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PVA, Inc.

Transportation Company OpenText Livelink Implementation

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PVA installs, maintains and upgrades the OpenText document management system for a large transportation agency. A PVA consultant can test, configure, upgrade and install the software remotely.

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PVA has proven to be professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. They are very familiar with this specific configuration. They can sometimes be hard to reach, but otherwise, they have consistently lived up to their end of the deal. Employees are pleased with the Livelink system.

"We have established a long-term working relationship. It went very well in the past. PVA knows our system very well, and that’s the key point that keeps us together."


Can you provide a brief description of what your company does?

My company is a transportation company for Canada’s largest port.

Is it a private company?

It is a government company, but not completely public. We report to the Transport Canada government agency. The formal description that we have is, we are the biggest port in Canada.

What is your position?

I’m the Livelink system administrator.


What were your company’s business goals or reasons for undertaking the project with PVA?

We have been working together with PVA for many years. Before I took over the position of Livelink administrator, we started working with PVA. Since I took over the position in 2009, my organization continues to work with PVA as they offer us upgrade support and some daily support. I’m very satisfied with their service, and their professional skills and capability.


What was the process for selecting PVA to work with?

Normally, we send our request of quotation to several vendors including OpenText partners. According to their proposal, we choose the best solution. We continue to work with PVA since our projects have been completed successfully every time. We have established a long-term working relationship. It went very well in the past. PVA knows our system very well, and that’s the key point that keeps us together.

Why did you decide to adopt OpenText Livelink?

I think PVA gave us a reasonable service price, and they had done several upgrades for us in the past few years. They are very familiar with our outstanding issues and our system configurations, making cooperation much easier.

Can you talk about the scope of the project? Which parts were PVA involved in?

Every time we have a project with PVA, we have a clear statement of work. For example, we just did the Livelink upgrade to version 10. The consultant from PVA will do the remote support for us to transfer to UTF 8. PVA will install the new system software in our server together with me.

PVA will help us set up the testing environment, and finish the entire configuration in both environments. They do a lot of work during the upgrade.

Besides the Livelink technology, were there any other technologies used?

No. Just Livelink.

Can you give us a sense of the size of the initiative for the project in dollar terms or personnel hours?

During the project upgrade we just did for CS10, PVA worked around 120 hours. Most of the work was done remotely, and we paid an hourly fee.

Is that particular project is finished?


Are they still working with you on support?

If there’s still some outstanding issues regarding this project after completion, we will need PVA support. If there are no other outstanding issues, then we can maintain the system ourselves. OpenText is often not responsive to our problems, so we ask PVA for assistance.


What were the results of the project?

The project was recently completed, so we don’t have solid metrics. However, we interviewed employees after the changes. Most of the interviewees mentioned to us that they are very satisfied. Performance has improved a lot. There are no big changes employees disliked from the new version. Actually, this project went well, and has met our expectations to this point.

Do you feel like you’ve made the right decision to partner with PVA?


How did PVA perform?

I think they did well. PVA has done their part, and they always try their best to support us. They are professional. So, when we have some tough technology issues, they can fix it quickly.

When working with PVA, was there anything unique or special about them?

I think PVA has various skills regarding Livelink technology. Livelink is a complicated system. PVA’s consultants can meet all requirements regarding servers and other parts. They have fine knowledge and skills to help us to deal with this type of complicated technology project.

Is there any area that PVA could improve upon or you would do differently?

PVA’s schedule is very full. Sometimes, when we need to reach them, you cannot reach them at exactly the time you want to because they are pretty busy. They have a very busy project schedule.

Hopefully in the future, they can enhance this kind of availability. But this is understandable. A lot of companies have this issue if they have a lot of projects occurring at the same time.


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