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12AM Agency is a digital strategy agency and SaaS based in Dallas, Texas. They use data, strategy and creativity to grow brands and services.  We have help companies with their Digital Transformation through consulting and building Web and Mobile Applications.

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Dallas, TX
  • 1919 McKinney Ave Suite 100
    Dallas, TX 75201
    United States


Key clients: 

LoadTrail Buyers Barricades Peek and Toland Craters and Freighters Dallas

Custom Web App Development and Support Image

Custom Web App Development and Support

12 AM Agency consulted, developed and supports LoadTrail with a Custom Web Application project.  First was to translate the legacy code and features to a solution that is on the cloud.  Sales, Marketing, and Dealers were only able to access on local desktop or at the office.  With the new solution, all verticales within the company could access and work from any locaiton.  The task was to migrate the legacy code in 8 - 10

weeks, and we were able to get the MVP up and running in 8 weeks.  We still today support and build features for LoadTrail.

12 AM Agency Digital Marketing for Buyers Safety

12 AM Agency help Buyers Safety grow their online presence and sales by 100% through digital marketing.