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5 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help Businesses in 2020

March 9, 2020

by Usman Raza

Co-founder, Church Marketing Company

Guest posting is a tool that can easily connect your business with your target audience. Discover the areas where guest blogging will have an appropriate impact on your company’s success. 

Finding a new audience is rarely easy for any business and while there are several reasons behind this, guest blogging offers one viable solution.

In today’s digital world, guest blogging helps you fill the gap between your business and your targeted audience. It also gives you the potential for global reach. 

Even if you’re an authority in your niche or industry, there are people out there who have never heard about you or your brand existence.

Yet, guest blogging can help you change that. It can boost your industry authority further by giving you the means to spread your knowledge. It can also help generate organic leads. 

Now that I have your attention, let’s explore five easy ways to reach that new audience so you can start building your search engine rank and brand presence for 2020 and beyond.

How Guest Blogging Can Benefit Your Company in 2020

  1. Guest blogging helps your website rank higher
  2. Gain brand exposure on external publications
  3. Build your authority as a thought leader
  4. Establish relationships with clients
  5. Promote content for big events

1. Guest Blogging Helps Your Website Rank Higher

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful and safest SEO tactics that exist on the planet. When someone names your brand or links back to your website, Google sees how your website is related and that can boost your ranking on the search engine results pages when done correctly. 

But, beware. There is such a thing as black hat SEO, which can work against your website or involve tactics that simply aren’t the best for your business or goals. 

So, how do you use SEO to meet your business needs and rise above the competition? Do it with style and with the help of professional advice

It’s time to expose your brand to your audience and see what possibilities lie ahead.

2. Gain Brand Exposure on External Publications

One of the best ways to build a connection is to assess the needs of the audience of those websites. Brand exposure is all about how deep or far you can go when it comes to reaching out to your intended audience. 

Guest blogging on other sites is a great way to help your brand to garner more exposure. It’s about reaching out to other authority sites or freshly launched websites within your niche or industry. 

Mashable, for example, is one of the top platforms that allows bloggers to submit a variety of stories on different topics. 

mashable brand exposure

Along with an easy-to-use contact form, Mashable provides an email address to submit stories and various tips on what to do in order to get your story featured on the website. 

Guest posting is about building new connections with your audience. It’s about showing the industry and your audience that you are a trusted, knowledgeable, and professional brand. 

To get all the benefits of guest blogging, you need to start somewhere and guest posting will give you the starting point you need, the brand exposure you need, and, often, even an author page so hungry readers can learn more about you.

3. Build Your Authority as a Thought Leader

Have you seen these on some of the authority websites? They are amazing for building out a brand’s presence and authority. 

One minute, you’re sharing your newly launched business with your friends, family, and colleagues. The next minute, your expertise is featured on an authority website in your industry with an author page and links back to your website to boot.

Now, anyone who visits that authority site and reads your content can also learn more about you, what you do, and, best of all, how to get your products or services.

The great thing about new author pages and authority sites is that most of the top authority sites will give you the author page you need. Here, you can show your past experiences, your current engagement, and your future visions. 

The author page on big authority sites can bring you those extra chunks of new audiences that you are looking for, but they can also do more.

Most readers follow their favorite authors and writers. Many readers will devour anything and everything that the author writes. To reach this level of success, you start by building s relationship with your audience.

4. Establish Relationships With Clients

Business requires managing relationships with employees, shareholders, partners, clients, and governmental officials. Relationship-building is vital to your success and guest blogging has you covered here as well. 

Guest blogging can help you establish new media and personal relations in your niche and beyond. 

Just as reaching out to publish your first press release might result in a new lead or client, so, too, can guest blogging bring in more potential business.

Building relationships in all areas of your business instills trust and professionalism and can lead to many opportunities when done right and done with consistency. 

So, keep building those relationships. As the old adage says, “Go big or go home.” Right?

5. Promote Content for Big Events

Big events, news, and product demos can further boost your business while also giving you something to talk about in your guest post. 

Got a trade show or another event coming up local to you that you’re going to participate in? Make sure to get the word out. No one will know that you’ll be there if you don’t say so.

News is another great outlet and press releases are one way to get there, but certainly not the only way.

Think business profiles in your local, regional, or national papers or websites. Getting featured on televised news? Got a product demo you’re itching to share? Guest post about it to shout it out to the digital audience. I’m not suggesting you brag, but there are some things that your audience needs to know, and this is one of them.

Finally, ads on FB, Instagram, YouTube, or any other social site also offer a way to attract your audience’s interest.

On Instagram, users can create ads through stories. The ads can connect to over a million accounts. 

Instagram Stories Ads

Outside of Instagram Stories ads, users can create their own photo and video ads as well. Writing about big events, news or product demos can even help you get published on big media sites like CNN, ABC News, Blasting News, or other publications.

Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. 

Start Pitching Your Guest Blog Ideas Today

Putting together an interesting and well-written blog will only benefit your brand. If you want to be successful and reach a bigger, broader audience, guest posting is the way to go. Likewise, if you want to focus on balanced marketing, then opt for guest blogging.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at your opinions by reading various blogs from different authors. It is a competitive field, so be sure to keep that in mind. Either way, publishing on an authority site as a guest offers you a win and ample reward. Begin searching for different opportunities that will showcase your authority and expertise. 

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