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Fun fact on ÜTILE meaning (translated from Italian) – helpful, useful, worthwhile, serviceable, profit (noun), gain (noun), interest (noun)

ÜTILE Digital Solutions brings revolution to the outsourcing field by implementing Israeli project managers that have many years of expertise in the army field and management to supervise and manage the ongoing projects at popular Outsourcing countries. We understand the need for reliability, credibility, and communication while outsourcing and offshoring projects. We focus on delivering innovative and reliable solutions in all IT fields while focusing on interpersonal communication, transparency, and smart management. We believe that success lies in reliability, communication, smart planning and continues improvement. 

Our Mission

We enable Tier 2 & 3 companies and Start-ups to grow and develop their business at a reasonable cost by providing quality and reliable outsourcing and cloud solutions, focusing on communication and experienced management.

Why Choose Us?

In a world where communication is no longer dependent on distance, interpersonal communication is still the key to success. We at ÜTILE help further to reduce the distance and improve interpersonal communication. Building and managing a successful environment is our passion. In an environment where outsourcing is a common procedure – we realize that the main concern is quality, availability, and communication with the employee. We at ÜTILE work hard towards common goals of satisfaction, meeting your desired standards and most importantly; cutting your expenses and liberate you from time–consuming tasks.

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Key clients: 

Marketing companies

Web-development companies

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