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Contus is a leading Software as a Product (SaaP) & Digital Engineering company established in the year 2008 with a mission to transfigure every technology Solution as the most sought blend of Innovations to enrich Business by providing disruptive technologies. The Company is headquartered in USA & regional offices in India. With having 200+ tech Professionals revolutionized clients' business digitally across 40+ Countries like UK, UAE, USA etc.

Contus has initiated its journey with Enterprise Mobile and Web Applications to propel actionable insight in its global clients revenue Map. Then later, Contus committed to deliver complex business solution such as IoT, RPA solutions, integrating Devops process and Augmented reality Applications to its global clients. At Present, Contus' highly experienced developers have built more than 1000+ Web & Mobile Applications on several platforms such as IOS, Android and Windows. 

Our Revolutionizing Solutions:

  • Vplayed - A Multi-Faceted Video On Demand Solution
  • MirrorFly - A Real-time Messaging Solution 
  • Contus Bot - An Intelligent Chatbot Solution  
  • Apptha Marketplace - A Sheer Hub for Marketplace Software
  • Apptha Airhotels - A Sheer Hub for Marketplace Software

Our Services:

  • IOT Application Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • DevOps Implementation Services
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Augmented Reality App Development
  • Virtual Reality App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • eCommerce Applications
$25 - $49 / hr
250 - 999
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Atlanta, GA
  • 2905, Cordury Terrace, Cumming
    Atlanta, GA 30041
    United States
other locations
  • 1250 Oak Mead Parkway, Suite 210,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    United States
  • No.12 A, (SP) , 6th floor, Kamak Towers, Thiru-vi-ka- Industrial estate, Guindy
    Chennai, TN 600 032


Key clients: 

VALRT, Dr.Reddy, Sportscorner, Learning Space, Landsdowne Pub, Health Sensei, BookingLettings, KNPL, Hazrati, Cbazaar, Shoemuch, Sparespace, Thangamayil, Togo, Trobone, Romafar, Wow Homemade, Zaamor, Mahindra

LSpoof - Location Spoof Image

LSpoof - Location Spoof

Lspoof is a fake location setting application which can be used to change a mobile phone’s current GPS location to any other preferred located at ease.

Once the location is changed using this app, your current location will be overwritten to the newly fed location so that any other GPS enabled third party app will assume you to be in a different location. This feature will be of great use for developers to test their

location based applications.
Mahindra Blue Sense App Image

Mahindra Blue Sense App

India’s first real time Automotive App on both iOS and Android platform which facilitate user to control functions of XUV500 Audio system. Also user can access real time vehicle information like Tyre pressure, A/C Status, vehicle alerts etc.

  • Version 04.04.00 of infotainment software in the vehicle.
  • This is applicable for XUV500 W8 Variant only.
Life Saver Image

Life Saver

Life Saver is an Android app exclusively developed to prevent teens and kids from accidents. This app blocks the incoming calls to user mobile while driving above 30 km speed and prevents from distractions causing accidents. Great app to save precious life!

  • Facility to block incoming calls after 30-km speed limit.
  • Facility to save from accidents.
  • Accelerometer based
driving detection tool.
  • GPS to track driver's location.
  • Emergency unlock.
  • Lansdowne Pub Image

    Lansdowne Pub

    This Android application was developed for Lansdowne Pub located in Boston, U.S.A. It allows you to know the inside deals of the pub and is loaded with other options like facility to book a cab, book a party, tune into the Pub TV, connect to the pub's social media channels etc. A simple push of a button will deliver you notifications on the latest hot deals on food and liquor.

    • Receive location-based alert
    notifications on pub's deals
  • Users can easily register using social media accounts
  • Updates on music band schedules, and direct access to their official websites and music videos
  • Access to Pub Menu including drinks, food, daily and weekly specials
  • Augmented reality on pub logo scanning
  • Mango Image


    Mango is a lifestyle app which connects people to the hottest deals on restaurants, retail merchants and shops located near to the place they live. This app which generates deal notifications based on demographic and location targeting was created with a view to help people save money by letting them know the lucrative deals on their day-to-day purchases.

    • Deal alerts on food, retailers and shops located
  • Secured payment options to pay on the go
  • Social logins and shares
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Geo-fencing for location targeting
  • LinkLearn Image


    LinkLearn mobile application developed on iOS platform is meant for the online real estate licensing courses provided by LinkLearn. This app provides options for users to enroll into any of the real estate agent or property manager courses and access to LinkLearn's official website. Moreover, users can directly Email or Call the officials of LinkLearn through this app.

    • Quick start to begin a course
    offered by LinkLearn.
  • Options to Email or Contact LinkLearn officials.
  • Options to apply for property management licensing courses.
  • 2014 IPL T20 Image

    2014 IPL T20

    2014 IPL T20 is an application developed on Windows 8 platform targeting the IPL followers and cricket fans across the globe. Through this app users can get to know the latest happenings in the IPL through espnstar.com news feed, view team specific fixtures, schedules and set reminders on your favorite team's match days.

    • News updates from espnstar.com
    • View team specific fixtures and players
  • Set reminders on match days of your favorite teams.
  • Set your favorite team's logo as a live tile for the app in the home screen.
  • Alpha SCWL Image

    Alpha SCWL

    Alpha SCWL (SCWL is an acronym for Subconscious Way of Learning ) is an application built on iOS platform to enhance the power of a human's memory to achieve desired results in life. This app allows users to download audio files consisting of sounds of late 1980s accompanied by chanting and messages than helps to improve an individual's subconscious memory.

    • Helps to kindle the subconscious mind
  • Download audio files with chanting and positive messages.
  • Relaxing sounds such as sea waves help you to ease out.
  • Group Birdie - iOS app Image

    Group Birdie - iOS app

    Every day we feature one amazing golf deal at an extraordinary discount. So, Check your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals on great local courses and golf businesses. 

    Live Leak Image

    Live Leak

    The official FREE app of LiveLeak.com allows you to browse, search, upload and comment. This is version 1.0 and offers limited content at launch. We'll be adding a LOT more soon.

    Sooper Trailers Image

    Sooper Trailers

    Sooper Trailers, the popular YouTube online channel, delights its viewers with a fascinating Android mobile app and helps them enjoy the most recent and popular high-definition movie trailers on the go, anytime anywhere.

    Flim King's Image

    Flim King's

    The #1 Urban App on the Market. Filmkings is a All in One app the gives you Digital Magazines, Movies, Documentaries!! Filmkings serves as a free video portal for always on demand, click and watch professional video. 

    LOVE IT UP Image


    An iPhone app for business to notify dealers with deals, cost, timimgs and ending soon deals.

    BabyBabyOnline Image


    IPL Indiatimes Image

    IPL Indiatimes

    Indiatimes IPL is an intuitive application for all windows mobile phones. This windows app allows you to browse videos of the Indiatimes IPL channel from YouTube without logging into YouTube.
    Salesforce Contacts Image

    Salesforce Contacts

    This app Works with Salesforce Sales Cloud. It allows the salesperson to sync their customer contacts with their smartphone contacts. This app paves way to realize improved efficiency of your sales targets and Salesforce management. Through this app, Contus Support Interactive is entering into the enterprise model. This app is for corporates who wish to increase the efficiency of their workforce.

    Force India F1 Image

    Force India F1

    Force India F1 is an intuitive application for all windows mobile phones. This windows app allows you to browse videos of the Force India channel from YouTube without logging into YouTube.


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    Backend E-Commerce Development and Payment Feature

    “Contus offered reliable customer support and quality technical work.”

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Less than $10,000
    Jan. 2018 - Mar. 2018
    Project summary: 

    Contus built an e-commerce platform and payment feature. Items can be entered internally within the backend and include manufacturer attributions. The team revamped the design, functionality, and navigation.

    The Reviewer
    1-10 Employees
    Pune, India
    Founder, Pastel Balloon
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The team consisted of highly professional design, development, and project management resources. Responsive communication included regular status updates. They rapidly launched the e-commerce site within three months. Contus contributed proficient technical skills and attentive customer support.

    The client submitted this review online.


    Please describe your company and your position there.

    I’m the founder of an online store that sells products like tees, mugs, mobile covers, and posters. Our company includes a design team and is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


    For what projects/services did your company hire Contus?

    We engaged Contus to create a new e-commerce marketplace for our business.

    What were your goals for this project?

    We specifically requested the in-house capability to add products to the platform’s admin panel.


    How did you select this vendor?

    I found Contus through a Google search. After meeting with their business team, I felt confident about the quality of their work.

    Describe the project in detail.

    Each item available for purchase is linked to its respective designer. They integrated a payment gateway within the site. Design efforts revamped the theme and homepage. Ultimately, they expanded the platform’s e-commerce functionality.

    What was the team composition?

    Contus assigned a designer, developer, support executive, and a team leader to our project. We also interfaced with their business development executive.


    Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

    We were ready to launch the site within three months of our engagement. They provided thorough daily updates regarding the project. Contus is a very professional team.

    How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

    Contus communicated effectively with our team. We stayed in contact via email, phone calls, and live chats. Their business and support executives were constantly available.

    What did you find most impressive about this company?

    Contus offered reliable customer support and quality technical work.

    Are there any areas for improvement?

    They should offer the option to directly call their support team.

    Overall Score
    • 5.0 Scheduling
    • 4.5 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer