We build brands for a purpose, profit or legacy.

Brand for Brands Agency is an innovative, family owned, award-winning creative branding and design agency. We provide branding, graphic design, web design, online development and e-commerce solutions. 

We build brands. We design, develop and maintain websites. We design arresting social media campaigns and marketing collateral. We understand how to make your corporate communication tasks interact on every level with your intended audience.

Your brand experience for a customer should be inviting, attractive, compelling and actionable.It should be an expereince of what your brand represents. 

Essentially, we build brands for a purpose, profit or legacy.

The Brand Identity we create flow through your stationery, marketing and sales collateral, website, newsletters and social media communication in a logical, arresting and persuasive fashion. 

Every client is unique and so too is our approach. 

By tailoring every single client relationship we have ensures that our team works in partnership with you to get you results and an ROI. Brand for Brands Agency is committed to excellence; from the hard work of initial research, through to finding the right solutions.

Our people have knowledge, built up over years of getting beneath the skin of consumers and clients alike. They grow their knowledge; they focus it fully on the tasks at hand. 

A Branding, Graphic Design & Marketing Agency. 

Branding / Design / Website / Social Media / Content / Branded Communication

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Sydney, Australia


Key clients: 
Commercial Associates Accountants Advisors (CAAA), Support for Rural Specialists in Australia (SRSA), Stormseal, The University of Sydney, Amber Tiles, Cincom, Crohn’s & Colitis Association, The Italian Opera Award Foundation Australia, Giant Steps School, Next Construction, Four Seasons Condoms, Nick Psaila, Di Lorenzo Tiles, Ultimately Sydney, The Royal College of Physicians, TQM Design & Construct, TwinLife Marketing, Real Results Personal Training, David Jones, Dorology.

Whiskey Packaging Design

After success overseas, Australian Distilleries was keen to launch the uniquely sweet-sour mash whiskey in the Australia market place with a new packaging design.

Australia Distilleries whiskey range was spearheaded by Gun Alley, a working class whiskey with an Australian twang. The product was introduced to the Australian market to compete against other distinct whiskeys like Cougar and Jack


Our team gave the whiskey a modern Australian feel, focusing on the tagline “Australia’s Most Wanted’.

Australian icons like gum leaves, corrugated iron and bush-rangers were given a modern treatment, resulting in a series of clever and engaging labels with a masculine edge.

Logo Design & Graphic Design for Wendy the Candle Lady

Wendy the Candle Lady began her own business when she discovered a passion for candles. She shares her knowledge about candles, home decoration, and home fragrance with thousands of clients through home distribution.

Wendy came to our team in need of a professional re-brand to be taken seriously as a business instead of retaining the stigma of a home business.

The Brand for Brands Agency

team created a logo design and brand for Wendy to help build her individual profile and her business credibility. A ‘W’ was incorporated into the flame logo design, and bright colours were used through the brand. We created marketing collateral to be used in conjunction with another of Wendy’s brands. Stationery, a website, and marketing materials were all included in her package.

NAHAS Construction Tender Design

Our team was approached to create a polished and efficient series of documents for a tender design that could be used to present tenders they were applying for.

This particular Construction Company specialised in the design, develop and construct high-end apartment developments throughout Sydney.

We created a tender design, a document that was easy to update, but still retained the brand

personality and brand integrity throughout.

The document design was able to be assembled in a short space of time, ensuring that any last minute changes or additions would not be a problem and could be easily dealt with, allowing the company to get on with doing their business.

Four Seasons Packaging Design

A leading Australian condom manufacturer, Four Seasons wanted to update their branding and packaging design to appeal to a more youthful demographic.

We created a theme for the packaging design that delivered a sexy and playful feeling, appealing to people’s naughtier side. Each variety features a sexy female form in different poses, combined with colours and patterns that reflect what is inside the


The new branding was well received by the younger demographic and never fails to make the customers smile.

Moofish Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Moofish is a family-owned and run, meat and seafood wholesaler. The company provides highest quality, hand-picked products, and wanted their brand identity to reflect this.

Brand for Brands Agency worked to merge two well-known companies – Easter Suburbs Premier Meats and Fish Ahoy, into Moofish. The tagline “paddock perfect, ocean fresh” was created to align the new brand, and remind people of the company’s

offering without losing recognition from their previous brands.

The new brand is memorable, fresh and humorous and incorporates both companies’ philosophies. Packaging design was the main consideration in developing the logo and overall brand. It translates well into additional collateral design, including a website, stationery, brochure design, vehicle signage, and uniform/merchandising design.

University Brand & Identity Collateral

The Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Sydney needed an umbrella brand identity for the events and festivities celebrating its centenary.

The faculty was perceived as stale and wanted to rebrand to reflect agriculture’s relevance today. Our team created a brand to encompass the faculty’s past, present and future.

The brand was rolled out online (website

design and online advertising) and offline (graphic design) on invitations, banners, exhibitions and in print.

A website design and ‘Centenary in Review’ report design were created to showcase the faculty. This graphic design piece was launched at a gala dinner in the University’s Great Hall.

The response was overwhelming. Past and present students were positive, engaged and impressed, with some alumni reestablishing contact with the University.

The Sonic Kitchen Logo Design

The Sonic Kitchen is a highly unique mode of sound education for children. It educated them on sound and sound creation through a mixture of science, art, interactivity and sight. The program is a highly interactive incursion that explores voice, voice transformation, sound recognition, tone games and creativity using music technology.

The Founder of The Sonic Kitchen created the program with four principles

in mind: free will, discipline, belief and fun. Combining his passion for music, sound design, digital arts, and education, The Sonic Kitchen was born.

The client was looking for a logo design that encompassed what he was creating, as well as be based on the head of a monkey.

The logo design that we created is built using various elements to depict the different components of the program and interactively that is experienced by the children. Bright, clear colours were used with a focus on the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to show the foundation on which the program is built and the experiences it sparks.

We created fun elements that can be used together and separately all within the same brand. The logo is flexible, has many possibilities and lends itself to be applied in many ways. The various icons above the monkey’s head were positioned so that could be interactive when used online.

The end result: a logo design that’s interactive, fun and eye-catching.

The Sonic Kitchen Website Design

The Founder of The Sonic Kitchen created the program with four principles in mind: free will, discipline, belief and fun. Combining his passion for music, sound design, digital arts, and education, The Sonic Kitchen was born.

The logo design that we created is built using various elements to depict the different components of the program and interactively that is experienced by the children. Bright, clear

colours were used with a focus on the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to show the foundation on which the program is built and the experiences it sparks.

This bright and fun feel created with the logo design was then carried through to the business cards and to the website landing page design. The use of fun bright colours further emphasised the client’s principles.

The website was created with a Content Management System (CMS) to enable the client to complete the remainder of the website internally and make edits once the overall design had been configured.

The end result: a website that’s interactive, fun and eye-catching.

David Jones Electricians Brand, Collateral & Vehicle Graphics

David Jones Electricians is a classic before and after project. Wanting to build his business, David Jones approached our team to design a brand that would demonstrate the pride he takes in his work. The key brand attributes were quality, safety, reliability and responsibility.

Our team used an enlarged power point as a symbol for the brand that has had strong retention. Bold use of colour increased the

impact of the brand. The tagline “you’re in safe hands” emphasises the importance of safety in the business.

The power point was extended to collateral items: stationery design, a sales tool design, vehicle graphics and uniforms. The power point has become an integral part of the brand, accentuated with cut-outs in all printed material. The brand update has contributed to the success of the business, now with several vans on the road.

Kalpaxis Legal Brand, Collateral and Website Design

Kalpaxis Legal was formed by three female legal professionals wanting to offer a highly personalised firm in family law, criminal law and medical negligence.

The Brand for Brands Agency team created a logo design and brand for Kalpaxis Legal that was simple, striking and effective in its communication. The letters ‘K’ and ‘L’ were combined to form a visual pathway. This was combined using a series of neutral

colours for approachability, refinement and cut through in a very noisy marketplace.

We created some basic collateral pieces for stationery and combined this with striking imagery online. The website design was created with a view to show minimal information, that was quick to find and easy to locate on a mobile device.

USYD Magazine Design

The Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources came to us and asked us to rebrand and create a new magazine design for the AgriCULTURE magazine.

AgriCULTURE is the quarterly magazine produced by the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

The objective was to increase the magazine’s appeal amongst its younger students who considered the faculty boring and


Our team gave the magazine design a modern and exciting appearance, using textures and bold colours to make it attractive to current students. It was a great success, and copies disappeared quickly after its initial print run.

Vodka Packaging Design

Australian Distilleries approached us with the intention of updating the packaging design their flagship vodka product ’151 East’ Vodka.

151 East Vodka had enjoyed moderate success internationally through the export markets. The owners were looking to boost the vodka product’s image and sales in the domestic market.

Knowing that vokda drinkers generally commit and remain loyal to a

favourite brand, our team recommended 151 East update the brand, creating a cool, hip label that would be seen in all the right places and desired by knowledgeable vodka drinkers.

The 151 East Vodka label focused on the brand name, a reference to the location of the distillery, a picturesque coastal town to create consumer driven demand for the product.

Marketing Consultant Brand Identity

Working closely with our Creative Director, Twinlife Marketing wanted to give their brand edge and bring it in line with the success they have been enjoying. We used the name of the company for inspiration, and developed a fluid brand that is based on twins in various states of emotion.  With the concept of twins, everything becomes twice as easy, and twice as successful when two are involved! The effect of marketing is

doubled. The brand was was applied to stationery and website, using images as branded content to show different expressions and emotions to create a highly memorable brand. The imagery used within the design creates a unique, spirited and uplifting feeling, instantly creating a memorable website that clients will identify with and relate to. The response to the brand has been great, and never fails to make people smile.

Artists Brand, Collateral, Web & Marketing Material

Peter Watson Art is a fine arts’ photographer that uses modern photographic techniques to ‘paint with light’. The artist has amazing visual images to work with, they were inspiring and strong.

The Brand for Brands Agency team turned an individual into a brand. The client was open to use strong graphic elements, but still wanted his integrity maintained in the essence of his work, his visual images, throughout

all the digital marketing material.

We created unique collateral design pieces for the artist, which had a dual purpose as marketing material. Each individual item worked on its own and sat in harmony together as a family of collateral/marketing material.

There was great collaboration between the design team and the artist. The final result being a visually inspiring website that is mobile responsive, and created a personal gallery and viewing platform for all mobile devices.

Cincom 45th Anniversary Wall Mural & Brochure Design

Cincom wanted to create a special mural design and booklet design to celebrate the company’s 45th anniversary. The idea was to use this as a marketing piece to communicate the important milestone to all existing clients and channel partners and celebrate the company’s achievements in Australia.

With any internal environment, signage, or mural design, how the space is used and interacted with is just as important as

how the mural itself is designed.

The mural design breathed new life into the reception area in which it was placed and the surrounding space is now a meeting place used by both internal staff and clients.

The mural also serves as an educational piece for clients and lifts morale in the office by providing the opportunity to learn more about the Cincom’s history.

Di Lorenzo Look Book Design

The Di Lorenzo Look Book was created as a mini mag to promote their boutique tile ranges. The Look Book showcased various interior styles to promote their products.

This direct marketing booklet served as a way for Di Lorenzo’s clients and prospects to select interior looks and use only their products.

The Look Book was distributed in their various retail stores and via a number of letterbox