Design. Programming. 14 years of experience.

CAMO is an accomplished web design company with 14 years of experience. Proudly holding 400+ local and international projects in our portfolio, we're looking for global partners to expand our services.

CAMO's strengths lie in websites, landing pages, ecommerce sites, mobile websites and other information systems. We're always open to builing custom solutions based on our customers' needs.

We belive that the foundations of a great web soultion are laid with proper customer research and top-notch UX design. Building a customer journey, keeping in mind that desired customer behavior and focusing on usability guarantees great user experience.

First class UI design is why customers love CAMO. We're always happy to complement web design with a complete visual solution, including stylebook. Not only are our IT systems easy to use, they're always visually satisfying.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Tallinn, Estonia


Key clients: 

CAMO's key clients are digital (advertising) agencies, small and big corporations, goverments, companies who are looking for custom solutions etc. We are happy to collaborate in every business field.