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We help brands drive conversions and sales in e-retail here and now. In today's long-term journey towards building a seamless retail infrastructure, we focus on developing strategies and tech solutions that have an immediate positive effect on the business's online retail performance.

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Key clients: 

LG, Lenovo, Acer, Benq, Sennheiser, Electrolux, Hansa, Alibaba, Whirlpool, Philips, Colgate, Hyundai, Intel, Bose, The Ritz-Carlton, BaByliss, Grohe

24orm by 24ttl Image

24orm by 24ttl

Online Retail Monitoring: content audit made easy.

Level up your e-retailing with one click.

SaaS analytical tool for brands and retailers that audits product card content and points out the weak spots that affect conversion rates.

  1. Dynamic monitoring of product data on retailers’ website.
  2. Analysis of simple and rich content by quantitative and qualitative
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Analysis of data within the brand and vs competitors.

  • Detox Hour (Earth Hour) for WWF Russia by 24ttl

    Earth Hour is a global event, attracting millions of people around the globe to ecological problems.

    In Russia a lot of people support the event, but they could be engaged even more, if not spending too much time in internet. Average Russian spends 6 hours 29 minutes online every day* Endless emails & notifications grab away our attention from things that really important.

    How can we disconnect people from the

    web and reconnect them with nature?

    Introducing Detox Website by WWF.

    First ever branded web site that works ONLY offline.

    This year 24ttl made official Earth Hour page in Russia visible only when you disconnect the internet.

    See hidden content, that explains simple steps each can do in 60 minutes to change the situation.

    Detox website is possible with a special smart script, that shows content when the device is offline - same as with Google Chrome disconnect page

    LG rich content by 24ttl Image

    LG rich content by 24ttl


    1. Attract consumers attention to a new product.
    2. Demonstrate the key advantages, features, and innovative technologies of a new vacuum cleaner.
    3. Present the LG brand as an innovator in consumer electronics.


    1. To demonstrate the features and advantages of a new product, we created a special (promo) project on a retailer’s website.
    2. Promo page
    visitors had an opportunity to get a “test drive” of a new vacuum cleaner.


    1. The number of potential buyers who had submitted a request for a test drive exceeded the planned indicators.
    2. The promo terms were extended due to a large number of people wishing to buy the product.
    3. Sales increased by 30%. The number of product requests on the brand’s website increased by 15%.


    1. Find a way to increase sales before Christmas.
    2. Tell customers about the brand’s products.


    1. We created a promo page combining the gamification technique and Facebook AR to attract the maximum number of users.
    2. Users were supposed to buy a gift set in an online store and then register to participate in the game.
    3. We developed an AR game that was
    working in the Facebook app.


    1. Top 3 users won iPhone X.
    2. There were more than 1,000,000 participants.
    3. More than 10,000 participants visited the retailers’ websites after the promo page.

    Hyundai Nexo AR experience


    1. Attract attention and impress members of the UAE royal family during the Future Mobility Conference 2018.
    2. Demonstrate the operation of a new generation Hyundai engine and stand out from the competitors during the conference.
    3. Present the Hyundai brand as a technology leader.


    1. We developed an application for iPad, which allowed all conference visitors
    to learn more about the Hyundai engine technical specifications (we used photo/video content and AR tools).
  • Visitors could use an iPad to see the Hyundai NEXO inside and to learn how the engine works and how the energy is distributed.

  • Result:

    1. The Hyundai NEXO booth became the most visited during the Future Mobility Conference 2018.
    2. The Hyundai Headquarters started to use the application with an AR technology at Hyundai dealerships as a tool for demonstrating the latest technologies.

    International Digital Retail Forum 2019 by 24ttl

    International Digital Retail Forum is the only international conference dedicated to modern retail in Russia.

    The event was attended by over 400 participants consisting of Top Management, Marketing and Sales Directors, retailers, customer service companies, advertising agencies, and entrepreneurs representing tech startups.

    Our high-profile speakers included representatives of brands,

    retailers, top market places and technology companies from Russia, Amsterdam, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates.