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We have been awarded as "Innovative Company for 2017". We also have been recognised by the UN and the EU.

We have had the experience of building our own products as well as sharing our expertise with our clients and helping other companies deliver their projects.

We know that each client is different and we work hard no matter of the scope to ensure you get the best product tailored for your needs.

Bulbera is a software development company with team of experts with over a decade experience in the digital world. Confident in our approach we develop simple and efficient software solutions.

Our team adds value to your idea at every stage of the project: from clarifying your initial concept, analysing requirements, designing and developing software applications right through delivery, integration and support.

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Sofia, Bulgaria
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Mobile and Web Dev for Parental Control Product

"They truly cared about us as a client, as well as our project." 

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Mar. 2016 - Dec. 2018
Project summary: 

Bulbera developed a mobile app system with a cloud-based backend. They were responsible for the Android solution, the web interface, and the launch application. They also introduced remote application control.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Benjamin Gilg
Head of Product, Stay Focused UG
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Internal stakeholders are quite pleased with user app ratings. Bulbera provided professional project management and was generous with their time and resources. Their regular communication and commitment to client success are hallmarks of their work.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I’m the head of product for a mobile app development company.


For what projects/services did your company hire Bulbera?

We hired Bulbera to develop an Android App to help parents manage their kid’s time on mobile games and videos. The project started as a medium-complexity single app and later grew into a highly complex system with a cloud backend, launch application, web interface, and remote application control.

What were your goals for this project?

We set out to create an app that would be compatible with multiple devices and wouldn’t crash. It also had to be difficult for kids to uninstall.


How did you select this vendor?

Another company we were working with referred us to them. 

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

They designed and developed our mobile app and web interface.

What was the team composition?

We worked with four people: a technical program manager, a software development manager, and two engineers.


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

After launching the new version of the app, customer reviews increased from an average of 3.3 to 4.1. New customers doubled, and we received a lot fewer complaints about the app crashing or not working.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

Bulbera managed the project and coordinated with us weekly. The meetings were useful and well-planned.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

They truly cared about us as a client, as well as our project. We had several elements of the new interface remaining when our budget ran out, and Bulbera offered to complete the outstanding work for free, as long as their schedule allowed it.

Are there any areas for improvement?

Bulbera wasn’t able to prioritize our project in the beginning, but once we committed to a more consistent workload these issues didn’t occur anymore.

Overall Score
  • 4.0 Scheduling
    We didn't have any issues after making a longer commitment on our end.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    It was a very reasonable price for high-quality work.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    We were very happy with Bulbera's quality and level of engagement.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I'd recommend them to anyone.