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Updated November 17, 2023

Mobile App Pricing Guide 2024

App Development Pricing Guide July 2024

Understanding app development pricing is essential before hiring an app development company. Learn more about what effects app development costs and how you can get the most out of your budget.

There are dozens of reasons why businesses may want to build a mobile app; from streamlining internal processes to connecting with potential customers and increasing sales, a mobile app is often a worthwhile investment.

Still, building a high-quality and functional app requires expert understanding of user experience, design, coding, database structures, algorithms, and more. Unless your business has an internal development team, you will have to hire an app development company to bring your vision to life

This pricing guide will break down how much app developers charge for their services, what impacts app development prices, and how you can find a partner that fits your budget.

Mobile App Development projects reviewed on Clutch typically cost

$10,000 - $49,999
< $10,000 $10,000 - $49,999 $50,000 - $199,999 $200,000 >

Mobile app development can be an expensive undertaking and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Whether your app development project falls on the lower or higher end of that spectrum depends on the scope of your project.

The biggest factors that will influence the overall cost of your app development project are features and functionalities, the complexity of the UX design, and the backend development process.

What Is The Cost of Hiring An App Development Company?

The average cost of hiring an app development company on Clutch is between $25–$49 per hour.

Because app developers charge hourly rates, the scope of the project and how long it will take to develop can have a huge impact on the total price of development.

App development companies are involved in the development process from start to finish. While some apps may only take a few weeks to build, others can take months or even years. The timeline of your project is dependent on the complexity of your app as well as the size of your development team.

What Services Do App Developers Offer?
  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • UI/UX Design (user experience and user interface design)
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launching
  • Maintenance 

The cost of hiring an app developer depends largely on client requirements. Basic features and simple apps will cost more than complex ones.

Regardless of your needs, it’s important to understand what services you can ask for (and will play into mobile app pricing).

App developers and software development teams can support in-house team members or conduct the project on their own during a full-service project.

Depending on your needs, the app development process could involve adding new features to an existing mobile app, undertaking the entire mobile application development from scratch, or conducting optimization to improve an app design or features for better monetization or performance in the app market.

In order to get an accurate estimate on how much their app development will cost, companies must outline their goals for their app. With this in mind, they will be able to pinpoint the operating system they should use, what features they need to include, and the timeline for the project — many of which will impact the project’s price. Remember to discuss your thinking with potential providers upfront to determine if they’re the correct company to work with.

Operating Systems Have Little Impact on the Cost of Hiring an App Developer

When building a mobile app, many business leaders debate which operating system to launch their app on. Those who are unfamiliar with app development may wonder: does it matter?

Not when it comes to app price. Based on data collected by Clutch, app developers are likely to charge the same hourly rate regardless of what operating system the app will be launched on.

However, creating one native iOS app and a native Android app will double the overall price of your app development project.

Alternatively, companies who want to launch apps in both the Google Play Store and the App Store can build a hybrid app — or an app that can be launched on either or both operating systems — but that option comes with limitations when it comes to functionality.

Operating System
Hourly Rate
$25 - $49
$25 - $49
Hybrid & Cross-Platform Apps
$25 - $49

Note: Price ranges above are in U.S. dollars.

Choosing whether you should build an Android app, iOS app, or hybrid app depends on your target audience, your timeline, what features you want to include, and what resources are available to your business.

This graphic outlines some of the characteristics of each operating system. Keep these benefits and drawbacks in mind when discussing your needs with your developer.

Although the operating system you choose may not directly impact how much developers charge, business leaders still need to carefully consider which one is best for their business.

Your Industry Won’t Affect App Development Prices, But Features Will

If you’re planning to build an app, you likely already have an idea of what type of app you want to build and what features you want to include. Maybe you have an idea for a fun mobile game or a new dating app. Alternatively, you may want to build an e-commerce app to increase sales or build a CRM to improve customer satisfaction.

The good news is that app developers are likely going to charge the same hourly rate regardless of what your goals are. That doesn’t mean that apps across all industries or markets cost the same, though.

Choosing which features and functionalities an app needs depends on how it’s going to be used, what industry it’s in, and other factors. In some of these industries, it’s necessary for apps to have certain features in order to be competitive.

For instance, gaming apps are notoriously expensive to develop and it’s rare that businesses make a profit off of them. One reason is because games often require a complex app structure or programming logic. Your mobile gaming app needs to have functionality that will make it stand out and attract users.

Since the cost of the app directly correlates to the complexity of the app, this can increase the budget significantly. Advanced animations and extensive content can increase the cost as well.

In other industries, features like in-app purchases, push notifications, shopping cart functionality, and compatibility with wearable devices can increase the app development costs.

What App Features Are Worth The Investment Based On 2024 Trends?
  • Chatbots & chat features
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Targeted push notifications
  • AR/VR
  • Machine learning & AI 

Want to know more about how much app development companies charge to build the type of app you want to build specifically? This table breaks down what businesses can expect to pay for an app based on what market the app is targeting.

App Industry
Common Features
Hourly Rate
  • AR/VR
  • Multiplayer functionality
  • Chat
  • Sound effects
  • Animation & graphics
$25 - $49
  • Integration with wearable devices
  • Gamification
  • Location & GPS
  • Push notifications
$25 - $49
  • Video integration
  • Live tutorials
  • Multilingual support
  • Offline mode
  • Personalization 
$25 - $49
CRM & Sales Enablement
  • Workflow automation
  • Third-party integrations
  • Customization
  • Social media monitoring
$25 - $49
  • Profile building
  • Comments & reactions to posts
  • Secure login
  • Content sharing
  • Notifications
$25 - $49
  • Security features
  • Customer support
  • Integration with other financial apps
  • Alerts & push notifications
$25 - $49
  • Shopping carts
  • Advanced search
  • AI voice assistant
  • Product reviews
  • Security features
  • Chatbots & chat
$25 - $49

What Impacts Mobile App Development Costs?

  • Company size
  • Location
  • Team experience
  • Features and functionality
  • UX/UI design
  • Timeline

While the features, functionality, and UX/UI design can make a project more complex and therefore significantly increase the overall cost of an app development project, the rate that an app development company charges for their work is dependent on other factors.

When looking for an app development partner, business leaders should also consider the development company’s size, experience and location.

Well-established companies that have built hundreds of successful apps in the past are likely to charge more. Albeit, they have proven themselves to be reliable partners capable of building first-rate apps. Still, smaller development companies can still provide high-quality work without such a large price tag.

How much an app development company charges also depends on the market cost in their area. As such, companies located in different regions can have vastly different hourly rates. Because of this, many companies decide to outsource to companies in different parts of the world to save money.

2024 Mobile App Development Pricing by Location

Browse hourly rates for Mobile App Development companies by popular locations.

CountryAverage Cost per Hour
United States of America$100 - $149
United Kingdom$150 - $199
Canada$50 - $99
Australia$100 - $149
Phillippines$25 - $49
Ukraine$25 - $49
Poland$25 - $49
Spain$25 - $49
Mexico$25 - $49

* Countries ranked by Clutch traffic


Offshoring is extremely common in the app development industry. Many companies turn to app developers in different markets because they provide high-quality services for lower hourly rates.

Eastern European countries in particular have invested a lot in the tech industry, resulting in a strong market for app development. Developers in Southeast Asia also provide more affordable app development services as well.

Many of these development companies have extensive experience working with clients in other areas of the world. Thanks to communication tools and technology, they are able to collaborate seamlessly regardless of where their clients are located. 


When outsourcing, some business leaders worry about the time difference and how it will affect communication throughout the development process — despite how cost-effective it can be. To alleviate some of these issues, many businesses hire app developers who, although they may be located in a different country, are only a few hours away.

For instance, a company in Australia may choose to work with app development companies in India or the Philippines rather than Europe.

Known as nearshoring, hiring an app developer in a different country, but only a time zone or two away can streamline the collaboration but keep costs in check.

An example of this would be if a North American company hired an app developer in South or Central America, where app development prices are lower but there may not be a major time difference.

App Development Pricing Ranges Based On Company Rates

Mobile app development pricing can be difficult to pinpoint, which can create hesitation about jumping into the mobile app marketing.

While building a functional, high-quality, and user-friendly app may be your main goal, the reality is that you need to keep it in budget. The highest cost for your app development is the labor associated with it. The more complex the app is, the more time it will take to develop and the more expensive the app will be.

However, the app developers’ hourly rate is one of the most important components for estimating your app development budget.

When hiring an app developer, consider their location, experience, and company size. With a partner that fits in your budget, you will be able to build an app that meets all of your business needs.

Interested in hiring an app developer? Browse the leading companies and filter based on various criteria. 

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