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Software Coding Partnership for Manufacturing Firm

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QNIUM provided software coding and backend type work using .NET. They also handled the project on enforcement, GUI, and the preparation of data for various countries.

Feedback summary: 

The software was functional and received positive feedback from the end users. QNIUM displayed superior technical expertise and outstanding communication throughout the project phase.

"They are reliable in meeting deadlines, and that is a special quality."


Please describe your company.

Our company is located in South Germany, and we produce parking meters. We have 250 people in Germany, and we have some people in France, India, and the United States.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the project manager in parking with a software focus.


What was your goal for working with QNIUM?

We have a Web-based solution for our parking meters, and we use the application for programming the machines. We also use the application to visualize, and to have live monitoring on the machines in all of the installations. With QNIUM, we have a project on the backend of our application as well as a project on enforcement, GUI, and preparing some data provided for different countries.


Please describe the scope of their work.

At the beginning, QNIUM worked with parking and business. They did not do software or hardware. Two years ago, we were looking for .NET experts on the backend side. We heard [they had experience with] parking; they visited us from time to time, and we had some meetings. That was how we connected with QNIUM. We had four or five year's history with them.

What was your process for selecting QNIUM?

We heard from the parking division, but I don’t know how they got in touch with us. I believe they were our parking partner with the same division in Russia.

Can you provide a ballpark figure for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

Each project took between three weeks to two months.

When was the latest milestone completed for that work?

The last project was completed in early February of 2014.


Do you have any statistics or metrics to track improvement from the project?

I don’t have any metrics at this time. The project that they are doing for us is used as a software. Some of our customers and partners are using it, but we have no metrics. The customers are happy, and the product is working. There are no complaints. It is difficult when they do a project on the backend side, so nobody sees it. You provide the service and it works, but you don’t hear from the customer. We are happy with them, and we plan to work with them further.

Is there anything unique about them that really makes them stand out, compared to other companies?

QNIUM understands our ideas very quickly, and I provide specifications from the customers or from a management point of view. When we provide a software specification, they start right away. It's good that they communicate by email every day, and they understand the ideas very quickly. We communicate by Skype very occasionally to clarify small items. They are reliable in meeting deadlines, and that is a special quality. That is why we are very happy with QNIUM.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or that you might do differently?

No. They have a lot of knowledge, and we trust them. There is a long history between our company and QNIUM, and they visit from time to time. Our relationship is based on trust. We count on their knowledge, and everything is fine.


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