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The Better Bunch

Varied Application Development for Consumer Electronics Company

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The Better Bunch implemented provided designs for a piece of mobile software. Their work included desktop widgets, backend infrastructure, login functions, and community features; services are ongoing.

Feedback summary: 

The Better Bunch is capable of working independently while still delivering high-quality, efficient work. The team was proactive, and they managed the project smoothly. The only downside was employee turnover at The Better Bunch, which meant that information had to be repeated.

"Overall, we found the quality of work from The Better Bunch to be high."


Please describe your organization.

We are a technology company based in Stockholm.

What is your position?

I am the development manager for our mobile department.


What business challenge were you trying to address with The Better Bunch?

In development, hardware is always placed before software. A lot of our software budget got eaten up by unforeseen hardware costs, so we needed a company that could do the work in stages and at a good rate.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in greater detail.

They helped us create some of the software services and content for a mobile device we built.

The User Interface/User Experience [UI/UX] portions are designed by my company. The Better Bunch implemented them exactly as our engineers intended. They worked on online services, mobile content, and application development. This included a set of wallpapers designed by our company, which they brought to life, as well as desktop widgets, the backend infrastructure for the sign-on process, and some of the community features. They initially had four tasks, and we assigned more.

How did you come to work with The Better Bunch?

A friend who was running a startup in the United States told me about them. We needed to work with a company in Europe, and The Better Bunch came highly recommended, so we gave them a try.

I'm originally from South Africa, and thus perceive people from underdog countries as being hard workers. I felt that there was a lot of untapped talent in Russia, so if we could find developers with good English skills, we would outsource to them without any issues.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

The development cost for our first project was $55,000. A Finnish company would charge this just for the proposal process.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with them in August of 2014. The relationship is ongoing.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

It was important that, whenever issues and bugs would be found, they would be quick to resolve them, and they performed well. Overall, we found the quality of work from The Better Bunch to be high by international standards.

How did The Better Bunch perform from a project management standpoint?

They were very fast and efficient. They handled the work without us having to micromanage them.

What distinguishes The Better Bunch from other providers?

Their project management is very good and they're very proactive. A minimum amount of information will take them a long way.

Is there anything The Better Bunch could have improved or done differently?

There was some lost information due to staff turnover within our collaboration. It's important that, if they work with big clients, they have the right changeover processes in place.


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