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Cartesian Consulting

Big Data Consulting for International Pizza Chain

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Cartesian Consulting handled the pricing and marketing strategy, menu realizations and promotions. They worked on monthly marketing campaigns and provided consultation on business operations.

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There was a six percent positive increase in sales and customer counts. Cartesian Consulting has met the standards set by the client. They are responsive, competitive and proactive. The client has huge growth plans and wants the team to take part in it.

"Cartesian Consulting believes in the power of analytics and data-driven thinking when it comes to marketing decisions."


Please describe your organization.

We are Domino's Indonesia.

What is your position and responsibilities?

I'm the CEO. I took the company over in July 2013. 


What business challenge were you trying to address with Cartesian Consulting?

I was looking for help with my new pricing strategy that I wanted to put in place and to come up with some recommendations for my menu rationalization. 


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

We have them do all our work. They do everything from menu realization, pricing strategy, marketing recommendations, and marketing promotions. The next project they started is looking at my complete portfolio and providing recommendations on what is working, what is not working, and what some of the trends are that they are seeing in some of the stores.

They work on our monthly marketing campaigns, and they work on Domino's Indonesia three-year pricing strategy by giving offering advice for the business so I can make sound business decisions.

How did you come to work with Cartesian Consulting?

I saw some of the results they were getting with their CRM [customer relationship management] program and the way they were doing their business. I met with them and I was very impressed by what they were doing. A month later, Cartesian was working for me, and they have been ever since.

I started my search for key players to support me to turn the brand around in the country. Part of my search was to find a global consulting firm specializing in marketing analytics. On a visit to India in October 2013, I was introduced to Sandeep Mittal, the founder of Cartesian, who had worked with Domino's India for a number of years and came highly recommended by the Domino's India team.

Domino's India is the largest Domino's country outside of the United States and is currently growing at 150 to 200 stores a year. This year, they will cross the 1,000-store mark. That gave me a lot of confidence in their work and results.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

It varies. For instance, they have done a couple of small, simple marketing recommendation projects for me, and they have done projects close to a few million dollars as well. Now, they are working on another project for me, which will be in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 for coming up with recommendations and portfolios for moving forward with some of the additions I want to make to the store. 

What is the status of this engagement?

We have them on a monthly retainer. They have normal activities that Cartesian's team delivers on a monthly basis. Beyond that, we also have them doing a variety of other projects as we see fit. 


What distinguishes Cartesian Consulting from other providers?

They are extremely intelligent, hard-working people. They correspond promptly with you, and they meet all their deadlines, even the real tight ones I tend to give them. They are also extremely humble about the way they do things. At the same time, however, they are aggressive, and are willing to challenge you on some of the decisions you want to make.

I actually like when a vendor or supplier challenges you in your thinking process, giving constructive criticism and advice when needed.

They have a very good team of people around them. That is why they have been so successful. They have been doing this for a long time. They come out here and give us recommendations, and their advice has always been spot on. This is the kind of team that is good to work with.

They have a team of qualified, experienced, and talented employees across offices in India and Singapore and services leading brands globally across sectors including hospitality, retail, food and QSR [quick service restaurant], E-commerce, Telecom, and Financial Services.

They have since expanded their footprint internationally and currently serve clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand as well. Cartesian Consulting believes in the power of analytics and data-driven thinking when it comes to marketing decisions. This belief comes from some cutting-edge tools, a lot of smarts, and decades of experience in marketing and CRM. Being direct marketers at heart, Cartesian Consulting doesn't believe in stopping just at the analysis. Instead, they take a deep dive into the campaign design and management as well.

An example of this was the migration of a promotion that was being run a year before I took over the company called "Buy 1, Get 1." This promotion, while increasing top-line sales, was having a negative impact on the bottom line. One day a week on Tuesday, customers could come into Domino's and buy one pizza and get one free. Our business was a Tuesday business with 60 to 70 percent of the sales on that one day.

In October 2014, we migrated out of this with "smart value" promotions, which we worked with Sandeep and his team. Results were outstanding with sales and customer counts meeting expectations and 6 percent positive increase on the bottom line. All of the numbers were in line with our 'joint expectations'.

We have huge growth plans, and I plan to ensure that Cartesian is part of that growth. Sandeep and his team are extremely humble, supportive, always willing to think outside the "pizza box" and willing to challenge. I respect Sandeep and his team and have no hesitation in recommending them to any company.

Is there anything Cartesian Consulting could have improved or done differently?

Not really. However, initially they were running all of their business activities in India. A year ago, I recommended that they should look at bringing their business to other parts of Asia because there are a lot of things happening in other growing Asian markets.

I encouraged them to look into setting up an office in the Singapore region. Now, they have an office in Singapore, which is even better for us.


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    We actually have already recommended them to quite a few of our colleagues...I have no concerns about recommending them. They've done a great job of helping me make a lot of smart business decisions. I have been really happy with them.