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Web-based Feedback Management System for E-health Organization

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Exoft designed and developed the feedback management solution. They handled the full development stack from database design, development, coding, back-end, and front-end.

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The system gained positive feedback from medical practitioners and allowed to test their feedback management solution. The project went well that the company became one of the top five tech startups in Europe. Exoft provided quality work, but the client needed a full-time project manager.

"On the design side of things and in general, their coding ability is very high."


Please describe your organization.

We're a medical software and e-health company.

What is your position?

My role is chief executive officer.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Exoft?

We were deciding between an offshore and a nearshore team for product development. We were looking to move that from Ireland, where it's very expensive.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

It was full stack – we do our development operations in Ireland, and the products roadmap function remains in Ireland, along with the CTO role. Other than that, we outsource the full development stack, so database design, development, coding, back-end and front end. They primarily use Microsoft technology: C#, ASP.NET, and some jQuery libraries, so it's NBC5 architecture.

How did you come to work with Exoft?

We had a long list of 10 companies. Exoft was one of the three companies we found on oDesk, which now merged with another company [UpWork]. We had previously worked with other companies for smaller oDesk contracts. We just put it up there and they replied. We were impressed with their proposal and capabilities. The long list became five, then three, and then we picked them.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

It was in the low six figures.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with them this year in February [2015], and the collaboration is still ongoing. We have a number of dedicated resources on their end.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

We've gone from two to seven resources in Exoft. We've launched in the Danish market, so we've done a full localization of the platform into Danish. Our company was one of the top five tech startups in Europe. It worked out well.

How did Exoft perform from a project management standpoint?

The quality of the work by Exoft was fantastic. Project management is difficult, and we probably need a full-time project manager. That's probably nine out of 10 for technology and probably six for the project management. It's not uncommon. It's a mixed model. We do the project management, but we probably need a project manager there as well.

What distinguishes Exoft from other providers?

We stayed away from far shores – the likes of India, Philippines, and other countries like that. We feel the Ukrainian and Romanian developers have a better design sensibility for developing enterprise applications to be used by Western Europe, United States, and Australasia users. The English speaking level is more or less native. On the design side of things and in general, their coding ability is very high.

Is there anything Exoft could have improved or done differently?

It's probably a scaling thing for them. The ability to have a dedicated account manager is probably the main thing. We're probably just in or around that stage now. There's a certain time or scale when you need to bring that person in.


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