Affirma Consulting

Dependable Technology Services

"They are a good partner for us. We had a very positive experience. The infrastructure they put around the project is impressive."
— IT Manager, Spectralux Avionics

"The project management and the design team were extraordinary. They understood what we were trying to do and they used the strengths of SharePoint to be able to fulfill our needs."
— Information Technology Director, Indian Gaming Group

Bellevue, WA
Employees: 50 - 249
$100 - $149/hr


Enterprise Software. Advanced Web. Mobile Apps.

“They clearly have an extraordinary talent pool to draw from, and their project management style is very effective."
— President, Fee Technology

"They really take ownership of their work, which is definitely reflected in its quality."
— CTO, IPNav

Austin, TX
Employees: 250 - 999
$25 - $49/hr


Professional Software Development

"What's reassuring is that these guys really have in-depth expertise in the field. They're comfortable in that consulting role. That's comforting from a client perspective because we don't always have the answers."
— Chief Solutions Architect, Information Technology Consultancy

"ScienceSoft has very solid project management. They're very on top of it with their communications and their scheduled communication. They did very well in that respect."
— Chief Technology Officer, DubLi, Inc. (Consumer Products and Services Firm)

McKinney, TX
Employees: 250 - 999
$25 - $49/hr
1 214 306 68 37


Crystallizing your predictive enterprise

"They’re very flexible and they truly put their money where their mouth is."
Chief Operating Officer & Change Program Manager, National Bank in the Netherlands

"Crystalloids spent the time researching the technical and human components of the project, which made the entire process much smoother."
Director of Database Marketing, International Office Supply Retailer

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Employees: 10 - 49
$100 - $149/hr


Strategy - Implementation - Training - Innovation

"Their added value for us has been that they have a solid handle on both Salesforce and Eloqua. They also design brilliant campaigns that are easy to manage."
— Global Online Marketing Manager (Multinational Energy Corp.)

New York, NY
Employees: 250 - 999

4Thought Marketing

Specialists in the Oracle Marketing Cloud

"If 4Thought Marketing doesn't know something, they research it and come back to me. They follow up, they're responsive, and they're accountable – they've never missed a deadline. I just feel like I'm a priority for them. I know I'm not the only customer that they have, but I don't feel that way.”
— Global Marketing Operations Manager, Computer Software Firm

"We've always been very impressed with the responsiveness of their team. 4Thought Marketing is not confined to a box, in a manner of speaking. They are very good at finding solutions, working around what would be a challenge to some organizations, and finding something that can work for us.”
— Marketing Operations Manager, Optiv Security (Information Security Consultancy)

Garden Valley, CA
Employees: 10 - 49
888-ELOQUA4 (888-356-7824)


Breaking down the barriers between data and action

"They have been invaluable to us because what we really needed was a partner that could understand our business first, and then tailor the solution around it.
—Manager, Campaign Management Operations

"They’re extremely flexible with their clients and a real pleasure to work with. I've been entirely satisfied with them.
—Manager, Customer Insights Group

Boston, MA
Employees: 10 - 49
$100 - $149/hr

"Cartesian Consulting has been able to add a high degree of value to the loyalty program analytics, insights, and campaigns and have managed to drive a deeper level of conviction within the business teams, on how to extract greater economic value from sharper insights and actions.”
—Marketing Manager, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle

"Cartesian Consulting believes in the power of analytics and data-driven thinking when it comes to marketing decisions. This belief comes from some cutting-edge tools, a lot of smarts, and decades of experience in marketing and CRM."
—Chief Executive Officer of Indonesia Franchise, International Pizza Chain

Employees: 50 - 249


Redefining the digital marketing agency

“We feel extremely justified in the amount of resources we invest in their services. They add considerable value to our business."
— Digital Marketing Manager, Credit Union

"They definitely have a unique approach in that they’re never sedentary. They’re extremely proactive and that's been invaluable to us."
— Director of Marketing Operations, Biotechnology Organization

Baltimore, MD
Employees: 50 - 249
$150 - $199/hr

"They’ve been able to come into our company and collaborate with our team to such a degree that it almost feels as if they’ve been working here for years." —Director of Global Digital Marketing, Multinational Technology Firm

Denver, CO
Employees: 50 - 249
$150 - $199/hr


Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Omniture, Demandbase Partner

"I was impressed by their methods and approach. They're not only experts with Eloqua, they really understand online marketing solutions.
—Channel Marketing Manager, Regional Credit Union

"eNautics is world class at what they do. They combine knowledge of multiple platforms and marketing strategies to enable their customers to achieve results they haven’t seen before....
—Director of Marketing, IT Service Provider

San Francisco, CA
Employees: 2 - 9
$200 - $300/hr

BroadPoint Technologies, LLC

Bright ideas for better performance

"I love Great Plains, but I love Broadpoint."
Controller & Vice President of Finance, Nonprofit Organization Management

Bethesda, MD
Employees: 50 - 249
$150 - $199/hr


Give them what they want.℠

“They do a wonderful job of examining the business and formulating valuable ideas."
— Online Marketing Manager, Vacation Resort Franchise

"They really take the time to develop a close business relationship”
— IT Manager, State University

Austin, TX
Employees: 10 - 49
$150 - $199/hr


Corner the Market

"The consultants that they allocated to our business I give nothing but stars, exclamations, and thumbs up to: they were fantastic."

Atlanta, GA
Employees: 10 - 49
$200 - $300/hr


Marketing Technology Consultancy

"They take the time to understand their clients' business, and their solutions are better for it."
— Director of Marketing Production, Staffing & Management Agency

"The level of accountability and ownership that they've adopted has a serious impact on the quality of work they're able to deliver."
— Senior Marketing Manager, Global Distribution Company

Atlanta, GA
Employees: 50 - 249
$150 - $199/hr


Outsource dev: E-commerce, CRM/ERP, Digital

"The Starcode team actively works with me to understand where they are performing well and what aspects they can develop and should improve upon. They're strongly focused on making everything better. Their work is pretty close to perfect. 
— Chief Executive Officer, Cashback Site Company

"Starcode has very qualified managers. They have a great web development team. We didn't have any issues with them in any of the projects that we've done with them."
— Business Development Director, Information Technology Firm

Krasnodar, Russia
Employees: 10 - 49
$25 - $49/hr
8 800 222 11 32

"They have a great track record with third-party integrations of various sizes and complexities."
— CTO, Sports Broadcasting Start-up

San Diego , CA
Employees: 10 - 49
$100 - $149/hr

Qualex Consulting Services

Quality and Experience... Anytime, Anywhere

"Qualex's strength is their technical skill and knowledge of the sports and entertainment industries."  
— Head of Data Analytics, Professional Sports Franchise

"They provide great value for a low price and are really flexible. If you want it, they’ll make it happen. They don’t complain about having to do extra work and add enhancements. They just take the requirements and do the work."
Database Manager, Casino

Miami, FL
Employees: 50 - 249
$100 - $149/hr

Exigo Group

Our Heads Are In The Cloud

"[Exigo Group has] a lot of prior experience and a lot of knowledge about the sales process and enterprise sales, target account selling."
— Marketing Coordinator, Fix Auto USA (Auto Body Shop)

San Clemente, CA
Employees: 10 - 49
$100 - $149/hr

Sidebench Studios

Custom Technology. Intuitive Design.

"I would definitely recommend them, and I have before."
— Associate Brand Manager, Pabst Brewing Company

"I cannot speak highly enough of the skill and professionalism of their team, open communication throughout, including handling new requests seamlessly, and completing this project on time and within budget."
— Principle, Bella Grace Magazine

Los Angeles, CA
Employees: 10 - 49
$150 - $199/hr