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Web and Mobile Development for Travel Company

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Project summary: 

Nix developed a web and mobile audio tour app for iOS and desktops. The specifications and technical design of the solutions were provided, so the project involved only web and mobile development.

Feedback summary: 

Nix provided both components of the project within the estimated budget and timeframe. The team was recognized for their responsiveness and for maintaining open communication at all times.

“The NIX Solutions team is very responsive, upfront, and strive to deliver on time and on budget.”


Please briefly describe what your company does and the role that you play there?

I am the founder and director of Stories360. We create GPS-based audio tours.


What was the business challenge that you were trying to address when you approached NIX Solutions?

We have been building our business strategy for the past couple of years and are just about to launch the applications in May [2015]. Our challenge was solely development based. We had technical project management capability, so we just needed a competent development team.


Can you talk about the scope of the project, what were the exact services or methodologies NIX Solutions provided or implemented?

We had detailed specifications for several pieces of technology that we wanted to build and NIX has provided that development and project management for us.

Can you give us a sense of the size of the project in dollar terms or personnel work hours?

Our project has two separate components the iOS application development and the Web application development. We have spent about $70,000 with NIX Solutions so far.


When working with them, was there anything unique or special about them compared to other companies with which you may have worked?

The NIX Solutions team is very responsive, upfront, and strive to deliver on time and on budget.

Looking back on the project, is there any area that they could improve upon or that you would have them do differently?

One thing that could improve is the management of bug reporting. The process could be more streamlined. NIX Solutions was happy to manage bug reporting in whatever form we proposed, which was nice and flexible. However, it probably would be more effective if they proposed a method of managing bug reporting that they preferred.


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