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We're a bunch of people who love working together, creating things and working with clients and partners.

Formed in the mid-2000s, we've been growing at a pace that allows us to expand while keeping our ethos and values.  We're small by consultancy terms, but that enables us to be specialists and for everybody to work together well.

Now we're across two sites: Reading (Berkshire) and Birmingham (West Midlands) which allows us to have a presence nearer to our clients.

It's trite, but we like to like our clients; we find that way we have a partnership and we achieve more, so relationships are important to us.  We want clients who will work with us for many years so we understand each other and so we can have conversations with them.  Our best successes are our client's best successes, and most of them are because of collaboration making a great idea even better.


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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Westcoast Cloud 


Music For Youth 

Motorsport UK


The Giving Machine 

GAME  Image


Our work with GAME has been wide-ranging (and fun!).

For the past seven years, we've provided IT architecture, strategy and development capability.

Our work together includes:

Integrated multiple game platforms (Xbox/PSN etc.) to enable digital games and passes that can be sold via in-store and online.

We have created the architecture for the award-winning Insight system that drives their

marketing platform.

They are designed, architected and co-developed the GAME Wallet ecosystem allowing gamers to freely trade items (digital and physical) in and out of the store.

Architected and built the Belong esports tournament system.

Created the mobile platform to allow the GAME and Gamestation brands

Music For Youth  Image

Music For Youth

Most of us at Code Wizards have a passion for music (that's why the MD and CTO spent 5+ years in the music business!), so we love supporting Music For Youth.

Music for Youth has been helping young people for the last 48 years.  Helping them enjoy and relate to music, perform and see fantastic performances.

We've been privileged to work as Music for Youth's "Tech Partner" over the past three years.  Helping them

move their internal systems forward, inventing some crazy new things to try out music tech and helping drive a passion in young developers by sponsoring events that encourage the participants to create cool music-related tech.

As part of the partnership, we created MFY's mobile app to help people navigate their (fantastic) Birmingham based National Festival and for their (incredible) MFY Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

Motorsport UK  Image

Motorsport UK

We're lucky enough to work with Partners we love in business sectors we adore!

Motorsport UK  is pivotal in the world of motor racing, and as motorsport fans, we've loved being part of it.  They're the governing body for Motor Sports in the UK.  Including providing technical and sporting rules across the various disciplines.

A lot of our MSA work has revolved around ensuring members get the best value and output

they can and we have provided Single Sign-On services to allow members to access their information, websites and other portals securely.
National Student esports (NSE)  Image

National Student esports (NSE)

National Student esports (NSE) established in October 2017 to create the best possible university esports experience for students in the UK. NSE believes that esports is a critical part of the university social experience for future generations and endeavour to create a world where players that engage with university esports find themselves more confident and employable as a result.

As a group of passionate gamers, we

were massively excited to work with NSE and help make their vision a reality.

Code Wizards designed and developed NSE's website using the Umbraco CMS framework and worked closely with the team to provide a collaborative site where students can create and manage content.  A central hub to record and display student stories, accomplishments and content. Students all have their profiles and can create and lead teams to enter into eSports tournaments.  

Visit to see the site in action!