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The Software House

Software Development for Financial Software Startup

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Project summary: 

The Software House developed the core application for facilitating communication between shared service and their served markets from scratch following given specifications.

Feedback summary: 

The Software House is flexible, enthusiastic, and proactive. The agency’s role in the project exceeded expectations; the product delivered is functional and impressive. The Software House is a reliable and valuable partner that adds value to every stage of the development process.

"Their suggestions were very helpful. The product is very modern – something to be proud of."


Please describe your organization.

We are a startup here in Poland, having just begun a few years ago. We offer software to help companies be more efficient with accounting and other important processes.

What is your role in your organization?

I am one of two partners and owners.


What business challenge were you trying to address with The Software House?

Many companies want to use a shared service to save costs on routine business processes. Our experience showed that there is a market for an application to support the shared services environment and help standardize normal business processes like accounting. The application would help communication between the shared service and the markets they serve.


Please describe the scope of their involvement.

The Software House developed the application from start to finish, according to our specifications and expected outcome.

How did you come to work with The Software House?

We started to think about the application, but we didn't have a strong IT [information technology] background. We began with some freelancers and, unfortunately, we lost three years because we were unable to get accomplished what we needed. We knew that we needed to start again from scratch.

Consequently, I began researching, especially for Polish firms, to find a partner that could help us to develop what we needed. We didn't want to work with freelancers as we had in the past. The problem with freelancers is that there is no real coordination between them. Without a single team, there is no one to connect the dots and have a sense of the overall shape of the project.

Through my research, we found The Software House. We met face to face and laid out the problem we were trying to address and the application we wanted to have developed. They saw us as a startup that had an idea and needed help to transform the idea into the product. That was very special for us because we saw that they truly wanted to help us because they saw the potential of this tool. 

What is the status of this engagement?

We've worked with them for two years, but we lost three years with different developers. From that point, we've been educated. We've learned that it is much better to have people who are here in Poland, people with whom we can meet face to face.

Our relationship with The Software House is ongoing. They are very flexible on different layers like payment. For example, if their invoice was higher than we expected in the current month, then they are happy to roll part of their fees over to the next month.


Could you share any statistics, metrics or other feedback from this engagement?

We don't have any metrics yet since we just started. We have done a couple of sales presentations and, so far, everything has been positive. While we were doing a presentation for future clients, The Software House was on the line, letting us know that if anything went wrong, they would be there to help us. But, nothing went wrong, and everything was absolutely fine. This makes us confident that the quality of the developed application is the best in the industry.

They knew we had the presentation and wanted to support us even though we hadn't asked for that support. They don't have a financial share in our company. They are just the partners in our journey, which, I believe, is truly unique.

How did The Software House perform from a project management standpoint?

Their performance was excellent. The Software House came up with proposals for solutions to the problems we had anticipated. Their suggestions were very helpful. We were able to focus on the application design since project management was handled by The Software House for all the other parts of the project. The product is very modern – something to be proud of.

What distinguishes The Software House from other providers?

They work with you as a partner to understand your needs. But, they're aiming to help you achieve your targets. That's unique as they care as much as you do. It's not as if they are an ordinary vendor that just wants to send out an invoice and get paid. They really care about what we are doing and are proactive in helping us interact with clients. I'm not treated as just another customer. We are partners.

Is there anything The Software House could have improved or done differently?

There is nothing major worth mentioning. All I can say is that I hope they will stay like they are in terms of their attitude and how they treat their clients. I hope if they become a big software house, they won't forget about us. 


Overall Score Sometimes we would miss a deadline, but that was mostly because we didn't do something right on our end.
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    Willing to refer
    I recommend The Software House. If someone says they'd rather have a freelancer because it's cheaper, I try to convince them not to go that way. I recommend them to anyone that is starting up or wanting to improve a software product they already have.