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Site UX Redesign for Insurance Company

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MojoTech redesigned a website's UI in order to improve conversion rates, optimize customer engagement, and streamline the overall digital experience.

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Conversion rates have increased by 70% in the first 12-months and another 30-40% the subsequent year. This wouldn't have been possible without the steadfast attention and expertise brought to bear by MojoTech. 

"MojoTech's working model is simple, meaning that it's a common-sense approach."


Please introduce your organization and what you do there.

We provide healthcare plans to individuals and employers, including dental, vision, medical, and insular products in support of overall health. We are a part of the Rhode Island Healthcare Exchange, and also offer Medicare plans for individuals. I am the director of channel management.


What challenge were you trying to address with MojoTech?

We needed to redo our e-commerce experience for Medicare and direct-pay clients who don't use our services through employers. The website was offering a poor experience; we could see that both through our usage, and the ability to convert customers who were looking at plans. We had a high exit and dropout rate through those processes and were looking for a firm that could help us with some web/mobile design capabilities, bringing a fresh interface and user experience to our shopping and application pages. We wanted someone with a different view of the world, who wasn't from the healthcare industry, but who understood its mechanics and good user-experience design in general. We lacked that, as well as resources in general.


Please describe the scope of their involvement.

Our primary goals were to improve the conversion process and to have customers remain engaged longer on those pages. We wanted an increased number of applications on our digital channel, versus some of the other ones we offered such as phone and retail locations.

For most of our engagements with MojoTech, they've primarily been in charge of user experience design. As of yet, we haven't engaged them for anything engineering-related, but we have begun a new engagement with MojoTech for building our annual report site for 2016. They will not only be designing it but also building it from start to finish.

The team ranged from three to five individuals from MojoTech's side. We interacted through daily or semi-daily standups. The constant communication and interactive, Agile process were two of the most valuable parts of the relationship for me, and it continues to be. We can give feedback and see it put into action in a matter of hours or a day, versus the team going dark for days or weeks.

How did you come to work with MojoTech?

I found MojoTech through an internal referral. Our creative director knew Nick Kishfy, their CEO, from prior relationships. We had a need of augmenting our team with digital creatives and had a quick conversation with MojoTech. It took off from there.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with MojoTech in May or June 2015. We engaged them again in 2016.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

Within the two years of improvements we've done with MojoTech, we saw 50% improvements year-over-year in conversion rates. We saw significant increases in overall applications, by 70% in year one and an additional 30–40% in 2016, depending on which applications we're referring to. The results have been fantastic and somewhat surprising. Tech projects don't usually exceed the objectives, but when you have a partner able and willing to work with you so closely, these are the results one might obtain. It's a real testament to their working style. 

How did MojoTech perform from a project management standpoint?

MojoTech's working model is simple, meaning that it's a common-sense approach. We had open discussions about what our problems were and what we were trying to achieve before beginning any contracted work with them. They laid out a plan for how they could help, and how they thought they could augment the goals we were trying to achieve. MojoTech understood our budgetary limitations and they were conscientious about what activities were better suited for our team versus theirs, thus helping our overall cost management. Once we signed a statement of work, the execution was started right away, and MojoTech was proactive in setting up kickoff meetings, standups, and stakeholder meetings. They really understood the work itself. From the time we started the work, MojoTech was excellent in meeting our timelines and the goals they set out.

MojoTech took our feedback and incorporated into the ongoing work, but also kept mindful of the timelines. They were aware of the results of any changes being made. We had healthy conversations daily or every other day, in order to keep the communication flow going.

Because we're a healthcare organization, we're constrained in terms of the tools that we can use and the information which can be shared outside of our walls. We did use InVision, which was the only means of sharing information, outside of email.

Is there anything MojoTech could have improved or done differently?

As a waterfall organization, we weren't used to working in MojoTech's lean model. We've had to be conscious of that fact and make sure that the information format could bridge the gap between our sides. This is more of a behavioral issue on our side, and it was a matter of becoming accustomed to it.


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