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UPTech Team

Mobile App Dev for IT Outsourcing Company

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UPTech Team supplied development talent to assist the client with multiple front-end and back-end development projects, such as mobile application creation.

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The client is extremely impressed with the speed that UPTech Team's developers are able to work and the quality of their products. Other strengths include communication, organization, and dedication to each project.

"They [UpTech] care a lot about the work they do, about the end result for the client, and about what a project means for their clients."


Please introduce your business and what you do there.

My company is an IT [information technology] service company. My title is director of U.S. operations.


What challenge were you trying to address with UPTech Team?

The challenge was that we did not have the specialists with the specific skills we needed for some of our projects. UPTech had those specialists. They were of higher quality than anyone else we knew, and they were there when we needed them.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Our company is itself a service company. UPTech would fit into our projects as a subcontractor and just become part of our team. For example, one of the projects that we engaged them with was a mobile app, which involved writing iOS and Android apps using all the latest frameworks and technologies. Also, in some cases, they needed to do some work on the back-end. The other challenges involved needing to work with legacy code and having to work in this time zone.

There are basically two models of projects. One is where an individual resource works as a remote dedicated person and is involved and engaged in the client's process. Then, there's outsourcing, where someone just comes to us and wants us to make something. We go away, we make it, and deliver it. We used the first model with UPTech, and their people shined. It made it much easier to work from a remote situation.

Please describe some of the key features in the mobile apps that they designed for you.

One app required very slick, smooth animations. It involved a lot of rapidly changing UI [user interface]. They designed a very modern interface using the latest in both design practices and code practices. The app had a high level of complexity, good performance, and appearance. They designed and developed the app in a very short time window.

Another app that we worked with them on was for designing clothes. It was done on iOS, but not on Android. We faced a real challenge because of a lack of documentation. There were no Android-specific designs, and many developers would be stuck just constantly asking questions. UPTech was very good at just jumping into a situation with a lot of uncertainty, asking the right questions, dealing with the social challenges of the project, and getting to work.

How many projects have you worked on with them?

At this point, I would say six projects.

How did you come to work with UPTech Team?

I reached out to them through Upwork. It was an emergency. I needed help over some holidays, and we went from there.

How much have you invested with UPTech Team?

We have spent less than $50,000 working with them.

What is the status of this engagement?

Our work with them began in January 2016 and is ongoing.


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

In the case of two of our bigger projects, the stakeholders set a very aggressive timeline. In one of those cases, they had to get the app done in time for the 2016 Democratic and Republican conventions. UpTech took our estimated time and cut that in half. They managed to hit that deadline and release a stable app that did well on day one – something that is very tough to pull off.

With another app, the challenge was that the previous developer had just left, which created a lot of unknowns. UPTech jumped right in and worked with our team to figure out what was going on. The final quality of the app was so good that it was featured by the Google Play store. In addition to that, the clients were so happy that they wanted to keep doing more work with us.

The main thing I can say about them is they're very consistently reliable. There's never a day when you just can't get a hold of them. They always respond very quickly, even on little things. They're very good with email, communication, and doing what's being asked. A lot of times with remote work and outsourcing, problems happen when a simple communication issue spirals out of control. That has just not happened with UPTech.

UPTech is very good at working with people here in America and reading between the lines, working not just as a programmer but also as a developer. They are very good at understanding business needs and communicating clearly. Everyone around here says that they have been among the best that anyone's worked with offshore. In terms of the quality, I'm a developer myself and know when I see a good code with few bugs.

How did UPTech Team perform from a project management standpoint?

They were pretty good. They were very organized. They delivered detailed reports summarizing everything and kept everything tracked. They tracked their time quite accurately. At any point, they could tell me what's going on with a project and where we were at with it. I have no complaints there.

What did you find most impressive about UPTech Team?

They take the time to think about the project and the business behind it – to understand what's important for that business. They care a lot about the work they do, about the end result for the client, and about what a project means for their clients in terms of their business needs. They are not about just getting the job done and getting paid. That's not something I find everywhere. That's probably one of the things that really make them shine – their level of dedication.

Are there any areas UPTech Team could improve?

They are still a small company with a young team. They are good at what they do, but they need to shore up their skills in some areas. They're not yet at the place where they can provide everything a client might need.

I subcontracted with them because what they do they do very well. They just need to get better at a wider range of specialties.


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