Results in Action

The 2012 and 2013 business curve has been exciting to our core vision for the next generation of the company. With our core mindset of Results in Action, we have built a company equipped to partner with our customers to revise their commercial model to realize the full potential of digital, mobile and social engagement.

Over the past 20 months, we have achieved significant milestones that have fueled our growth, expanded our capabilities, added operational agility and fostered a culture of actionable invention.

Strategic and performance highlights for Cadient Group in 2012-13 include:

  • Expansion and diversification of our life sciences portfolio to include pharmaceuticals, specialty medicines, biotech, medical device, consumer health, sustainability and chemicals markets 
  • Development of mobile first, responsive design capabilities; implementation of multi-channel content marketing initiatives across our portfolio; 
  • Ground-breaking utilization of social media channels and tools to support community dialogue, enhance patient education and adherence to treatment and to establish brand and company voice within the social media ecosystem; 
  • Market leadership in visual storytelling to enhance awareness and education related to complex subject matter (e.g. clinical/scientific information, diseases awareness, novel treatment options); 
  • Accelerated release of our full REVEAL advanced analytics platform and engagement of first enterprise-level customers; 
  • Continued demonstration of our leadership in orchestrating a new model for product launch within life sciences verticals.
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Comprehensive Digital Platform Image

Comprehensive Digital Platform

Challenge: Develop a comprehensive, multi-channel digital strategy to educate, inform and communicate to a wide breadth of audiences about a new innovative therapy. Due to the relatively small number of people affected by advanced disease, quality interaction and engagement levels were critical to success.

Results: Since launching the site, engagement levels across a number of key

metrics have continued to exceed industry standards, reflecting the relevance of program content to the target audience. Bounce rates for the site have remained far below the industry average of 50 percent, with the typical visitor staying on the site for an average of 3.2 minutes and viewing 4 pages of content.
Insights & Analytics Image

Insights & Analytics

Challenge: A global medical device manufacturer tasked Cadient Group to unify cross-enterprise stakeholder access to multi-channel marketing analytics. The goal was to enable strategic collaboration within 6 business units and corporate communications teams to improve performance planning. Concurrently the organization needed a reduction of operational costs in analyzing data and the distribution of


Results: Cadient Group's REVEAL console created a 100% reduction of time allocation in the production of standardized reporting, significantly reducing the demand of their limited analytic resources. The organization also saw an acceleration of insight generation among cross-discipline teams, providing awareness of cross-channel promotion strategies and effectiveness in transforming investment strategies and program optimization.

Driving Engagement with Visual Storytelling Image

Driving Engagement with Visual Storytelling

Challenge: A Fortune 50 company was in need of a solution to communicate complex consulting offerings to customers and client partners. The consultancy experts also demanded a formalized social media strategy.

Results: The use of Visual Storytelling effectively engaged C-level customers by providing clarity within a complex messaging platform and a compelling user experience. The

delivery of information was well-received within the company's social channels, specifically LinkedIn. This resulted in a 2,500 increase in the number of followers in this social vertical, successfully heightening awareness of the company's consultancy experts, both internally and externally.
Building Communities Image

Building Communities

Challenge: When one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies wanted to increase engagement with HCPs across their diverse franchise and product portfolio, they selected Cadient Group to create and implement this first-of-its-kind experience. The goal was to create a single online destination that allowed professionals to personalize their brand experiences and access valuable information for over 150

products and from more than 25 physician-focused brand websites.

Results: The HCP portal has attracted more than 100,000 registered users, making it the largest website of its kind in the healthcare industry. The portal tripled the aggregate professional traffic from the brand's individual websites and reduced costs significantly by migrating professional content and services in one place.

Mobile First Image

Mobile First

Challenge: A leading global medical device company tasked Cadient Group with improving communications between field-based sales representatives and their customers. The goal was to increase brand and product engagement among surgeons and supporting HCPs while allowing the sales team to improve the reach and frequency of communication and understand the associated sales impact.


Within one year of its launch, Cadient’s HCP Portal solution attracted nearly 5,000 total users, 89 percent of whom are targeted healthcare professionals. Engagement and frequency among HCP customers on the site is very high, with an average of 21 return visits and multiple downloads per visit. In addition, the HCP Portal allowed sales representatives to build relationships with more than 4,000 registered healthcare professionals and staff—creating an easier path to personal selling access.


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Outsourced Development for Large-scale Pharmaceutical Company

"Cadient doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution …[but works] to formulate several operational solutions."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$1,000,000 - $9,999,999
Project summary: 

Cadient Group provides creative and strategic development to promote pharmaceutical products. The team works on design, layout, messages, and overall web functionality.  

The Reviewer
10,000+ Employees
United States
Annalisa Torrente
Marketing Manager, AstraZeneca
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The team creates good content that has increased traffic and improved the site’s overall aesthetic. Cadient Group is able to handle multiple projects simultaneously, and crafts each to meet the business’ specific needs. The team is professional and diligent overall. 

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Could you briefly describe your company?

It’s AstraZeneca. We’re a pharmaceutical company that manufactures, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical products.

What is your position?

I’m one of the marketing managers.


Could you describe the business challenges that you were attempting to address with this project?

We needed additional support in terms of creative development, insights, and strategy towards promoting our products. That’s where we looked to Cadient. We do not have our own creative department in-house anymore due to downsizing. As such, we rely heavily on the agency of records to help us with our marketing, and also with creative development.


Could you describe the scope of the project? For example, did it involve custom design, development, training, or support?

The scope basically spans the gamut, both strategic and creative. Cadient handles everything from website to banner ads to emails. They provide everything from customized creative design, layout, and copy development, including: Medical-related type of messaging, references, and medical and legal review, and they actively participate in those type of meetings, consistently offering specialized counsel and ideas. Then also they participate in our planning and strategy work as well. Together, we collaborate on the direction we wish to take the Web presence, functionality and content, and then orchestrate it with another vendor that exclusively handles our development.

How did you select Cadient Group as your solution partner?

I’m not part of the original process for selecting Cadient. The retail team was already familiar with Cadient. From what I understand, the previous vendor did not perform well in terms of meeting our expectations and objectives, or the key performance values that we had set forth. If we feel that a service provider is not meeting our key performance indicators, then we begin to seek a replacement that can. We chose Cadient based on the services that they have done for other brands. They came highly recommended. For integration and efficiency purposes, too, they had an existing relationship with the retail team here at AstraZeneca.

Could you give a sense of the size of this project in monetary terms?

Our overall digital budget is $13 million. Cadient consumes approximately about three-fourths of that cumulative budget.  

When was this project completed?

The project remains ongoing and will continue into the near future. We are, however, scheduled to complete the current phase in December of 2013.


In terms of results, could you share any metrics or statistics might demonstrate the effectiveness of their work?

Based on our reporting, the content being created and pushed has seen a significant uptick. Our email marketing campaigns have been driving considerable traffic to the site. More importantly, Cadient has been able to craft and execute several independent marketing campaigns running in parallel. This has resulted in great feedback from our internal and external users. Cadient doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather, they work closely with you to formulate several operational solutions.

How do you think that Cadient Group has performed overall on this project?

The Cadient team members that I work with currently are very professional. They’re very knowledgeable. They’re always there to help answer any questions, to help with the different vendors, to coordinate things as well and are always, to me, they’re very diligent with the work. They’re very responsive. I’m very impressed with their performance and with their services. I highly recommend them, especially the Cadient team that I’ve worked with. They are so much more than I could hope for.

In retrospect, are there any areas that you believe Cadient Group could improve on, or things that you might do differently as the client before approaching this type of project?

I can’t make any real recommendations on behalf of Cadient. They’ve performed extremely well with the work delegated to them. My only wish is that we could have a more integrated solution offered by a single vendor. From a project management perspective, it would have made our projects much easier to complete. For example, having to formulate new marketing initiatives from scratch, and then hand them off to a separate development agency can be very tiresome and complicated. It’s difficult to synchronize work from two distinct vendors, especially when there is minimal correspondence taking place between the two already. This challenge is to some extent our own, since we decided to source work from both and thus we’re responsible for managing both projects.

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    Content development wise, they’re good, and they’re always on time but, sometimes, it might be at the expense of quality...t has very deep medical and clinical data on the type of content...
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