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In the last 15 years, Azoft developed 738 custom software solutions for international clients and partners in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia.

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Key clients: 

Tele2, CA Technologies, Clearwire, IntraISP, Michelin, Bridgestone, CTBTO, Arga Solusi Technologies, Electronics For Imaging, Inc., ITT Corporation, Jackson Marketing Group, Kitco, Stokkur, Certificate Exchange, Prophesy Transportation, Amicus VMS Ltd, Gulf Oil Marine Ltd

Social Networking App for the Professional Photography Industry

The customer came up with an idea of networking app like a Facebook but only for photographers, models, MUAs, and stylists.

To prove our skills we completed a test task for Android: we built three screens for a future app. William was so impressed he hired Azoft.

What we've done for William were iOS and Android application development, UI-design, and data migration from Parse to Backendless

Stack: iOS, Swift 3.0, Android, Java, Backendless, SendBird,, OneSignal, Stripe, Amazon S3, Bugsnag

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Mobile App for Holdy Discounter Grocery Stores

The Holiday group is Russia’s biggest grocery chain with a variety of stores widely distributed in the Siberian region.

Azoft created a universal mobile platform that can imitate a live experience of choosing goods in the store and help users to get all the details to make a decision about purchase.


Mobile: iOS, Android, CoreData + MagicalRecord, Google Maps, Google, GreenDao, Glide, EventBus, Places, PushWoosh, Pods
Server-Side: Java, Spring, Hibernate, PrimeFaces, JavaMelody, Liquibase, Jackson, PostgreSQL, Ehcache

Personal Account for the Loyalty Program “Spasibo from Sberbank”

Sberbank is one of the leading banks in Russia. The bank provides a wide range of services for its customers including retail banking – from traditional deposits and different types of loans and through to bank cards. Card holders are given the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program “Spasibo from Sberbank”.

Azoft won a tender for creating a personal account for the loyalty program members and administrators on the official website
We developed a complex solution including a web application for the loyalty program participants and a separate web app for administrators.

Spring MVC, Spring, Thymeleaf, jQuery, Stylus, Bootstrap, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, JSF (Primefaces), Zabbix, Metrics, Piwik

Pay.Cards: SDK for Banking Card Recognition

Wallet One has leveraged Azoft R&D and mobile development team expertise to implement its new product Pay.Cards — an SDK for payment processing, which can be built into any iOS or Android application. The SDK is basically a full application module, which includes credit card scan and recognition functionality, screens for editing card details, list of saved cards, and screens of transaction process and result indication. In addition to the product we have developed a demo application with samples of how the module can be used in various types of apps (shops, taxi, food delivery, etc.).

The application includes beautiful visual effects and animations, and designs optimized for both smartphones and tablets, to make it not only functional but also pleasant for End-users.

Technologies: iOS, Android, UIKit Dynamics, OpenGL, Wallet One Open API

Web Portal for Sberbank is a new project launched by Russia’s leading bank, Sberbank. This project is part of the bank’s loyalty program “Spasibo from Sberbank”, which is based on a web portal for tourist services.

The web portal is designed to help search and buy airline tickets, book hotels, and purchase tours on commercially attractive terms. Services are available for loyalty program members, as well as for regular, non-member users. Azoft was responsible for the client-side and server-side development of the website. The resulting platform has a flexible system of content management and a convenient user interface. The project was implemented with respect to the high load on the system and serves as a reliable tool for simultaneous processing of requests from a large number of users.

Technologies: Angular, JQuery, Java, Hibernate, Spring, PrimeFaces, JavaMelody, Flyway, CXF, Jackson,...

Mobile Money Service for Ezuza

Ezuza is an operator of Mobile Money services for those with no access to traditional banking services.

Azoft has built a Cash Management platform, the core of the service offered, and UI. The Ezuza operating model is based on building a strong relationship between Customers and their local Agents. The Agents provide personalised cash services to Customers and perform transactions against the Ewallet platform through the application loaded onto a Tablet device. Customers manage their cash management needs through smartphones and feature phones applications. The Ewallet platform supports Bank API for direct connection to a Primary bank and Telecom operator API to topup users mobile accounts using funds from their Ezuza mobile wallets.

Technologies: J2EE, Spring Framework, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LiquiBase, Maven, JSF 2, Apache CXF, Apache POI, iText, RichFaces, [email protected], Android

Radiology Information System for Pro Medicus

Azoft has worked with Pro Medicus as their technical partner, providing advice and development, and ultimately creating Hospital Information System (HIS), an information management system for healthcare institutions dealing with patients’ radiological data and imagery. This system integrates information that previously was manual or paper-based and allows physicians to access patients’ information 24/7, including EMR treatment, mammography, BI-RAD records, and test results, eliminating the need for third-party billing services, because the RIS features an embedded billing function.

The system easily connects to HIS, PACS, and other external systems due to the use of HL7 and DICOM integration standards.

Technologies: Java, JEE stack, Hibernate, Spring, Lucene, Drools, jBPM, Restlet; PostgreSQL; Git; Apache Flex, Parsley, FlexUnit, Hamcrest, Mockolate,...

Order Management System for Gulf Oil Marine

The client company distributes marine lubricant products and services for the Shipping Industry worldwide. While Gulf Oil Marine was expanding its global presence and operations, all workflow and communications with clients, partners, suppliers, logistics agents and resellers continued to be organized via plain email, which rapidly became very inefficient, time-consuming and led to numerous faults in customer care. Most importantly, there were no statistics collection and reporting tools, which made business analysis and planning activities impossible.

We developed a custom order management system that serves as a reliable tool for supporting Gulf’s workflow and operations and provided a powerful tool for collecting statistical data and its presentation in a clear set of reports.

Technologies: PHP, Drupal, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX

Audit Management System Automation for EY

The system is a web-based survey constructor. It allows to create and edit various questionnaires. The admins can open and manage auditors’ accounts and appoint EY employees to on-site audits. Auditors upload their surveys to Windows 8 based tablets and go to the clients’ locations.

The process of filling out forms works offline; users can even attach photos as the answers. When auditors are back to EY office, they synchronize their tablets with the server, browse and process the results.

Technologies: Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, Liquibase, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Windows Store App (C#, XAML), SQLite

Touchscreen Information Kiosk Solution for EY

The Virtual Office is a new touchscreen information kiosk solution offering EY’s services in a way that breaks the mold of stereotypical site-and-app business presentation models. It helps customers to find the information they need, to reserve participation in seminars and consultations, to send feedback to EY, or to schedule a meeting with a company representative.

From prototyping to deployment, the project took more than three and a half months. The software was developed using PHP, specifically Drupal 7 and MySQL.

Technologies: PHP, Drupal 7, MySQL

Unleesh: Team Management Application

ThinkImpact is a USA-based company promoting and providing social entrepreneurship training programs for young professionals and university students in rural Africa.

ThinkImpact asked Azoft to develop Unleesh – an app with gaming elements that helps users to complete complex training programs or achieve specific goals step-by-step. One such training program is Start a new enterprise. Once registered or signed in through Facebook, users select a module, considered to be a Path, which is a curriculum designed to teach important skills needed to achieve a particular goal.

The application was built for the full range of Apple and Android devices with a complex back-end provision that allows administrators and clients (universities, training centers, sports clubs...

Medical Mobile App for AxSys Technology

Excelicare is a clinical information system designed by AxSys Technology Ltd. and used by medical institutions worldwide for collecting, analyzing and managing complex multi-dimensional healthcare data and to provide reliable patient care taking into account specifics of different medical disciplines.

Azoft developed iOS and Android mobile apps for Excelicare that allow patients to communicate with doctors and clinics to get some of medical services and consultations remotely. Mobile apps are made brandable and customizable to specific healthcare institution. The app was developed using "mini-apps" concept, i.e. there are mini-apps for blood pressure readings and tracking, appointment scheduling, prescription reminder, laboratory results, eForms and surveys, and other. Special section of requirements was devoted to compliance with industry security and personal data...

Free for Lunch Mobile App

Free for Lunch mobile app helps you meet up with friends and have lunch with new people nearby who are interested in joining you at cafés and restaurants all over the world. The app is multifunctional because it helps to create new events as well as join new pals within your location. There is a map with active events on the start screen. A user arranges a meeting and other users can pick an event and join the people they’d like to meet. Besides, users can add each other as friends and exchange messages.

Azoft developed the app from scratch, including a large-scale server-side for supporting offload capabilities and a rich functionality in accordance with requirements of the App Store and Google Play.

Technologies: Android SDK, iOS SDK, Parse, Google Map,​ EventBus, GreenDao, Flurry, In-App Purchase, Facebook SDK​, MVVM, Reactive, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Postgres, REST​

Chefkoch Academy iOS app is a popular German cooking portal, a daughter company of Europe's largest printing and publishing firm Gruner + Jahr.

Working together with its long-term partner in Berlin, Azoft has developed a brand new iPhone and iPad app for The app is a virtual cooking school, where users can master their skills through video courses and recipes available in the application under different types of subscriptions. The system includes a back-end responsible for video streaming and lessons management by the administrator.

Since the customer had only a very high-level idea of the required app at the beginning, SCRUM methodology was chosen for the project, and this choice proved to be correct. The MVP developed and released within strictly defined deadline fully satisfied the customer, and further development with addition of new features and courses was planned for 2016.

Technologies: iOS, Swift, PHP, Yii2

Audio Tour Guides for Museums and Galleries

Expi, a startup with a vision of how to enhance the enjoyment of visiting art galleries and museums, partnered with Azoft to bring their ideas to life. The project was built as an iPhone app that allows users to search and download audio tour guides. The software also includes a Tour Management System that allows museums and galleries to create tour guides and an accompanying marketing website.

As a startup, Expi now has a smooth, intuitive user app and a convenient tool for business partners who would like to join the project. As a developer, Azoft took real pleasure participating in the launch of a new successful startup. Expi were also very pleased with the results. The level of trust we earned from our client was such that Expi recommended Azoft to their partners.

Technologies: iOS 6 and 7; Drupal 7; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Mobile Website for

Rapid Parcel is UK's premier courier comparison and booking service offering discounted rates from the world's most established and reliable parcel delivery companies.

Azoft developed a mobile version of RapidParcel website that allows customers to quote parcel delivery within the UK, European or international, book courier, track parcel and find the nearest drop-off location. Integrated live chat allows customers to get quick help in case of any questions and improve website conversion.

Technologies: Java, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, CSS, HTML

AquaReal: Watercolor Painting App for iPad

AquaReal is an iPad app that imitates watercolor painting. It was developed by Azoft with particular emphasis on real-life physics of watercolor paint dispersion on paper, resulting in very realistic drawings.

Features include: realistic imitation of color blending, pigment dispersion, paper texture; choose between different brushes or pencil; control pencil pressure by changing gesture speed; large selection of colors, Facebook and Twitter integration.

Technologies: iOS, OpenGL

Insurance Certificate Management: Re-engineering & Data Migration

Accomplished in 2005 and patented in 2008 the Certificate Exchange service facilitates issuance of insurance certificates and offers certificate holders, insurance agents and brokers, insurance companies, and policyholders a new and different approach to the time-consuming task of issuing and tracking certificates.

Azoft worked with Certificate Exchange as their development partner, providing an intense research, prototyping & highly effective migration procedure. When the new system was ready, Azoft signed a new contract for maintenance and further development of the online insurance system.

Technologies: Java/J2EE, GWT, GXT, iText, Hibernate, Spring, PostgreSQL

Online Insurance System for Effective Coverage

Our development team has created an online insurance system for an insurance agency based in the USA. The agency specializes in insurance for property owners listing their units for rent and helps them manage renter's insurance requirements.

The major challenge was the complex scheme of insurance premium calculation accounted for the fact that insurance industry in the US is regulated on a state level, which as the result creates a situation where rates and coverage options differ from state to state. This demanded an unprecedented level of flexibility from the system which not only must have allowed the options change, but the formulas and order of operations for calculating the premiums change as well.

Technologies: Java, PostgreSQL, Struts

Fleet Tracking and Dispatching System for Prophesy

Prophesy Transportation Software, Inc. is a US-based provider of software solutions for transportation industry.

The system is an advanced routing solution for dispatchers which calculates an optimal route from A to B and shows it on the map. The algorithm takes into account such parameters as distance, time, fuel usage, weather conditions, regions/states/cities/countries borders cross, car height, highways, toll and restricted roads. Integration with payment system Authorize.Net allowed Prophesy to introduce flexible tariffs and bill their clients.

Technologies: Java/J2EE, JSP, MySQL, COM, ADOdb, XML, WinINet, JNI, RMI, JSF

Social Networking App for Sharing Plans

HopHop is a mobile social networking app for planning events, inviting friends, sharing ideas, and discovering interesting events that are happening nearby.

HopHop has many features to make it easier for users to get people together. Users can either create a private event or make it visible to the public, so anyone interested can join in. Every event can be customized with a unique background image. Users can log in with their existing Facebook, Twitter, or VK accounts and invite anyone from their friend lists.

Technologies: iOS, Android, Java (J2EE), Google Maps API


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"Azoft always does their high-quality work on-time and in-line with the budget."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Nov. 2014 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Azoft developed and online and offline training tool to improve the efficiency and ROI of negotiation training. 

The Reviewer
Small Business
Novosibirsk Region, Russia
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Azoft was commended for meeting all their deadlines and for their great communication. 


We are running a startup in Moscow that helps to measure & develop negotiation capability. Our project is based on mixing online and offline tools. In our target audience, there are companies and individuals who run commercial negotiations in different businesses (FMCG, B2B, pharmacy, banking etc). 

I'm the founder and owner of the company. 


The problem of development of soft skills (sales, negotiation, leadership etc) can't be effectively solved only by online or offline learning. Online is less effective and offline is more expensive. Almost everybody is focused on getting knowledge, but not on how to train and secure the skill. Companies can't manage negotiation capability development without measuring it. So we need to blend them to make a cost-effective tool. 

The prices for negotiation training in Russia are:  low quality-10 KRub/person; middle quality-30 KRub/person; high quality-350 KRub/person. Even top-training companies don't support effective follow-up so they can't help to build and manage the skills. People and companies invest in learning but get  unpredictable and unmeasurable results.

We blend learning tools, measure and guarantee the result of negotiation capability development. The average price is 75 KRub/person. So (for example) if your KAM is responsible for 30 Mln.Rub annual budget and he improves investement on 10% after negotiation capability development, ROI of the training exceeds 4000%.  



We needed to find a provider to create software for negotiation capability measurement and training the skills. I've tendered 10 companies and decided to work with Azoft. Their price was a little above the market, but they can dive deeper than others in the business. Their proposed solutions looked more qualitative. They are responsible for analytics, design, development, testing, and support. I've work with Azoft for about  2 years. During the project, they showed themselves as a reliable and flexible business partners.  


Can you share any results of the project?

Thanks to Azoft, we reduce the cost of the 2nd iteration of the project by 15%. Azoft always does their high-quality work on time and in-line with the budget. 

How did Azoft perform from a project management standpoint?

All stages of the project were completed at the right time. We have good communication and flexible approach that helps to move faster and to find additional value.

What distinguishes Azoft from other providers?

I feel I can trust Azoft much more than others. It’s very important when you trying to work in a SCRUM way. And they produce software with a good quality and speed. And they can dive deeper in my business demand.

Is there anything Azoft could have improved or done differently?

Continuous improvement is a right thing for everybody. But from my point of view they are good enough.

Overall Score Very good company.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    On-time. Flexible approach if we need to accelerate.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    Little above the market average.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    Very high quality
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    Very likely to refer a friend. Reliable partners. Good price vs quality.

"They were flexible with my requirements and really worked as a partner in creating a world-class platform."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$200,000 to $999,999
Oct. 2014 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Azoft revamped a worldwide training and development app for web, iOS, and Android platforms using an existing prototype. The team continues to accommodate external designs and provide QA testing.

The Reviewer
2-10 Employees
Greater Denver Area
Co-Founder, Unleesh
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The app now supports over 20,000 users, including major entities like World Learning and the United Nations. Although the web resource experienced delays due to re-engineering, Azoft delivered both mobile versions with impeccable timing and technical precision.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

Unleesh is a premiere international education app, providing onboarding, training, and communication to international education, corporate, and social entrepreneur companies. Our platform is designed for worldwide use; we have users, clients, and partners in the United States, South America, Europe, Russia, and Africa.

I serve as co-founder of this platform and am responsible for entire product lifecycle, including the creation of the platform for iOS, Android, and the web. I’m also responsible for all digital marketing efforts. I develop campaigns supporting the entire product line, including marketing and content strategy across team-management platforms. 


What challenge were you trying to address with Azoft?

When I joined the company, my job was to revamp our entire product. When I helped launch Unleesh in October 2014, we had a working prototype but needed to rebuild the entire app for iOS, Android, and the web. We chose Azoft as our development team for this ambitious project. The key was to support thousands of people using our services across numerous continents on different platforms seamlessly.


What was the scope of their involvement?

We were creating a workforce development and training app available on iOS, Android, and the web. The app provides training in bite-sized chunks to the workforce to upscale through video, text, audio, and images. It collects information based on the person taking the training and allows users to engage with experiential education to be able to learn from each other. It has a social aspect to help people learn together as a group. Users can communicate with each other through events, private messaging, and forums.

I had another designer working on the project; when Azoft came on, they did some of their own designs to match those designs. I wrote the project requirements, and they provided project managers and developers, and they did the QA as well.

How did you come to work with Azoft?

They were recommended to our company by someone our co-founder knew. Because he is not as technical, I was asked to evaluate Azoft to see if they were the right partner based on cost and performance. I determined that they were a good fit.

What is the status of this engagement?

We launched a new iOS and Android version in March of 2015 and a brand new web platform in the summer of 2015. The partnership is still ongoing. 


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or impact of the engagement?

Azoft performed well, and our iOS and Android platforms arrived on time but slightly over budget. The web version had some delays, but obstacles were clearly communicated, and the budget was not affected.

We have 20,000 workforce learners that have used our app. We’ve worked with organizations such as World Learning and the United Nations, who used our app when they brought 1,000 people from all over for their last youth summit in January. We are training teachers in Liberia because of their education crisis there. They’ve told us that “Unleesh enables us to continuously share new content with school capacity leads while they are out in the field. With Unleesh, these schools are able to learn new approaches and strategies, take action in their school communities, submit actions towards building a digital portfolio of work, and exchange ideas with their peers. It creates a bridge across geography for powerful, continuous learning and collaboration.”

How did Azoft perform from a project management standpoint?

What set them apart for me was they could provide iOS, Android, and web development, as well as QA and project management. They were flexible with my requirements and really worked as a partner in creating a world-class platform.

They do everything from beginning to end through project managers who I can talk to directly. I’ve worked with different offshore firms, and Azoft has a better grasp of the English language than most Americans I know. They’re really detailed and responsive. They’ve been a great partner since we don’t have our own in-house developers. They feel like they are in-house because they’re always responsive and know what’s going on with our app.

Are there any areas Azoft could improve?

Their strength was in mobile applications. The web application was slower to develop, but that could have been because we were trying to get it done quickly. We wanted to do mobile first, so on the web development side, we were re-engineering the mobile apps for the web, which wasn’t as smooth of a process. 

Overall Score
  • 3.5 Scheduling
    Deadlines were met for the most part. Delays were clearly communicated.
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    Costs were reasonable.
  • 4.5 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    Requirements were understood, followed, and delivered.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    They provide great work for good value.