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Biztech Consulting & Solutions is a decade old company providing innovative digital IT solutions to SMEs and enterprises globally. Throughout our eventful journey of 950+ projects for E-Commerce, CRM, ERP, CMS, Digital Marketing and Mobile technologies, we have strived to be a complete IT solutions partner for our clients. As such, for all our projects, IT consulting and development go hand in hand.


Our Services: 

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Magento Development
  • Magento 2 Development
  • Odoo Development
  • Shopify Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Web Application Development
  • PHP Development
  • CakePHP Development
  • ASP.Net Development
  • AngularJS Development
  • Node.js Development
  • ReactJS Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Ionic App Development
  • Xamarin App Development
  • CRM Development
  • SugarCRM Development
  • SuiteCRM Development
  • Dynamics CRM Development
  • Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)
  • CMS Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Joomla Development
  • Web Designing
  • ECommerce Catalog Management
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Key clients: 
Ovivo, SF Cable, Alternative Parts Inc, Inter Flag, Proofread My Essay, Carrier Bag Shop, Biorbyt, Essential Aids, Better Kitchens, Rafasshop, Sciencix, ECR, Midwest Aftermarket, Welcome Mobility, Bbbarfly, Blended Beauty, eBodyBoarding, Ecco La Festa, Gulluoglu, Living Herbal, Shop Bake, Breyting Coffee, APC Diary, Queen Diamond, Ravishing Raw, PSBT, IIC Delhi, Service Master


Lovepromos is an online store offering custom promotional products to the businesses looking for their customer's promotional products. This store is designed with an attractive UI for users to order their custom products as per their business needs.

Biorbyt is one of the largest bioscience terminal having a huge inventory of reagents, antibiotics, biochemicals, Elisa kits and other customized scientific requirements for scientific research based in Cambridge. We developed a highly attractive and interactive Magento eCommerce store by customizing theme and overall functionalities of the store.

An Odoo application - ECR has been specifically designed for El Camino Real Charter High School, California. This student management app makes easy to handle students data and school activities. Schools can have seamless student record with them and utilize it whenever they want.

Check detailed casestudy:

UK based, online store - Essential aids offers high quality products to its customers. The store has been built to provide an effective shopping experience. The client wanted to avail with customized solutions for the store improvement. With the help of custom store solutions, they wanted to increase the number of satisfied customers and grow with current market


Check Detailed Casestudy:

Located in United Kingdom, CarrierBagShop specializes in manufacturing paper carrier bags, jute bags, cotton bags, tissue papers and packaging products. To provide a greater customer service online, the company caters high quality items with fantastic pricing! Their website was developed on an eCommerce platform using ASP.Net web app framework.

Check detailed casestudy: 



Alternative Parts Inc. is a US based manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Amada Machinery. The company was initiated with an aim to become the leading providers of equipment parts of Amada Machinery. We crafted a Magento store packed with several features satisfying business needs like seamless functioning of online business.

Check detailed portfolio: 



SF Cable, USA based company provides high quality cable, components and accessories in cost effective rates. It is a renowned eCommerce store which offers customized products required for effective connections. We to a great extent, offered Magento store solutions that help them improve customer satisfaction.

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The project was all about creating an online system for student enrollment and registration for school. The system gathers all student data, verifies their submitted documents, and then uses the submitted student details for further integration with the school's SIS system.

Check detailed casestudy: 



Shopbake is an online bakery marketplace encouraging bakers and offering them opportunity to introduce their own online shops on the internet with customized bakery products. It gives the bakers/sellers a personal web space where they can list their products at a minor fee, add products and manage orders from back end. Shopbake’s major products include gluten free, nut free, vegan, or all types of cakes and bakery


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Proofread My Essay is a UK based company that offers quality proofreading services to students, professionals as well as business owners. Initially, the company used to work with students and offered “Pay as you go” option. It has recently come up with “Pay upon invoice” option for businesses and organizations so that they can submit bulk work and documents for proofreading. We developed the company’s website cum web

application with custom modules and payment gateway and other integrations.

Check detailed casestudy:


Sciencix is a laboratory products and solutions providing company based in Minnesota. The company offers wide range of high quality scientific laboratory related products across the globe to their worldwide consumers. Primarily the company is into HPLC replacement products but they wanted to add several alternative source for high quality maintenance and repairs of the laboratory products.

Check detailed


PSBT is a non-profit body committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem for public service broadcasting in India. They streamline Indian documentary and empower independent filmmakers by mentoring and commissioning films from across the country. We created a website on CakePHP framework and integrated CMS to have full control of the website content! We also provided maintenance services to the said company.



Midwest Aftermarket is an online Auto Parts retailer specializing in aftermarket Truck and Jeep accessories. They offer quality aftermarket products at the best prices online. Biztech developed a next generation Odoo ecommerce store and customized various Odoo modules as per their requirement.

Check detailed casestudy: 


Better Kitchens Ltd are a family owned and run business based in Weston-super-Mare, England. Better Kitchens is an ecommerce business that provides both retail and B2B customers with high quality Modular Kitchens, Kitchen Units and Components at the best prices available on the internet. With a focus on exceptional customer service, we developed their ecommerce website integrated with a Smart Ordering System that keep customers

in loop at all times during their kitchen assembly and setup process.

Check detailed casestudy:


Rafasshop is a Spain based textile products supplier that deals with wholesalers, screen printers, ad agencies and many more across 18 European countries. The company wanted to augment their product designer tool with striking features, specifications and functionalities to provide more creative elements to its users.

Check Detailed Casestudy: 



BBbarfly has been involved into the online selling of designer custom bottle openers in multiple colors and designs. These are made of premium quality rust-proof stainless steel with quality aluminium handles. They also offer customized color and design given the specific business needs.

Check detailed Challenges and Solutions at 


Better Kitchens - Odoo Online Kitchen Units Website By Biztech

Biztech developed responsive online kitchen furniture Odoo eCommerce store with a smart ordering system which offers high-quality modular kitchens, kitchen units, and components.

MedGuard - Magento Medical Supplier Store By Biztech

We developed responsive medical products website for MedGuard with Magento framework by adding Magento theme integration and website upgradation services.

Writizmo - WordPress Responsive Website of Online Writing By Biztech

Writizmo is a responsive e-commerce website developed by wordpress developer of Biztech to offering an online writing software with cloud computing technique.

Ovivo - WordPress Water Treatment Solution Website By Biztech

Professional WordPress development solutions were imparted to Ovivo so that they can have an enhanced web experience with great feature-set. There were multi level improvements done in the website.

Biorbyt - Magento Online Scientific Product Store By Biztech

Biorbyt manufacturers and tests reagents and aims to serve needs of bench scientists. We have developed & customized the site with Magento as per requirement.

Proofread My Essay - CakePHP Online Proofread Website By Biztech

Biztech provided content management solutions to one of its UK clients - ProofreadMyEssay, an online Proofread website developed in CakePHP

CRM Customer Portal

Customer portal solution helps reduce operational costs and improve customer

satisfaction by empowering customers to get online support, get their complaints addressed & access up-to-date transaction history.

More Details:

Magento SuiteCRM Integration

Magento-SuiteCRM Integration Solution that works through our custom developed integration gateway. It is a SaaS based unique integration solution that data data updation between integrated modules. Our solution allows your accounting and sales teams to have a comprehensive overview of your business, customer and orders from your

Magento system in your SuiteCRM system.

To know more:

Magento QuickBooks Integration Solution

Biztech's Magento - Quickbooks integration solution allows your sales teams to get data about your online business and customer's critical accounting data from QuickBooks system. We have developed a Cloud-based SaaS Solution for Magento - QuickBooks Integration as one way process. We can integrate data from Magneto to

Magento SugarCRM Integration Solution

Biztech’s Magneto – Sugar CRM Integration is a Saas based integration solution that allows your sales team to have a comprehensive overview of your business, customers and orders from your Magento system in your

WordPress SugarCRM Customer Portal Pro Plugin

It’s time to offer your WordPress customers the benefit of SugarCRM and WordPress integration by offering a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal that they can access from their WP interface. This is what your WordPress customers would be looking for. Better and automated systems making their business function smoother and faster.

  • You can offer restricted access to your customers, which you can edit anytime.
  • You can view all updated date reflected in your SugarCRM dashboard whenever your customers make any update from their WP system.

Download :

SuiteMob : Android Application

Now stay connected with your business and customers anytime, anywhere using your handset! Access all SuiteCRM modules from your mobile and manage your store on your move.



  • Integrates All SuiteCRM Modules with the application.
  • Filters incoming calls from SuiteCRM contact and displays the contact details for identification of the caller.
  • Calls from SuiteCRM contact can be recorded and saved.
  • Users can store data offline as well as online
  • Google Map is integrated to view address and location

Download Now:

SugarMob : Android Application

Now stay connected with your business and customers anytime, anywhere using your handset! Access all SugarCRM modules from your mobile and manage your store on your move.

Highlighted Features

  • Integrates All SugarCRM Modules with the application.
  • Filters incoming calls from SugarCRM contact and displays the contact
details for identification of the caller.
  • Calls from SugarCRM contact can be recorded and saved.
  • Users can store data offline as well as online
  • Google Map is integrated to view address and location
  • Download Now :

    Type While Walk

    Now no more goofing up on typing when you are walking! How? You can now easily type messages, read and send images and messages while walking to your destination without messing up with traffic on road or street! We have come up with a unique and innovative concept of offering an application that has a high resolution camera to capture the ambiance and happenings surrounding you while you are on your way and simultaneously wish

    to use your mobile too for typing! It has fast loading camera with zero battery consumption when not in use.


    Android :

    iOS :

    Mr. Reminder

    In today’s fast pacing and multitasking lifestyle, you tend to miss out various occasions, events and days that could be important for you. No need to worry now!

    Mr. Reminder, an Android based mobile application can help you remember each and every event, meetings, days and occasions, and can also remind others, associated with you, about their important occasions! It’s that simple and useful!


    • It can be set for any reminding any event/occasion/day/date
    • Different persons can be defined for specific reminders
    • Sends email to the assigned person
    • It gives repeated reminders
    • Using this app, any task can be assigned to other peoples, like completing the project on time, reminding for visiting particular place on specific time and date for specific reason.
    • Reminder history can be viewed for specific days, weeks, months, past or the entire history of reminders.

    Download now :

    Magento Mobile Manager

    Magento Mobile Manager allows Magento store owners or managers to get connected to their Magento store through their mobile once they download this application on their iOS devices. This application provides store owners the facility to view the order, product and customers details of their online store whenever required. Thus one can access their orders, sales and product related information 24*7 with the help of this

    Mr. Silent

    Mr.Silent is an Android application, offers solution to those who wish to keep their mobile phones on silent mode for specific geographical locations, time, occasions and for specific contacts.

    You simply need to provide the desired conditions - occasions, times and geographical locations when you would like to keep your mobile silent.

    Condition Based Features•   &nbsp

    ; Time Based ConditionsYou can add ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ during which you want your mobile go silent. It can be repeated on daily, weekly and monthly basis including customized options.

    •     Calendar Event Based ConditionsYou can add date and time of any calendar event that is important for you and you wish to turn your mobile silent on that occasion.

    •     Contact Type Based ConditionsYou can categorize your contact details into ’White List’ and ‘Black List’, in which white list will define contacts important to you and black list comprises those contacts you would like to avoid.

    Once you have done this setting, your mobile will go to silent mode when it will receive calls from black listed contacts and ring only when receive calls from white listed contacts.

    Download Now:

    Word Rummy

    As the name suggests - it’s just like rummy, except that in this game players have to form new words from the given open cards having alphabets. It can be played alone or the player can invite his/her online friend to play this Android game. At the same time, it can be played either online or offline, both.

    A great initiative adding knowledge and vocabulary to your mental data bank!

    The player has to create meaningful and correct words using the displayed open cards. The player can flip, drag and place the right sequence of alphabets to make a word from the left side open cards panel!

    For players’ convenience “Hint” button is also provided to get clues for creating a word from the available open cards. Every alphabet will carry a separate value i.e., between 1-10, to calculate the difficulty level of the words created and accordingly providing scoring.

    The game has two levels of difficulty with separate time limit, number of hints and bonus points for the winner of separate levels.

    Download Now:



    SMS Scheduler

    User-friendly Android Mobile Application That Lets You Send SMS Quickly & Easily

    Today, an ever-increasing number of people send text messages via their smart phones. However, it might happen many times that you forget to send in some really important text messages to friends, family members, relatives,

    colleagues, business partners etc. So, how about a tiny-little android app that lets you send such important SMSs on time? Well, at Biztech Consultancy, we have carved out a wonderful android application that lets you schedule time for sending SMS. Using this android mobile app, you can send messages on a daily, weekly etc basis without any hassles.

    SMS Vault

    SMS VAULT is an application which hides text to lock your private messages. It is an app for locking SMSs on your cell phone with a chosen pattern.This app is very easy to use. It provides you a wonderful experience of private messaging and private texting.

    SMS VAULTprovidesyou the control over who sees what on your phone. It is an application through which you can maintain security for your personal SMS.

    href="">SMS VAULT is actually a light tool to protect your personal short messages i.e. SMS and MMS. It enhances the phone security and user privacy. If user will send message to any private number using native or default messaging application, then it will automatically goes to private box instead of displaying in inbox of native messaging application.

    Snake & Ladder

    nakes and ladder is a very popular indoor game. Almost everyone must have played this game at least once in their lifetime. Snakes and Ladder was one of the games included in the family of dice board games. It is known by different names in different countries and different ages but presently it is popular by the name Snakes

    and Ladder.



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    Magento Design & Various Software Improvements

    "I'm pleased with all aspects of their work."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $10,000 to $49,999
    Jan. 2015 - Ongoing
    Project summary: 

    Having previously partnered, Biztech handles ongoing design and functionality upgrades to a Magento platform. They’ve also assisted with server management and third-party extensions.

    The Reviewer
    1-10 Employees
    United Kingdom
    Alex Wrenn
    Director, Essential Aids
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    All of the improvements that have been made to the website’s front and backend have been successful. Their communication is efficient and there have been no significant issues nor delays during this collaboration.

    The client submitted this review online.


    Please describe your company and your position there.

    I’m the director of Essential Aids, an e-commerce site that supplies mobility aids and disability equipment to customers in the U.K.


    For what projects/services did your company hire Biztech Consulting & Solutions?

    We needed someone to handle various Magento design and software enhancement projects.

    What were your goals for this project?

    We wanted to make ongoing substantial improvements to the standard functionality of the Magento software system.


    How did you select this vendor?

    Biztech had successfully implemented a small extension for us before, so we hired them based on that.

    Describe the project in detail.

    They’ve taken care of several design and software development tasks. The work included coding, third-party extensions installation, and server management.

    What was the team composition?

    Their CEO heads the team and delegates mainly to two other people who communicate directly with us on the specifics of the projects.


    What outcomes or results can you share that demonstrate progress and/or success?

    We’ve been pleased with the general improvements to the website’s front and backend functionality.

    How effective was the project management?

    Their communication with us is always good.

    What did you find most impressive about this company?

    I'm pleased with all aspects of their work.

    What tips or recommendations do you have?


    Overall Score
    • 5.0 Scheduling
    • 5.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer