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Top iPhone App Development Companies - 2019 Reviews

Last updated Oct 22, 2019

Top iOS App Developers 2019Are you searching ‘how to hire the best iOS app developer’? Clutch makes it easy to find a reliable iPhone app development company. Below is a list of the best iOS & iPhone app development companies, each company is reviewed and ranked using the Clutch methodology. Use this list to select a shortlist of mobile app developers, read detailed client reviews of each contender, and choose the right iOS app developer for your project.

List of Top iPhone and iOS App Development Companies

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What to Understand About iPhone App Development Companies

From March 2017 - May 2017, over one-third of all smartphones sold in the United States were iPhones, up nearly 5% from the year prior.

iOS users also spend 2.5x more on in-app purchases than Android users, making them valuable potential customers. Clearly, there is demand for iOS developers. Many businesses seeking to build an app may currently be searching specifically for an iPhone app development company.

If you want to build an iOS app, then you should understand two aspects of iPhone app development before moving forward:

  • The cost of iOS developers
  • The differences between hybrid and native applications

Read below to learn more about these topics and iPhone app development companies.


What Affects The Cost of iPhone App Development Companies

How expensive is it to build an iOS app while working with an iPhone app development company? Overall, Clutch found in its app development cost survey that 44% of app development companies reported that their last launched app cost $50,000 or less. Another 23% said it cost $50,000 - $100,000. Nearly 30% reported that their last launched app cost more than $100,000. Of that group, 4 companies built apps costing more than $1,000,000.

While these numbers consider both iOS, Android, and hybrid app development, iOS development will likely fall on the higher end of this pay scale. Unfortunately, knowing exactly how much it costs to work with an iPhone app development company is complicated. There are two factors that will significantly impact the final price tag:

  • The complexity of your app development project
  • Where the iPhone app development company is located

An intricate app will obviously cost more money. If you expect an app with a level of functionality similar to Uber, then you’ll need a very large budget. However, you likely don’t need every function available to develop a successful iOS app. A good iPhone app development company will work with you to understand which features are needed for your app, and which are simply extraneous and wasteful for your budget. The location of your iPhone app development company will also strongly impact the final price tag. Offshore development is a good option for many U.S. businesses looking into building an app for cheaper. Popular options for offshore app development include:

  • India
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America

However, you should strongly consider the unique obstacles associated with offshore development before making a decision on the location of your iPhone app development company. Be sure to set up a clear plan of communication with an offshore development company to work around the geographical distance and time zone differences.


Understand the Difference Between Hybrid and Native Applications

There are two main types of apps: hybrid apps and native apps. What is the difference between the two?

Hybrid Apps Work Across Different Operating Systems

Hybrid apps work across multiple operating systems. Therefore, if you are building an app that works on iOS, Android and Windows, you are building a hybrid app.

Hybrid apps are essentially web browsers that are built within a thin native application framework. Hybrid apps are cheaper and faster to build. However, hybrid apps are limited in their capabilities, and tend to be slower. They offer less streamlined UX and cannot support intricate graphics.

iOS App Developers Build Native Apps

If you are looking to build an app specifically for iPhones, you are building a native application. Native applications run on a specific operating system - in iPhone’s case, iOS. If you build a native iPhone app, it won’t run on Android phones. Native applications are written in the intended operating system’s specific language. This would likely be Swift for iPhones, Java for Android phones, and C# for Windows phones.

Native apps run faster and better on their specific operating system. They have less glitches and can offer more complex functionality than hybrid apps. The downside of native apps is, if you want to target a wide audience, you’ll likely need to build both a native iOS and native Android application. Native apps are also more expensive.

iPhone app development companies may be able to build both native and hybrid apps, but if you’re specifically looking to target iPhone users, than a native app is the best choice.


With Proper Planning, iOS Developers Worth the Cost

Making the decision to build an iOS application is a huge step for a business. Any app is a big investment, both in time and money, and native iOS applications require significant commitment. However, reaching your audience with a well-crafted and sharply targeted iOS app can significantly boost your business. Use Clutch’s reviews to shop for the best iPhone app development company for your needs.