApps’ retainer with unlimited

rollover hours was doubly beneficial as the company went through a merger. For two months, the company paused most marketing projects, but were able to put to use their accrued retainer hours when they ramped back up their marketing efforts post-merger.

The end result was a satisfied and much more powerful VTS marketing team, augmented with the support of a full engineering team for less than the cost of one full-time in-house engineering hire.

VTS and DarwinApps cultivated a relationship with two teams working as one, which consisted of in-house marketers from VTS working alongside developers and project managers from DarwinApps.

Elite engineers covered all skills needed by VTS and answered at their beckoning call for any projects, updates, or urgent issues that arise.