BRIGHT is a full-service digital agency.

BRIGHT is a full service digital agency – experts in building better connections between brands and people through innovative design, communication and technology.

We design and develop digital products and provide digital services for clients around the globe. We are young and talented - each in their own way.

We have teamed up because we believe digital communication is the ultimate quintessence of human and technological intelligence the human mind has created so far. Our intelligent digital solutions are as infinite as our ambition to surpass all expectations.

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Key clients: 

SAMSUNG, Microsoft, airBaltic, Luminor bank, Modern Times Group (MTG), Scania etc.

VIAINVEST animated video

Together with market entrance of the fintech investment platform VIAINVEST, Bright has developed an animated video that in an easy-to-understand way tells the operation principles about the new platform. The script of the video is created in a way to speak up to everyone – experienced investors, as well as those who only think about becoming one. An analogy based on the similarities between the financial and culinary world has

been taken as the basis of the video’s concept. In the visual style, line purity and colors retain and correspond with the brand identity.
COCHELE branding and product photo Image

COCHELE branding and product photo

COCHELE is a natural lemonade brewed from dried coffee cherries. Drink that is a great thirst quencher and boosts your energy.

Bright team has developed COCHELE logo, in which the origin of lemonade is pointed out in two different ways – by dividing the name into syllables, each representing the essence of the drink, and combining coffee bean with the letter O, in order to highlight the importance of coffee tree in the

lemonade production.

Continuing collaboration, Bright created the drink label as well as a representative card for the brand. For both materials as the base was used previously created logo, complemented by other elements and sharp and catchy texts.

In addition to before mentioned, Bright provided product photoshoot in studio as well as post-production.

A fresh new website for materize Image

A fresh new website for materize

Materize is a platform for industry collaboration and innovation for making scientific expertise beneficial to business. Materize combines the best of scientific expertise formed into a process and language that is easily accessible for industry. Bright has build a new website with highly engaging user experience featuring a clean layout and fresh front-end animations.

UK Acoustic Systems website development Image

UK Acoustic Systems website development

Bright has created a new website for UK Acoustic Systems, which is one of the leading installers of soundproofing and sound absorption solutions in the UK.

The website combines company’s graphic identity with an elegant design, highlighting solutions company provides as well as its experience in the field.
Bright has provided system 3D model development to ease the decision-making process of a customer, who is in

a hunt for the most suitable solution regarding his own needs.
On the website user can not only inspect the models as a whole, but also highlight separate layers of each model to better understand its structure.

Interactive training manual for airBaltic Boeing aircrafts Image

Interactive training manual for airBaltic Boeing aircrafts

To modernize the training process and support acquisition of knowledge and skills in virtual reality environment BRIGHT has developed an interactive web-based training manual for airBaltic Training Centre.  Enhanced by a 360° panoramic view, photos and videos the virtual reality simulates the process of preflight inpection check. The HTML5 format manual is easily accessible by most electronic devices.