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We are an IT company that develops chat bots of any complexity for different social networks, sites (Landind page), implements CRM. There is a unique experience in developing custom high-tech products to automate business processes, startups and web projects.

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Moscow, Russia
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Key clients: 
Anti-Canser Mission, Music Noah, "Flower Jam" festival, Baltic Cellulose
B2b web platform developement (cryptocurrency) Image

B2b web platform developement (cryptocurrency)

Objective is to develop b2b web platform with product catalog and personal accounts, to set integration with system of smart contracts and payment system, to adopt using ECO cryptocurrency in platform and to prove web and server safety and reliable protection of users’ data.Platform's intended use is completing deals between legal bodies. Authenticity of company’s data should

be verified with corresponding set of documents, which must be checked by moderator in all cases.Platform’s user can be both seller and buyer, he/she can view catalog, add goods to catalog, send requests for goods, add fee to wallet etc.Subjects of deals in the system are various oil products. As goods belong to high price range products, their quality should be confirmed by corresponding documents, and these documents should be also checked by moderator. When parties come to an agreement, it must be committed to smart contract. Platform was integrated with already developed smart contract system, based on Blockchain Ethereum. Smart contracts provide deal’s safety, and they are stripped of risk of being ambiguously interpreted thanks to being based on cryptography. The most reliable deal is one settled in cryptocurrency. ECO tokens are introduced in the system for this purpose. Deal’s functioning principle is – when smart contract meets all necessary conditions, seller’s and buyer’s wallets will be charged with corresponding amounts: buyer’s one will be charged with good’s cost, and seller’s one will be charged with security payment. Blockchain technology start working starting this moment – deal is recorded into blockchain and, if all blockchain network’s internal conditions are met, then seller gets the money, and buyer gets the goods.
Chat-bot for "Flower Jam" festival Image

Chat-bot for "Flower Jam" festival

"Flower Jam" is a festival of urban landscape design, which is held annually in Moscow. The task is to decorate the city with flowers and other decorative elements. The volume of work is large.

The purpose was - to optimize part of the festival organization process

WhatsApp and Telegram platforms were chosen to develop the chat bot. Bot users are the moderator base. When a bot is launched, the user sees a list of

sites to perform work on, hints to communicate with the bot. Communication takes place in a dialog format.

The principle of work is as follows:

1. The user selects a site from the list by sending the site number in a message to the bot.

2. Then the bot asks to attach the photo taken at the site and the geoposition.

On the next step, the user sees a list of tasks at the location and can select tasks from the list in any order.

4. If the selected task has been successfully completed, you need to send a photo of the work performed to the bot. If there are any difficulties during the execution process, you can also send a message describing the situation and attach a photo.

5. Successfully completed tasks are marked with a green checkmark in the list. When all the tasks have been completed, you need to send a message to the bot that the work has been completed, a photo at the work location and a geoposition.

During the period of work in 2 months about 1000000 messages were sent to the bot and about 250 000 photos were transferred to the disk.

Chat-bot for Noah Music label Image

Chat-bot for Noah Music label

Every day the number of tracks uploaded to the site is increasing. The focus group that listens to and evaluates the songs also increases. It becomes more and more difficult to control the process of track processing in a timely manner. Note that the sequence of actions during track processing is always the same, so it can be automated. This is how the task was formed: to develop a chat-boot that will take over the distribution

of tracks to the focus group of listeners and collecting feedback.

Product: .

The popular Telegram messenger was chosen as the platform for the bot. The important condition is that not everyone can work with the bot, but only a certain audience, so at the first login the bot will ask for the phone number for authorization. This will check if the provided number matches the database.

Working Principle

The bot's task is to send a group of listeners tracks collected in the database. In order not to miss anything, tracks are sent in a certain order - from previously downloaded to later, in the messenger interface the track comes in the usual form of voice message. After listening, the user can evaluate the track using the Like/Dislike buttons located right under the track - this is one of the advantages of developing bots in telegram. It may happen that the listener has changed his opinion about the song, or a more primitive situation - clicked the wrong button, so we have provided the possibility to cancel the choice and get a second chance to vote. All this is followed by the sequence of sending tracks, and the user can not go to listen to the next track until the current one is not set the score.


All functional requirements have been met. The launch has been completed as scheduled. In the first month more than 1000 tracks were passed through the system, more than 50 songs were selected for release.


Chatbot for the Baltic Cellulose company Image

Chatbot for the Baltic Cellulose company

Baltic Cellulose is the largest supplier of cellulose and paper products to the CIS countries. The company specializes in wholesale supplies of paper, cardboard and many other types of cellulose and paper products. The company cooperates with printing houses, publishing houses, manufacturers and other enterprises of this sphere.

Tasks: To automate the order process. Eliminate the provision of incorrect

information about balances. And, of course, to rid managers of routine work. 

After launching the bot, we received excellent feedback from both managers and management. Order processing time was significantly reduced, errors and inconsistencies with warehouses were less frequent, and the customers also appreciated the bot's usability.