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Clutch Announces the Top 100 B2B Companies from Russia for 2021

May 3, 2021

by Clutch Team

Today, Clutch released their list of the highest-ranking B2B service providers in Russia. The selected leaders represent a wide array of industries and are the key players in their respective specialties. 

WASHINGTON, DC - May 4, 2021 – Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform located in Washington, DC, announced their 2021 Leaders from Russia. These 100 companies represent a variety of service lines and locations.Top B2B Companies Russia

The IT outsourcing market in Russia is continuously growing. In fact, Russia has the 4th largest number of IT professionals in Europe.

Clutch utilizes a rigorous selection methodology to determine the winners of their Leader Awards. This includes looking through a company’s portfolio of past work, online presence, and reviews on Clutch.
“The phenomenal companies that make up this year’s Leader Award winners from Russia have consistently demonstrated their ability to provide value for their clients,” stated Clutch Sales Development Representative Danny Ehrlich. “Our team at Clutch was blown away by their dedication to excellence.”

Clutch’s research into the highest-ranking B2B companies is always ongoing. To be considered for next year’s list of Leaders, create a profile on Clutch today.

Read through the leaders below:

  1. Umbrella IT
  1. Magora
  1. Andersen
  1. SimbirSoft
  1. Azoft
  1. AGIMA
  1. Mercury Development
  1. Exyte
  1. Shakuro
  1. Orangesoft
  1. S Media Link LLC
  1. Mentalstack
  1. ADCI Solutions
  1. Auriga, Inc.
  1. Geex Arts
  1. Reksoft
  1. iD EAST
  1. Zorka.Agency
  1. First Line Software
  1. MST Digital Agency
  1. NTR Labs
  1. Touch Instinct
  1. Rubius
  1. Artezio
  1. Velvetech LLC
  1. e-Legion
  1. Live Typing
  1. Sibedge
  1. JetRockets
  1. Ronas IT
  1. Dev Centre House
  1. Aspirity
  1. Vide Infra
  1. Netpeak
  1. Simtech Development
  1. MobileUp
  1. CVisionLab
  1. *instinctools
  1. vinille
  1. JetRuby Agency
  1. DNA Team
  1. Surf
  1. Evrone
  1. Webernetic Family
  1. Fusion Tech
  1. IT Test
  1. Axmor Software
  1. ISS Art
  1. SLON Media
  1. InsightWhale
  1. Mobio
  1. Fayrix
  1. Tegra
  1. iPapus Agency
  1. Omega
  1. 65apps
  1. KODE
  1. Purrweb
  1. Embacy
  1. CleverPumpkin
  1. Go Mobile
  1. Qmobi
  1. Aplana Software Services
  1. RentaTeam
  1. 4Taps
  1. Envion Software
  1. CRFT Video
  1. ITRex Group
  1. Apus Agency
  1. Distillery
  1. Byndyusoft
  1. CimpleO
  1. Soshace
  1. Konig Labs
  1. Adsbalance
  1. Mediapark
  1. Sibers
  1. LoyaltyPlant
  1. AdQuantum
  1. Maxilect LLC
  1. Chulakov Studio
  1. Businessware Technologies
  1. Notamedia
  1. ASTRIO agency
  1. Sixhands
  1. Manufactura
  1. OTR FinTechArt
  1. isavelev
  1. Softaria
  1. Archy
  1. CodeInside
  1. Burning Buttons



Results are a snapshot of Clutch’s Leaders Matrices on April 23rd, 2021. Rankings are dynamic and this report may not reflect the rankings currently listed on Clutch’s website.

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