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Cartesian Consulting

Marketing Analytics for Large Indian Retailer

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In collaboration with a team of business stewards, Cartesian Consulting consolidated the databases to handle large-scale customer information and handled the analytics to improve the marketing strategy of the company in their targeted scope.

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Cartesian Consulting has acquired sufficient amount of customer data and feedback. There was a visible improvement in the company’s customer services.

"[I]'ve found Cartesian to be responsive, agile and pro-active."


We are Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, India's largest branded apparel retailer that owns, manufactures, and markets four of the largest menswear brands in the country – Louis Philippe, Van Heusen (under a perpetual licensing agreement with Phillips Van Heusen Corporation), Allen Solly, and Peter England. We are a $550 million enterprise with close to 2,000 retail stores across the country and more than 5 million customers visiting these stores annually. We also own three different retail formats called Planet Fashion (220 stores comprising all four of our brands), People (about 100 stores catering to the teenage/young adult casual segment), and The Collective (operating in the luxury segment – about 18 stores catering to the top end with more than 50 international brands). I am the Marketing Manager.


We brought Cartesian on board in 2012, after evaluating several partners for loyalty program analytics and building a strong pipeline of customer insights. Our loyalty programs, while separate for each brand, has about 4.5 million members in all.

The initial mandate was to consolidate the databases of all the programs at the back end and work toward developing a single view of customer across all of them. The mandate has evolved from this point on to the customer life cycle management that has helped us automate campaigns based on different types of consumer segments and behavior.


This engagement has now grown further, with Cartesian embedding a five-member team inside Madura to handle analytics emerging from consumer feedback gathered at our stores. We've initiated the Net Promoter System in Madura and the amount of consumer information on both demographics and preferences is staggering. We've so far collected more than a million feedback from customers (in about 15 months) through iPads placed in stores, and more than a 100,000 conversations through a dedicated call center set up for outreaches – through which consumers share their views, and suggestions for us. 

Cartesian, in collaboration with a team of business stewards, handles the analytics around this consumer feedback, which is presented back to the operating teams on a monthly basis. 


All through our engagement more than the last three and a half years, I've found Cartesian to be responsive, agile and pro-active. During the last two years, they've more than doubled their team size, which seems to reflect their ambition to grow and keeping with the demands of their clients – I know they've also added a number of new clients to their roster. Cartesian Consulting has been able to add a high degree of value to the loyalty program analytics, insights, and campaigns and have managed to drive a deeper level of conviction within the business teams, on how to extract greater economic value from sharper insights and actions.


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