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Sitecore Management for Municipal Tourism Department

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ENGAGENCY took over from another firm who was unable to perform well on Sitecore. They performed an initial website audit and now work on marketing campaigns, general updates, and staff training. 

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The improved site has more visitors and longer site engagement. ENGAGENCY communicates well and is aware of new technologies that may improve the site and general business practices. The team provides immediate support for high-priority issues and problem solves well. 

"We are just now being able to understand all the functions that Sitecore offers us, and that's because of ENGAGENCY."


Please describe your organization.

We are the Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau. We market the destination of Tunica as a whole.

What is your position and responsibilities?

I am the social media manager, and I handle all website activity.


What business challenge were you trying to address with ENGAGENCY?

We had hired a firm previously that sold us on this platform [Sitecore] when we redid our website, about 18 weeks ago. With that previous company, we found out that they did not know how to use Sitecore and were learning along with us on how to use it, which in turn was costing us more money. We needed someone that was more knowledgeable with the platform and could help us improve our site in an efficient manner. There was a local company here that suggested that we find a partner like ENGAGENCY to help us finish building our site.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

They have been responsible for conducting a website audit at the beginning to see what needed fixing so the website would perform better. They work on marketing campaigns with us to ensure that the website landing pages are built properly, any forms are built so people can enter contests. They work with me on a daily basis to help me send out newsletters. Any time I have an issue on the website, they help me figure out what's going on with it. Every aspect of what we do digitally and on our website, they have a hand in it with me.

They have also trained me on the use of the platform. Every time that I have an issue with something I can't do with my limited knowledge, they always send me instructions, so I know how to do it in the future without having to contact them each time.

Having transitioned from the previous provider to ENGAGENCY, I now love Sitecore. Previously, I thought it was awful. I didn't know how we were going to function with it in having a workable website. Now that we have ENGAGENCY, it's completely different. We are just now being able to understand all the functions that Sitecore offers us, and that's because of ENGAGENCY, and being able to do marketing plans around what the platform allows us to do.

How did you come to work with ENGAGENCY?

A consultant we had hired had found them for us.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

It was about $110,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

The relationship is ongoing. We're even looking for someone to help us on the digital side for more marketing, and they have offered and been interviewing the people we're interviewing. They know that they're going to have to work hand-in-hand, so they've started to interview the people we're talking to, making sure that they're going to be a correct fit for both of us.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

We have monthly reporting that we do. Our Google Analytics show that the website has more monthly users, more new visitors, and that the time on site is longer due to the things that they've helped me design to keep people going through the marketing funnel. But, that's really about it.

They keep us up to date, so when the newest updates come out they update us on what those are and train us. Sitecore 8 has come out, we're about to transition to that. They let me know the new marketing features that are available on it, train us, and show us what we can do to improve our business practices.

What distinguishes ENGAGENCY from other providers?

We use a platform called Mantis, where I can put in any bugs or anything that I have and prioritize them. They respond immediately for high-priority things. They always give me an answer when I ask for help. It's never, "Oh, we forgot about this" or "We're not quite sure." If they're not sure, they make sure they find out the answer for me and let me know.

We have biweekly calls to go over, touch base, and make sure that they're doing what I need and to discuss my hours that I've used. They're very clear on all that on the reporting. If I'm over hours, they want to make sure that I know that, so we can sit down as a group and discuss what needs to be done immediately and what we can hold off on until the next budgeting cycle comes through. ENGAGENCY is very open with communication, letting me know what's going on, and the speed of work is great.

Is there anything ENGAGENCY could have improved or done differently?

Honestly, since I've had such horrible people in the past, they're a dream to me. I honestly don't have anything to say about that.


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