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Why Your E-Commerce Business Should Invest in Call Center Software

November 8, 2019

by Bhagirath Sindhav

Digital Marketing Executive, Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Customer experience is important and e-commerce businesses need to reach out, stay in touch, and communicate. Call center software is tailored to deliver delightful customer experiences, making it a must-have for ecommerce businesses. It is far better than outsourcing customer care.

E-commerce operators have a choice of serving customers directly with in-house resources or they can consider outsourcing customer service entirely and simply focus on core business.

Outsourcing means you are delegating an important task to a service provider who works with multiple clients. Setting up customer care with call center software in-house allows for better call center operations.

The slight increase in cost is offset by immense gains in customer loyalty, increased sales, and a better reputation of impeccable services by knowledgeable and helpful staff members. The latest call center software is usually omnichannel with some measure of artificial intelligence (AI) and easy use for employees.

E-commerce businesses find it immensely helpful to invest in call center software, as it provides immediate access, a centralized dashboard, omnichannel communication, call records, security, and analytics that lead to richer customer experiences. 

Immediate Access to Assistance

Potential customers or existing customers who get in touch with customer care need an immediate response that satisfies their query. In-house call center software helps in transferring the call to a knowledgeable expert who can handle and resolve the query.

Call centers may have trained personnel but those personnel still don’t know the ins-and-outs of your customers’ experiences.

In-house call center software avoids the maze-like, frustrating experiences endemic at huge call centers. Instead of forcing customers to engage with a huge, bureaucratic, inefficient agency, use in-house call center software.

Integrated Omnichannel Communication Centers 

In-house call center services can best use omnichannel dashboards, make decisions, and provide accurate recommendations and instruction.

At a large call center, customers end up talking to nameless, faceless agents, not the company account executives they would prefer to chat with.

Integrated omnichannel communication centers provide opportunities to engage in video chat, which gives customers the chance to see directly who they are speaking with.

In this way, in-house omnichannel methods help the customer experience to be more memorable, consistent, and thorough. 

More Accurate Information

If you use a call center, you risk them fudging records and providing only positive performance records while underplaying negative issues.

more accurate call center information

Instead, you can install a contact center in-house and have access to activity and statistics that are fully accurate and representative. Now, you will have a live view of all the conversations that are occurring and can jump into different conversations or customer files when necessary.

Accurate CRM Scoring

You can tie the contact center software to your CRM, glance over records and then have someone follow up a call for a brief survey and to know the score.

accurate crm scoring

Customers appreciate the concern you show. Your net promoter score improves since customers are likely to buy again and recommend your site to others. 

Catering to the Human Psyche

Experience shows that people have developed a certain mindset about call centers. If they are talking with agents they know what to expect and their expectations of services reduce.

Customers who talk directly with the company’s executives exhibit a changed mindset and are more approachable. They can be convinced with ease. This, too, is a factor to consider when you decide to go for call center software for your e-commerce business. Your customers will simply be more receptive to the person they are speaking with.

Invest in Call Center Software

E-commerce operators face a tough choice: allocate resources to out-of-house call centers or institute one internally at the company.

While either option may seem as if it would suffice, truly forward-thinking e-commerce companies invest in their own call center software and reap the accompanying customer rewards.

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