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SourcingLine IT Research Firm Names Top and Google App Engine Consultants in Leaders Matrices

June 6, 2013

by Mike Beares

Founder at Clutch

SourcingLine's new research identifies leading companies that specialize in developing cloud applications to run on the and Google App Engine platforms

WASHINGTON, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Today SourcingLine published Leaders Matrices for top Consultants and Google App Engine Consultants. The proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology encompasses two dimensions, the first of which assesses each firm's focus on application development, application modernization, and specialization in either the or Google App Engine application platforms. The second dimension of the Leaders Matrix maps the firms’ abilities to consistently deliver on client expectations. This publication follows SourcingLine’s industry-leading research on mobile application developers and Google App Consultants.

The Consultants and Google App Engine Consultants Leaders Matrices highlight firms that assist at all stages of application development and deployment to the respective platforms. Services typically include IT strategy, requirements development, application development, application integration, employee training, and ongoing support and management.

Out of hundreds of registered and Google App Engine Partners, only 10 firms were included in each of the Leaders Matrices. The firms are as follows:  Configero, Cloud Sherpas, Force by Design, AppShark, Team International, Vertiba, Cloud Forward, Mansa Systems, C5 Insight, ForceBrain.

Google App Engine: SADA Systems, Cloud Sherpas, Maven Wave Partners, Promevo, Mylaensys, Vikont, LeewayHertz, Team International, Zensar Technologies, and Prismetric Technologies.

"Cloud platforms such as Google App Engine and allow companies to rapidly develop, integrate, and scale new enterprise applications," stated Sam Pettee, Manager Mid-market Research at SourcingLine. "All of the firms in our research have successfully developed and deployed mission-critical applications in the cloud."

SourcingLine’s effort to identify leading application developers leveraging top Platforms as a Service (PaaS) will be ongoing. We encourage firms with a proven record to apply to participate in future updates. Upcoming publications seek to highlight consultants for other cloud platforms such as Office 365 and

About SourcingLine

SourcingLine is a Washington, D.C.-based research firm focused on IT services. We provide independent, quantitative analysis on leading services firms to support procurement decisions in small, medium and large enterprises. We publish the top-ranked analysis of Global Outsourcing Locations and Mobile Application Developers among others. Our research leverages a proprietary framework, the Leaders Matrix, which clearly maps firm’s focus areas and their ability to deliver on client expectations.


Sam Pettee

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