Blockchain Engineering for Business is one of the top companies in the blockchain development niche in the world, inspired by technology and world-changing ideas that provide research and development services. Cooperation with scientists gives engineers the opportunity to create more thoughtful products. We are creating technology solutions that let business and society evolve, exerting global constructive influence.


Our team has deep technical expertise in the development of crypto-economic platforms, distributed protocols and applications (DApps) for business and governments. Our engineers and researchers were involved in a number of blockchain and crypto companies. 
Also, we have strong expertise in the development of DLT (distributed ledger technologies) solutions based on such technologies as:

  • Ethereum Ecosystem (Solidity, Truffle/Embark, Swarm, OpenZeppelin, Metamask etc.) 
  • NEM ecosystem (NEM, Mijin, Catapult, ProximaX) 
  • Hyperledger Frameworks (Fabric, Sawtooth, Composer) 
  • Bitcoin protocol 
  • IPFS, Qtum, Stellar, EOS, EmerCoin, Exonum, IOTA

Our main specialization: 

  • Crypto-economy platforms 
  • Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) 
  • Blockchain-based solutions 
  • Decentralized applications (DApp) 
  • Smart-contracts 
  • Cryptocurrency wallets 
  • R&D in crypto-economy infrastructure

Also, we have expertise at:

  • Web development 
  • Mobile development 
  • IoT, M2M, Embedded development 
  • Hardware development 
  • UI/UX 
  • Audit & Consulting
$100 - $149 / hr
50 - 249
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Odesa, Ukraine


Key clients: 
Technical Partners - NEM, Remme, Bitfury, Blonde 2.0;


Our Clients - Ambrosus, Anryse, Mira, Hero Engine World, Aira, Kript, WorldBiz, HIVE