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Credencys Solutions Inc. is a leading web and mobile app development company headquartered in Los Angeles. We help startups to Fortune 500 companies drive profits and succeed through cutting edge digital transformation with end-to-end mobile, web, and cloud app development.


Founded in 2008, Credencys has successfully delivered 500+ projects to 200+ customers from varied industry domains with results-driven and user-centered application development.


With a team of 150+ top-tier software engineers, we build competitive business solutions using the latest mobile and web tech stack as well as emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Chatbots.


Credencys has successfully delivered enterprise and consumer-facing apps for the world's leading brands such as Unilever, Cisco, Samsung, Raytheon, McDonald's, Coca Cola, Jeep, ABB, Suzuki, and many more.


We have proven experience in developing and delivering the robust business solutions for retail, manufacturing, digital agencies, logistics, field services, banking and finance, and more.


Offering exclusive custom software, Credencys helps the clients acquire and retain more customers, improve operations, lower costs, and outperform rivals through successful products and applications.


We help startups, brands, and SMEs streamline business processes, improve customer engagement, increase operational efficiency, and reduce overheads by developing powerful software solutions.


The company’s proven track record with enterprises, startups and digital agencies make Credencys an agile solution provider of choice for challenging, time-bound, and high-quality solution delivery.

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Key clients: 

Unilever, Cisco, ABB, Samsung, Raytheon, McDonald's, ITC, Cox & Kings, ATG, TrustCommerce, Halo, Hilco Global, Weight Watchers, Emerson, TATA, and more

Field Service Management Solution Image

Field Service Management Solution

About Client:

The client is one of the top three industry players that offer different laundry services across the US and Canada. The major source of revenue for the client is money operated machines where users insert coins and use washers and dryers.


The on-field staff (coin collectors) used to visit the laundry rooms to collect the coins and take the notes in

paper slips. They used to submit the slips in the regional office form where data entry executives enter the data from the paper slip to back system. This process took 60 to 120 days. It was a significant delay in sharing revenues with partners and property management firms due to delays in count reconciliation.


Credencys transformed the paper-based revenue reconciliation process of the client to a mobile platform. The coin counting mobile application now allows coin collectors to record machine count data in the mobile phone rather than recording the data in paper slips. This data is sent real-time to the back-end system which allows branch managers to perform reconciliation in 2 days.

With coin counting mobile app, the client has achieved a 3000% increase in operational efficiency for revenue reconciliation and 40% cost savings through the reduction in transportation and manpower requirements. 

Docket Management Solution Image

Docket Management Solution

About Client:

The client is one of the most prominent IP law firms in Washington, D.C. and has a team of 130 attorneys and 220 professionals. They serve startups to Fortune 500 companies around the world. They have helped the world’s leading brands in protecting their IP Rights.


The client has to deal with hundreds of matters every day. They need to manage docket

items, tasks, and correspondences of these matters. The key issues were too long app loading time (it was close to 2 to 5 minutes), inadequate and complex UI/UX design, very limited features, obsolete technologies, and no provision to track case dates and process deadlines, subject matter, & case documents. 

Moreover, three main modules, i.e. Litigation Center, Dashboard and Projects section were completely missing in the old application.


Crednecys carried out a detailed discovery workshop with the users of the old application to understand the gaps & flaws in the user journey. Using quick prototyping Credencys designed the new system in three weeks that was poles apart from the old system while matching the user’s requirement to the T.

Credencys provided proper color science and lean components were used that will help attorney, timekeepers and their managers always be on top of the most important things. Also, the architecture of the integration layer was transformed into a service layer which would be API driven and which would bolster the overall Input-Output performance while adhering to the high-level security.

The client saw a 50% enhancement in operational productivity after using the new system. It helped them save time while searching for documents, freeing them to focus on areas that are business-critical.

Motormate – An App for Preemptive Maintenance of Electric Motors Image

Motormate – An App for Preemptive Maintenance of Electric Motors

About Client:

ABB is a leading manufacturer of LV motors across the globe and offers a wide range of services to keep motors running impeccably. They serve to industry customers who require to install thousands of low voltage motors to run their factory operations.


For the industrial customer, diagnosis of motor condition was a challenge. To maintain the health of

the motor, ABB customers had to keep trained staff to assess the motor condition and run tests on every motor. This process was expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. Thus, the industrial customers used to ignore motor maintenance or prefer to replace the impaired motor with a new motor.

To address such situations, ABB wanted to have a solution in place which could ease motor maintenance tasks for the industry clients.


Credencys built a mobile app that allows any field service technician to check motors’ health quickly and effectively.The app uses inbuilt sensors of the smartphone to diagnose motor’s health. The sensors are

Gyroscope: To check the orientation

Magnetometer: To evaluate magnetic fields

Accelerator: To track speed

Microphone: To trace the sound

The mobile app collects data from all four sensors. The data and recording are saved to the client’s existing software where the proprietary algorithm evaluates data and sends reports about issues with  motors’ health on the mobile app, to the service technicians. It helps them to take the required actions for pre-emptive maintenance of motors in time and enhance the life of the motors.

With the field service mobile app. the industry customers were able to increase employee productivity by 30% and reduce motor maintenance and breakdown cost by 24%.

Quorier – An On-demand Courier Delivery App Image

Quorier – An On-demand Courier Delivery App

About Client:

Quorier is a logistic tech company that delivers safe and reliable courier delivery services across Singapore. They provide local and international logistics services by connecting end customers with thousands of verified courier companies and 9000+ trusted delivery persons.


They came up with a concept of on-demand courier delivery where customers

can leverage end-to-end courier delivery services. Their vision was to allow customers to send goods safely without stepping out of their doors. They wanted to have a solution that allows courier delivery person to pick up a parcel from the customer’s doorstep and deliver it to the recipient’s doorstep.


Credencys delivered a mobile solution that connects end customers, the client, and delivery men. The platform allows the client to fulfill its objective to add value to the customers' life by allowing them to send their parcels in an easy and hassle-free way. It’s a platform that connects end customers, the client and delivery men to set up transparent communication across all the stakeholders.

The app serves all types of users, whether they are individuals or business clients. They can simply register with the mobile application, book/schedule the delivery, make a payment, get the parcel collected from the preferred location, and track the goods status until delivery.

NuevaCare – Connecting Caregivers with Customers Image

NuevaCare – Connecting Caregivers with Customers

About Client:The client is a premier home care service provider for families in the San Fransisco Bay Area. They provide high quality and personalized home care services to the patients and senior people. To enable customers with reliable home care service, NuevaCare is connected with 2000+ professional caregivers.Objective:Nuevacare wanted to build a platform that connects the family or guardians of the patients or old age

people to provide with the professional caregivers. Customers can hire well-trained and trusted professional through this platform to leverage personalized home care services.Solution:Credencys developed three applications those are Customer App, Caregiver App, and NuevaCare (backend) App.Customer App allows the family member or guardian of the patient or senior citizens to search and book caregivers as per their personalized preferences. With Caregiver App, professionals can manage and maintain their profile and schedule. NuevaCare can manage patient records and caregivers’ profile from a Backend Application that is accessible through both web and mobile platforms. The applications are having amazing features such as smart data management, real-time updates, search & book the caregiver, location tracking and more to deliver hassle-free home care services to the customers. 
Created A Virtual Test Drive Experience for Tata Tiago Image

Created A Virtual Test Drive Experience for Tata Tiago

About Client: 

Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company. They manufacture passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, busses, sports cars, construction equipment, and military vehicles. The client owns a prime presence for producing commercial vehicles, military vehicles, and electric vehicles. 


Tata Motors wanted to create the

country's first virtual test drive by developing a Virtual Reality application. They wanted to promote its brand new hatchback car Tiago through the VR app to drive immense user engagement and response. The client wanted to enable users with a virtual test drive experience by viewing 360° video using a VR headset. 


Credencys developed a Virtual Reality application for iOS and Android platforms. The app allows customers to view 360° video of Tiago interior and exterior with all the advanced features in standard mobile mode and VR headset. 

The standard mode allows users to see the car video with 2D view. To run the VR mode, the users need to use VR headsets. With VR headsets, the users can have an immersive experience of the Tata Tiago drive. The important features of the app are Gyroscope Integration, Test Drive Booking, and Car Booking.

VanMile - On-demand Packers and Movers Solution Image

VanMile - On-demand Packers and Movers Solution

About Client:Cargo Community Network (CCN) is a market leader in providing Cargo Community System (CCS) for the air cargo industry. They always aspire to provide a suite of innovative & intelligent solutions and deliver quality services to its valued customers and partners globally.  Objective:Cargo Community Network (CCN) identified a significant gap between on-demand packers and movers service providers and the customers

who are seeking help in moving their belongings. They wanted to build a marketplace that connects truck drivers and customers of the Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Raleigh, and Washington area. Solution:Credencys developed two mobile apps one for customers and another is for truck drivers. The Customer App allows the users to select the best suitable model out of the five pre-defined models. The app allows customers to enter pick up and drop off locations, real-time tracking of the truck/vehicle, provide feedback to the packers and movers service provider. The Driver App enables packers and movers with real-time notifications when the customers book the transportation. Integration of payment gateway allows customers to make a payment securely and truck drivers to receive the payment instantly. CCN has increased its revenue by 27% and customer engagement by 62% using these apps. 
IoT Solution for A Multinational Motorcycle Brand Image

IoT Solution for A Multinational Motorcycle Brand

About Client:

The client is a renowned motorcycle, scooters, and three-wheeler manufacturing company across the globe. They have a significant presence in over 60 countries worldwide and sells over 3 million vehicles in a year.


The client wanted to enable the racers with rich riding experience by manufacturing IoT enabled racing bikes. They wanted to allow riders

to plan a ride, track and analyze their rides, get the route information in real-time, and receive timely reminders for bike service.

Most importantly, the IoT device should inform the close relatives of the racers in case of any medical emergency like an accident.


Credencys developed a mobile app and an IoT device for the client. The vehicles have a Bluetooth-enabled digital cluster that can be connected with the smartphone. Riders will get all the information such as incoming caller name, message notification, turn by turn navigation, total distance covered in a trip, etc. on the cluster display.

Riders can view the vehicle dashboard, which will show the following statistics such as total distance, average speed, lean angle, and more. For the safe driving, the app allows riders to use Do Not Disturb mode, auto-reply SMS, and over sapped alerts. Additionally, the app provides crash alerts and fuel indication facility as well.

Riders can get a breakdown assistant by sending a notification to the nearest service center in case of a breakdown. Map-based features allow riders to create & share the tour and help in search of the vehicle.

Asset Valuation Solution for On-field Auditors Image

Asset Valuation Solution for On-field Auditors

About Client:

The client is a leading independent financial services provider from USA who perform 2,500+ valuations annually. They are specialized in providing reliable asset valuation, monetization, and advisory services for a single asset or millions of assets.  


The client was using a paper-driven process for asset valuation. Their on-field asset examiners

collect the data on the paper while visiting the customers’ locations. Later on, they had to insert the data from paper to a back-end system manually in order to match the data with the proprietary database of the client. It was a time-consuming process for the on-field auditors.


Credencys mobilized the asset valuation process for the client by developing an iPad app. On-field auditors can enter the data in the app while conducting the audits. Later on, they can submit the data to the backend systems directly from the app.

The app allows auditors to access data from backend systems, collect data in digital forms, offline data management, real-time data upload and processing, and access to historical data. With these amazing features, the app enabled the client with highly efficient, less time-consuming and cost-effective asset valuation process. 

Interactive Touch-enabled CMS Solution for Raytheon Image

Interactive Touch-enabled CMS Solution for Raytheon

About Client:

Raytheon is a U.S. based aerospace and defense solution provider who manufactures weapons and military and commercial electronics for the American government. They specialize in developing civil, defense, and cyber security solutions. 


Raytheon has a large team of scientists and engineers who carried out research and development as well as launch

innovative products almost every day. The client owns 13k+ active patterns and works on other 4300+ patent applications. The client wanted to keep all of them updated with all the patents. They wanted an interactive solution that provides information to every employee about their research work.


Credencys developed a website using WordPress CMS that allows Raytheon Patent Lounge to get complete control over the content. We designed and installed the application over a large touchscreen interface that allows visitors/employees to quickly search for the patents and work done by Raytheon researchers to date. 

The interactive interface allows visitors to search the Raytheon patterns. Also, the solution helps the client to drive visitors/employees the engagement.

Customizable Payment Gateway Solution Image

Customizable Payment Gateway Solution

About Client:

TrustCommerce is a premier financial services provider from USA specializes in offering reliable payment gateway processing solutions to all sizes of companies. They provide custom payment gateway solutions to their customers as per their specific requirements.  


The client selected Credencys as their technology partner to develop a payment gateway

solution. They wanted the flexibility to extend and shrink the solution in terms of features, functionality, and fields as per the changing requirements of different customers from diversified industry verticals. They expected to redesign the payment gateway UI/UX as per the branding specific requirements of the merchants/retailers.


Credencys developed a highly customizable payment processing gateway for the TrustCommerce. The payment gateway has a standard form with important fields. This form can be customized based on the specific requirements of merchants/retailers by adding or removing fields and functionality. Shoppers need to fill the required details in order to make the payment.

We have integrated multiple payment channels in the solution that allows buyers to make payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH/electronic check, and more. Credencys has developed custom payment gateways for mobile, e-commerce, Point of Sale as per the specific demands of merchants or retailers.

The client has leveraged improved customer engagement and high-level security of shoppers’ payment data. 

Workflow Management Solution Image

Workflow Management Solution

About Client: A New York based leading construction consulting service provider helps property owners, civil engineers, real estate developers, architects, and contractors in filing and obtaining permits for their construction sites. Challenges:The client was already using a Fox Pro based desktop application to manage their jobs, projects, permits, applications, documents, create jobs for and send emails to inform customers

about the job status. By the time, the technology became obsolete and it was hard to extent or scale to meet new business requirements. Solution: Credencys offered software re-engineering of the existing FoxPro based desktop application. We developed a workflow management solution for the client using modern web and cloud technologies. The platform works as a project management tool that helps the client’s staff to get all the information about each project and application in a complete and holistic way. The important features of the solutions are completely digitized REP workflow, automated job creation, QuickBooks integration, tasks and checklist management, real-time update, Dropbox integration for document management, in-app emailing, dynamic reporting, and more. The client can update and access the project information on the go from the tablet app. They can easily allocate the tasks to the respective staff members from the app. QuickBooks integration has made the invoicing process accurate and streamlined. The digitized RFP process has improved the productivity and efficiency of the staff. 
Digital Wealth Management Solution Image

Digital Wealth Management Solution

About Client: 

Anand Rathi is one of the premier financial services providers in India. They offer private wealth management, corporate finance & advisory, investment banking, brokerage & distribution services to high-net-worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families. The client mainly deals with structured products, mutual funds, corporate deposits, equities, commodities, loans,

insurance, and bonds.


They were having a paper-based account opening process. The investors need to fill a 50 page booklet form to open an account with Anand Rathi. This process was taking four to five days for Relationship Managers to open an account. Moreover, there was too much dependency on Relationship Manager as customers were not allowed to operate their account independently. 

Relation Managers also faced varied issues such as manual appointment scheduling and tracking the sales funnel. To address these challenges, the client wanted to have a digital platform that allows investors to create wealth targets and achieve it on their own without the help of Relationship Managers.


Credencys offered end-to-end app design and development services to enable the client with Customer App and relationship Manager App. We create a digital form that customers can fill in 3 steps only. The customers can complete the account opening process in only 15 minutes using the mobile app. Once the account opening process is done, investors can operate and manage the account by their own without the help of Relationship Manager. 

Relationship Managers can easily track where the customer stands in the sales funnel and they can sales more efficiently compared to the old process. Also, they focus more on addressing genuine queries and provide personalized consultation, feedback, and suggestions for each portfolio of the customers.  

Developed A Digital Signage Solution for McDonald’s India Image

Developed A Digital Signage Solution for McDonald’s India

About Client: 

McDonald's India operates through two franchises that are Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. and  Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited. The Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. manages the 300+ McDonald’s restaurants in the west and south India since 1996.   


The client was using backlit menu displays to promote their new campaigns and discount

offers. It was a time-consuming method and also required considerable investment for logistic, printing, distribution, etc. The process of menu board replacement used to take three to four weeks.  


Credencys replaced the backlit menu display with Xynage - the smart and easy-to-operate digital signage solution. We have successfully installed the digital signage solution for 1700+ screens across 240+ McDonald’s outlets in India. 

Xynage enables the client with the complete flexibility to update menu boards, manage & run marketing campaigns from a centralized system, and promote local offers and deals. It allows the client to save cost for printing, distribution, and maintenance cost of menu boards for all McDonald’s outlets.  

The digital signage solution allows the client to run different media files such as images, videos, etc. on a single screen. Moreover, Xynge allows for the menu board creation, centralized content management through customized CMS, automated & event-based content scheduling, and offline content storage. 

Using Xynage the client can run dynamic menu board at zero maintenance cost with the least operational cost. 

DevOps- Build Deployment Automation for 40+ Apps Image

DevOps- Build Deployment Automation for 40+ Apps

About Client: 

A premier multifamily laundry service provider from USA manages its different internal or external business operations through 40+ web and mobile applications. The applications are on-premises apps (for employees within the company premises), mobile apps (for on-site employees), mobile apps (for customers), and web applications (for customers).



client managed the 40+ apps under different environments such as Dev, QA, UAT, Staging, and Production through the manual deployment process. It was a time consuming and inefficient process for the client. 


Credencys implemented DevOps practices to enable the client with the automated deployment process. We created a CI/CD pipeline for continuous code integration and deployment using five different DevOps tools. We used different DevOPs tools such as Bitbucket, Nexus (Sona Nexus), SonarQube, Katalon, and Jenkins.  

Integrating these tools, Credencys has set up a centralized code repository (to enable developers with the latest code only), synced all the different environments (to perform an automated deployment process), and automated the data migration process for all the applications.

Key features of our DevOps implementation were centralized code repository, artifact management, CI/CD, testing automation, build deployment reports, code quality reports, and test execution reports. With the successful implementation of DevOps, the client achieved a 100% reduction in code deployment time and 30% improvement in code quality using code quality reports from SonarQube. Also, they leveraged a reduction in recurring issues due to automated testing and a simplified and unified way of managing development and deployment. 

Created Omni-channel Experience for Reliance Digital Image

Created Omni-channel Experience for Reliance Digital

About Client: Reliance Digital is one of the leading brands in India that sell consumer durables and digital products online to customers. The company is having 2000+ store across the 700+ cities across India.Challenges:The client had an informative website that allows to provide information about each product to the customers. They wanted to enable the customers with an omnichannel experience where customers can choose their

preferred products and receive the product at their doorstep. Reliance Digital wanted to redesign their existing informative website and transform it into an e-commerce platform. Solution: To redesign the app, Credencys carried out a well-structured user experience design process. The Process involves understanding and analysis of the client’s challenges, research to identify user personas & use cases, concept designing, functional prototype development, final design delivery. The solution asks a few questions to the customers that would help them in finding the right product. On the other hand, it helps the client to identify customer’s requirements more accurately and provide them the most suitable suggestions.  For the faster search of relevant products, we redefined and rearranged the filters according to customers' requirements such as RAM, camera, battery, screen resolution, etc. Also, by displaying their four unique selling points on the home page, we helped them in catching customers attention and increase conversions and sales.
A Gamification App Development for Jeep Compass Image

A Gamification App Development for Jeep Compass

About Client: 

Jeep is one of the highly popular automobile brands across the globe. The brand is known for manufacturing utility and luxury vehicles with different styles, advanced features, modern designs, and the latest automobile techniques. 


The client wanted to increase brand awareness of the new car Jeep Compass in India. They wanted to launch a game as a

part of their marketing strategy to engage with the Jeep lovers from the earliest stage. the participants can play the game and the winner will get a Jeep Compass car for free. 

They asked to have 23 levels in the game and each level should have certain tasks that users had to perform. After the successful completion of each task and level, users should get a badge and access information about a car feature respectively. User with all badges and maximum points would be the winner.


Credencys developed a gamification app for iOS and Android platforms by implementing implemented all the gaming aspects expected by the client. We developed a web-based admin panel from where the client can update and manage the tasks manually. 

We helped Jeep India to promote their brand new car Jeep Compass in an interesting way. We created a completely different experience for the Jeep lovers by allowing them to participate in an exciting game and win the Jeep Compass car.

The key features of the gamification apps are notifications, GPS integration, Leaderboard, game levels, task and activities, and car information display. 

Created Immersive Shopping Experience for Samsung  Image

Created Immersive Shopping Experience for Samsung

About Client: 

Samsung is a multinational company from South Korea and a market leader in the consumer electronics domain. The brand has a powerful establishment and a loyal customer base in different countries and  Singapore is one of them. They wanted to drive customer engagement in Singapore region by offering them a unique online shopping experience. 



Singapore wanted to have a solution that allows the customers to have a realistic view of how the appliances will look like in a particular place. They wanted to create a personalized, immersive and interactive experience for refrigerators, televisions, and washing machines. For refrigerator products, the client wanted to display the interior of the products along with the exterior. 


Credencys developed a consumer mobile app for Samsung using Augmented Reality. It allows customers to have a 3D view of refrigerators, televisions, and washing machines. the app helps buyers to make the right buying decision as they have more clarity about products’ look and feel. 

We integrated motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception in the AR app to enable customers with an exact view of refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions in their defined space. We developed an admin panel for the client where they can update and manage the appliance details effortlessly and display the information on the consumer app. 

The amazing features of the Samsung AR app are 3D models (of products) development & integration. product customization, multilingual support, multi-country support, end-to-end shopping experience, and more. 

A Market Place Application for A Premier Supermarket Chain Image

A Market Place Application for A Premier Supermarket Chain

About Client:

The client is a leading supermarket chain from the USA, having 40 grocery stores in Southern California. Along with selling grocery products, the client offers check cashing, money order, utility bill payment, micro loans, insurance, top-ups, and wire transfer services to their customers. 


The client used to manage their customers, products, and

services information in a web-based system. It was not flexible and scalable to perform the daily operations on the go. 

The client used to manage the check cashing process manually that was taking three to four days to get the check deposited and credited in the client’s bank account. Delay in the check cashing process affected the revenue reconciliation process for the client. 

Duplication of customer profile was another issue as there was no clarity about the number of transactions carried out by an individual customer due to multiple profiles.


Credencys built a tablet application for the SAMSUNG Galaxy tab S4 Portrait view only. The app has simplified the registration flow and digitized the check cashing process for the store associates and managers.

We have redesigned the customer registration flow to create one single identity for each unique customer. So, there is a complete elimination of user profile duplication. Integrating web-based software with the tablet app, we enabled the store associates and managers to have a holistic view of the customer’s profile. 

With the tablet app, the client leverages complete digitization of the check cashing process that has reduced the check deposit time from three/four days to one day and boosted the revenue cycle. The essential features of the app are face recognition, real-time SMS, check cashing, OFAC integration, customer data management, and more.

Installed A Digital Signage Solution with Video Wall for Taco Bell India Image

Installed A Digital Signage Solution with Video Wall for Taco Bell India

About Client:

Taco Bell is a premier multinational Quick Service restaurant chain from USA. The client serves over 2 billion customers each year at 7072 restaurants across the world. They involved in a strategic partnership with an Indian premier FMCG brand named Burman Hospitality in 2015 to expand their QSR business across India. 


Taco Bell India wanted to

upgrade its existing digital signage solution as it did not contain the video wall feature. They wanted to partner with a reliable digital signage solution provider who offers them a video wall solution along with managed services. 


Credencys provided Xynage, a digital signage solution, to Taco Bell to display their menu items. We offered managed services along with a video wall solution to help the QSR chain to drive customer engagement towards their new products and offers. Xynage successfully manages 200+ screens of 40+ Taco Bell outlets across India. 

The key offering of Xynage is a wide range of media support, effortless menu board creation, effortless menu board creation, centralized content management, automated content scheduling, and offline content storage.

Xynage helps the client achieve tremendous customer engagement by promoting products through high-resolution images and playing high-definition videos over the video wall.

Interactive VR App to Promote Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS Image

Interactive VR App to Promote Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

About Client: 

Maruti Suzuki is a leading automobile manufacturer in India that produces low to medium budget cars. The company launched NEXA, a new dealership format for its premium cars in 2015. The top selling car models of the company are Baleno, Baleno RS, S-Cross, Ciaz, and Ignis.  


The client wanted to boost their sales by providing immersive experiences to

their customers in Auto Expos, Tradeshows, and showrooms. They wanted to market the new model of Baleno RS under the NEXA brand.


Credencys offered a Virtual Reality app solution for both Android and iOS. The app lets customers view a 360-degree video of the Baleno RS car engine and virtual reality drive using a VR headset.

The customers can choose from the standard mode and VR mode. By choosing the standards mode, users can see the 2D video of the car. Users require a VR headset to have an immersive view of Baleno RS and its engine design.

Integration of gaze controllers enables the app to track the motions of the eyes & neck of users and move the cursor accordingly in any direction in a 360-degree video. The customer can experience the virtual drive of the car’s exterior, interior, trivia, and drone view.

Android Apps Development to Deliver Personalized Experience to Coke lovers Image

Android Apps Development to Deliver Personalized Experience to Coke lovers

About Client: 

Coca-cola is the premier beverage brand that has a strong presence in 200+ countries across all the continents with 500+ brands and 4300+ products. Due to the unique, interesting and exciting marketing strategies, they continue to dominate the world soft-drink market till the time.


The brand wanted to deliver a unique

experience to the Coke lovers by allowing them to take pictures with their preferred text imposed on a Coke bottle having 8ft height. They wanted to have a solution in place as an integral part of a marketing campaign in Los Angeles. 


Credencys developed two Android applications (Kiosk app & Projection app ) that helped the client achieve their objective effectively. Customers need to enter their preferred text and email address through the touch-enabled Android Player Box to send personalized photographs to the Coke lovers. 

The apps required integration with Android Player Boxes, kiosk display, projector, and web camera. Through this integration, we display the customers desired text on the 8ft heightened Coke bottle and allow customers to have a personalized picture with their text. 

The essential features of the kiosk app and projection apps are advanced integration, Wi-Fi connectivity, and personalization. It helps clients increase customer engagement and brand recall and recognition value by enabling customers with a personalized experience.  

Nutcase - ECommerce Online Shop to buy Customised Accessories Image

Nutcase - ECommerce Online Shop to buy Customised Accessories

The website makes customization seamless, allowing customers with options to add images from social networking sites or simply upload one from their device.

TLC - SaaS Based CRM & CLP Solutions Image

TLC - SaaS Based CRM & CLP Solutions

This system had 4 separate desktop applications for admin panel, configuration, operations & program management. The desktop apps were incompetent to infuse business mobility & stay aligned with business growth. Manual installation was creating several operations, management and servicing related issues.

Phoenix Marketcity - iBeacon Mobile and Web Solution Image

Phoenix Marketcity - iBeacon Mobile and Web Solution

Credencys designed and developed the application with well-defined features and advanced functionalities. The entire system has an intuitive backend panel and centralized management with customizable user-specific roles, rights and permissions.

Ovivo's - VR App for Product Demonstration Image

Ovivo's - VR App for Product Demonstration

The VR App creates an immersive experience for the attendees, helping them view, listen and understand how Ovivo products combine mechanical, biological, and chemical methods to process water.

BrandBags - AR Based Marketing Solution Image

BrandBags - AR Based Marketing Solution

The solution has given life to mundane looking shopping bags with AR. Moreover, the experience of finding hidden content within printed materials has unique novelty value, which also makes customers retain these shopping bags for a longer period.

Doodle - ECommerce App for Handmade Notebooks and Diaries Image

Doodle - ECommerce App for Handmade Notebooks and Diaries

Digitally transforming Doodle Collection's brick n mortar stores. Doodle Collection was conceived as the one stop shop for diaries and notebooks.

PBMO Toolkit - Cloud Based Management App Image

PBMO Toolkit - Cloud Based Management App

These management optimization tools were Desktop Applications, helping decision makers to optimize their remediation strategy, maximize output and minimize risks. 

WEconnect - Networking App for Women Entrepreneurs Image

WEconnect - Networking App for Women Entrepreneurs

Using WEconnect, women entrepreneurs can increase their business outreach and get connected with women-owned businesses in the marketplace.

Enhanced Mobile Experience for Investors Image

Enhanced Mobile Experience for Investors

The Client is a leading Fin-Tech company, helping the Financial Advisers with White labelled Technology Solutions. The Client offers the standardised digital solution to empower the Financial Advisers to improve sales management.

Diplomat - Customizable App-Package to Empower Cab Businesses Image

Diplomat - Customizable App-Package to Empower Cab Businesses

The Diplomat product group started in 1989 with its 2-way radio and associated radio communication hardware. Since then the group has established itself as technology enabler for cab operators. The company offers a range of mobile solutions and driver applications that can be downloaded to suit individual business needs. View full case study

GoCYTY - Cab Drivers and Passengers Solutions Image

GoCYTY - Cab Drivers and Passengers Solutions

GoCYTY mobile application helps in tracking and booking of taxis, but also automates payments to a large extent. This automation of payments, along with several other customized features make GoCYTY standout form any other taxi-booking application in the market. view full case study

Signature wine club - International wines curated by sommeliers delivered to your door Image

Signature wine club - International wines curated by sommeliers delivered to your door

As part of its premium services, they offer once in a month session in which their wine experts select 3 different wines, provide detailed education and tasting notes to those who are new to the vocation. View full case study

Cox & Kings - Product Showcase and Marketing app Image

Cox & Kings - Product Showcase and Marketing app

The company runs regular campaigns with innovative packaging, pricing and marketing strategies. The need to do new prompted Cox & Kings to explore the possibility of a mobile driven campaign for which Credencys offered its consulting, design and development services. The result was a unique mobile App which kept on engaging users and provided them with attractive rewards.

Brilliant Burger - Food and Beverages app Image

Brilliant Burger - Food and Beverages app

The main aim of BrilliantBurger is to connect all burger lovers and help them find out which joint in their locality offers the best burger. This required creation of an online portal, a mobile app and lots and lots of burger lovers. View full case study

Moving Made Easy - Shipping and tracking application Image

Moving Made Easy - Shipping and tracking application

Shipping of goods inside India can be a nightmarish experience for first time shippers as there are lots of players in the market promising excellent service, and very few delivering the same. On the other hand, there’s a large community of mini-truck drivers in India who are unable to leverage the full potential of small-time shipment requirements, as there are freight brokers and dispatchers making their margins in between.

View full case study
A global wildlife app Image

A global wildlife app

Wildlife tourism is a big industry and attracts a lot of photography professionals, bird watching enthusiasts, researchers, adventure junkies and tourists, who all expect to catch wildlife in action. Unfortunately, the action is not as easy to catch as it is on Animal Planet or National Geographic. Spotting Wildlife requires spending hours and even days inside the jungle, and this investment is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Additionally, there are numerous dangers to encounter. Andy Pizer from Colorado, USA wanted a solution to improve the experience of wildlife spotting for people visiting jungle or forest reserves. View full case study
Me App - Healthcare and Fitness Image

Me App - Healthcare and Fitness

Weight Watchers is a US based global company known for its celebrity endorsed health & fitness programs. The company uses a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, getting more exercise and providing support read more

Halo - Smart Alarms for Safer Living Image

Halo - Smart Alarms for Safer Living

Halo Smart Labs is a US based firm that manufactures a range of smart alarms for residential and commercial spaces. They claim to be the first company to combine dedicated sensor technology to quickly detect both fast and slow-burning fires and carbon monoxide in a single device. With its smart sensors, Halo can differentiate between a false alarm and a real fire. The product also has an embedded weather radio which creates

alerts whenever there is a weather threat like a tornado or hurricane read more
Bevrage Image


Know about your beverage bottle at the fingertips!

The utility mobile app enabled the customer to find the coupons, view offers and loyalty programs nearby their locations after scanning the UPC code of the beverage bottle. The two-way app also helps users to check the originality of the beverage bottle brand they had purchased with the help of merchant app.

Witvik  Image


The ultimate way to make shopping easy

Witvik is a buyer-oriented mobile app that allows the buyer to create products list that they want to buy with the brief of every product. The seller browses the requirement of the buyer and then initiates the action by sending messages of quote to the buyer.  The user is allowed to share the deals or post on social media as well.

Wasta Image


Get the best deals on your mobile

Wasta allows users to get complete information about best deals relating to Bahrain based restaurants, cafes, fast food, nightlife, leisure, sports & fitness organizations. Users have to sign up using their email id and password. One can login using Facebook credentials as well.

Phildora Image


The Complete Solution to Manage Events & Send Gifts!

The social application provides a single platform to the users where they can invite their friends for any event and send a gift easily. Apart from managing the event, users can chat in reference to the event, contribute money for the gifts, fetch & share photos, host can express his desires for the gift and much more.

Shoptique Image


Connecting the buyers and sellers globally!

An E-commerce app that helps buyer to purchase and seller to upload their post of products to sell. A web based admin interface controls the seller and ease the search of the product for buyers. With some more added functionalities, this mobile app made the shopping very efficient and saves the time as well.

BottomsUp Image


Find bars & restaurants on the go!

BottomsUp App was engineered to help people find the best bars, restaurants and lounges to make the most out of their nightlife. The App is a great way to find fun spots, amazing deals and hangout places with their friends with just a click! Similarly, BottomsUp is a great tool for bars to reach out to their target audience in an affordable way.

Bank Run Game Image

Bank Run Game

As a player you have the option to choose from three cities. You can also choose the car you want to use for looting the bank. Once you loot the bank, the police starts chasing you.  You need to collect the coins scattered on the road. The main objective is you should not get caught by the police. The game includes dynamic traffic and obstacles on the path that you need to cross. What’s more, your car is also equipped with

ammunition (missiles) to combat obstacles.


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iOS and Android Dev for Third-Party

"From designing to development, the team is great."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Nov. 2017 - Mar. 2019
Project summary: 

Credencys Solutions Inc., as a third-party, developed and designed an iOS and Android application. The team was involved from ideation until the app went live. 

The Reviewer
201-500 Employees
Kapil Pandey
Lead Project Manager, DigitasLBi
The Review
Feedback summary: 

There's been an increase in business leads. Credencys Solutions Inc. delivers helpful resources and thinks proactively. Their work quality is excellent. Their supportive approach complemented their professional management style. 

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I work for Digitas (part of Publicis Groupe) as a Lead Project Manager


For what projects/services did your company hire Credencys Solutions Inc.?

We hired Credencys for the iOS and Android app development for one of our prestigious client. Looking at the portfolio of credencys, they have great exp on app development.

What were your goals for this project?

This was my 1st Mobile app project and wanted to be smooth. Credencys team were very helpful in every step of the phase.


How did you select this vendor?

We did the initial screening of the company from different internet sources and started with a small budget project. Basis the output of that project, currently he is the best vendor we have and in good relationship terms form many years.

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

They were involved from the ideation phase to the go live phase. From designing to development, the team is great.

What was the team composition?

iOS, Android, PHP, PM, QA


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

Can't share much on this, but yes we definitely got more business leads from different vertical from the same client.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

The PM was supportive in resource allocation and planning. Keep track of the sprints and weekly updates helped a lot.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Work Quality and Pro-active thinking

Are there any areas for improvement?

In my case, we faced some problem in the communication channel. I think, coordinating directly with the development team would be more efficient and productive.

Overall Score
  • 3.5 Scheduling
  • 4.5 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.5 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer