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In a Recent Report, Clutch Recognizes the Top IT Services Providers in India for 2021

March 18, 2021

by Clutch Team

Clutch released its list of the top-performing IT services providers in India for 2021. 

WASHINGTON, DC - March 23, 2021 - Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, announced their 2021 leaders in the Indian IT services industry. 

Post COVID-19, the Indian tech sector is expected to grow substantially. Through acceleration in digital transformation, new tech specialties, and an increase in IT spending, the industry is expected to add new hires and gain revenue. it services india

The companies on this list were selected based on a variety of criteria. Clutch’s research focuses on their ability to stand out in their respective industries and markets through their skilled expertise, customer experience, and past recognitions. 

For a chance to be recognized among the top B2B leaders in India, companies are encouraged to apply and get listed today. 

“After a tumultuous year, Clutch is happy to recognize the top IT service providers in India,” said Clutch Account Executive Radha Ray. “Their commitment to their clients and high-quality service makes these leaders trusted partners.”

Take a look at the leaders below:

  1. Maven Wave Partners
  1. Marlabs Inc
  1. Locuz
  1. Your Server Doctor
  1. Netsmartz LLC
  1. ConvoSync Solutions
  1. Compufy Technolab LLP
  1. NGenious Solutions Inc.
  1. Binary Republik
  1. Qilin Software Lab Pvt Ltd
  1. QBurst
  1. Kcloud Technologies
  1. iBovi Strategic Cybersecurity Inc
  1. MetaDesign Solutions
  1. Dazeworks
  1. Centizen, Inc.
  1. Everdata Technologies
  1. Welcome Networks
  1. Knoldus Inc.
  1. Velotio Technologies
  1. Polestar Solutions & Services
  1. ThirdEye Data
  1. Computer Solutions East
  1. Fulcrum Digital
  1. GlobalVox
  1. RapidValue Solutions
  1. HashRoot Ltd
  1. Ideamine
  1. delaPlex
  1. Radixweb
  1. IBEE Hosting
  1. ISHIR
  1. MIT Group
  1. Uplers
  1. Natsoft Corporation
  1. Ibexlabs
  1. BigStep Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  1. i2K2 Networks Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Geeks Solutions
  1. Infrassist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Hyperlink InfoSystem
  1. Sensiple
  1. Icreon
  1. Experion Technologies
  1. Zensar Technologies
  1. Cyntexa
  1. Affirma Consulting
  1. Mutual Mobile
  1. Algoworks
  1. Saviant Consulting
  1. ThinkSmart IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
  1. Soluzione Inc.
  1. Fexle Inc.
  1. Synoptek
  1. Cube84
  1. Simform
  1. AllianceTek
  1. Amplework Software Pvt Ltd
  1. NCoreSoft
  1. bluCursor Infotech Private Limited
  1. Quixom Technology
  1. Epsilon
  1. DataFactZ
  1. Scalex Technology Solutions
  1. Maruti Techlabs
  1. Brevitaz Systems
  1. Chrisranjana.com data engineers ETL developers
  1. Cygnet Infotech
  1. Cloud Analogy
  1. Chetu, Inc.
  1. Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Wishtree Technologies
  1. Successive Technologies
  1. Great Software Laboratory
  1. G S Bitlabs
  1. ToggleNow Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  1. Prismetric
  1. ABSYZ
  1. MSPAssist
  1. Sygitech
  1. A3logics
  1. Stridely Solutions
  1. XenonStack
  1. Narola Infotech Solutions LLP
  1. OrangeMantra
  1. Techmango Technology Services Private Limited
  1. E2logy
  1. Solveda
  1. HypeTeq Software Solutions
  1. IT Path Solutions
  1. Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Groovy Web LLP
  1. Appsbee Software LLC
  1. SD Squared
  1. Claritus Management Consulting
  1. Technogrips Technologies
  1. SupportSages
  1. eLuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd
  1. Cycloides



Results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on March 13, 2021. Rankings are dynamic and this report may not reflect the rankings currently listed on Clutch’s website.

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