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Clutch Highlights the Top B2B Providers in Argentina

November 5, 2020

by Clutch Team

The leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch, announced the top B2B service providers in Argentina.

WASHINGTON, DC - November 5th, 2020 - Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, released its latest report recognizing the top B2B firms in Argentina.

Argentina is one of the largest near-shoring hubs in Latin America, exporting top technology development, marketing services, and design talent to clients in the US and around the world.

Clutch conducts research and selects its leaders based on a variety of factors. This research process includes analyzing a company’s market presence, brand reputation, client reviews, industry expertise, and other criteria.

As Clutch expands its research, all interested firms in Argentina are encouraged to create a profile and submit client reviews in order to appear on following reports in this market.

“Time zone alignment between tech hubs, reduced costs, similarities in work culture, English proficiency, and continuous agile innovation are some of the key reasons why companies, from SMB’s to enterprises, are choosing service providers in Argentina for their projects.” said Clutch Business Development Manager for LatAm, Ricardo Real Preciado. “This year, we’ve partnered with ArgentinaDelivers, an initiative that aims to create awareness and provide more information about Argentina’s capabilities as a tech & business services partner delivering value and innovation to US and global buyers.”


1. BairesDev

2. Rootstrap

3. AgileEngine

4. Altoros

5. Solvd Inc.

6. United Virtualities


8. AccelOne

9. Globant

10. Modus

11. Yum Yum Videos

12. Truelogic Software LLC

13. Punto Rojo

14. Darwoft

15. Amalgama

16. Clarika

17. Vates

18. Velocity Partners

19. Huenei IT Services

20. devartis

21. Serfe

22. Zarego

23. Rise Interactive

24. 4r Soluciones

25. Brnd Consulting ∙ Better Brands

26. Fulcrum Digital

27. Patagonian

28. Devsar

29. Zetenta

30. Way2net Digital Marketing Agency

31. Filez

32. White Prompt

33. Simplex Software

34. Flux IT

35. DHNN Creative Agency

36. Kubikware

37. Summa Solutions

38. Indicius

39. Band of Coders

40. Lev Digital Strategy

41. InAllMedia

42. 10Pines

43. 9thWonder

44. Bardo

45. XOOR Inc.

46. intive

47. Kelsus

48. The App Master

49. BEON Tech Studio

50. Bonsai

51. Genium

52. Taller Technologies Argentina

53. Azumo

54. InPulse Digital

55. Litebox

56. Digital Consulting Group

57. Puzzle

58. Neginet

59. Practia

60. Underscope

61. White Canvas

62. Moka

63. The Fuzzy Fish

64. Venon Solutions

65. Julasoft

66. asamblo

67. Agency Coda

68. Greelow



71. Smallcode

72. Bracketmedia

73. Meira Productivity

74. Minami


76. Codea IT

77. Made2

78. Tec Solutions Network

79. DinoCloud

80. NewBitCrew

81. Devlights

82. IncluIT

83. MAvha

84. TATAM Digital

85. BullMetrix

86. Fixer Argentina

87. Sysgarage


89. Southern Minds

90. Hexacta

91. Wolox

92. FlyDevs

93. WeDevelop

94. Hispano Language Advisory


96. Moovx

97. Latamways

98. Claw Studios

99. Axonier

100. Kenility

101. Workflow Development SA

102. ABstract Solutions

103. Process Technologies

104. SimTLiX

105. Infovalue

106. DITEC Developing Ideas and Technologies

107. Tuxdi

108. Kovix

109. Digital Beings

110. BairesQA

111. PERSEO Agencia SEO

112. LinkSolution

113. BitThink

114. IT Convergence

115. Develone

116. Syloper

117. GeekGauchos

118. Nybble Group



Results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on November 5th, 2020. Rankings are dynamic, and this report may not reflect the rankings currently listed on Clutch’s website.


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