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Web Development for GradConnection Platform

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Soshace was engaged by GradConnection to develop the web platform with the goal of connecting employers and international university students for rewarding internship opportunities.

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Soshace is praised by the client for great code quality, strong project management, and trustworthy performance. Soshace is recommended for any tough development initiative.

"We were very happy with the services rendered by Soshace. Work was delivered on time and done professionally."


We connect student graduates to employers who are recruiting international and/or national students in South Africa.

I am the Team Leader of the Development team.


We needed to develop a software solution for connecting student graduates with employers using React, Django, and RESTFUL API Stack components.

The system will connect new graduates with employers who are seeking internship candidates. Our system allows employers to list various job opportunities targeting international students about to graduate from universities, and allows student application processing through the system as well.


We selected the service provider from, based on their ratings and performance from previous clients of theirs.

We outsourced various pieces of the project to Soshace over a period of 8 months and managed this via our GitHub issue tracker and Slack chat interface. We were in constant contact with the project manager via Skype meetings. Communication is quite easy and streamlined when you work with Soshace.


We were very happy with the services rendered by Soshace. Work was delivered on time and done professionally. They work very efficiently and produce high quality code. They have never let my team down and my entire staff trusts them.


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