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Drupal Development and Responsive Design for Senior Housing Community

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ImageX initially designed a content-rich website. They later returned to make it mobile-friendly, responsive, and appealing to a wide user base.

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ImageX built an intuitive site that received positive feedback and successfully attracted users across a wide range of demographics. The team was able to fulfill every key element of the project, providing prompt feedback and thorough documentation.

"ImageX was great to work with. I was happy with the whole process."


Please describe your organization.

The company has been around for 51 years in British Columbia, and we provide senior housing and care. We've got a range of communities, from lower-income, subsidized rental housing, all the way through to complex care, which would be very similar to the United States model of a CCRC [continuing care retirement communities].

What is your position?

I am the vice president of marketing and communications.


What business challenge were you trying to address with ImageX?

ImageX built our first site approximately six years ago, and we went from a very dated site to a Drupal platform at that time. Six years later, it was definitely time to redo the site and have a mobile site as well. It was initially going to be a window dressing upgrade, and we went a little bit deeper than that. They created our original site, and then we brought them back in to redesign our site.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in more detail.

We really wanted a website that was easy to use in terms of content upgrades and migration – all of that. It needed to be intuitive on the back-end. We're a large organization with a small team – it's myself and an assistant that manage the website. We worked with three individuals, the project manager, and two other people who worked on the development side.

Our user-base is pretty broad. We have seniors of 80 years-plus, so the site needed to be simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Then, we also have their children that are coming to the site. Now, we have a demographic that's around 50-plus. We also use it to engage team members and partners, so in that respect, the audience is wide open. We needed something that is super senior-friendly, but that also would be visually appealing for the younger audience and easy to navigate. It was also important that we could build something that was scalable, that we wouldn't end up with a clunky structure later on, as we added more to it.

We had a search functionality before we did the redesign, and it was usable. The "Donate" function is new to our site. While we launched the site a couple of weeks ago, we weren't set up to do the online transactions yet. We wanted to build it so that we could scale it up. That's part of our second phase. At this point, it's reply with an email, but it's something that ImageX will be working to implement.

How did you come to work with ImageX?

When I first started looking for a company to work with – in Vancouver, there's a lot to choose from – I started looking at sites that I liked, and coincidentally their office at the time was in a community near where I lived. I would drive by and I thought, "That's kind of curious." I kind of stumbled across them, and then started looking at the work that they did, and I was impressed with their range of experience.

When we first worked with them six years ago, I interviewed them and went directly to ImageX. I had certainly worked with others in the past. This time, I actually went to two organizations and eventually selected ImageX.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

It was $30,000. We stayed within budget and timeline.

What is the status of this engagement?

We launched the new website on September 2, 2015.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

There were key points throughout the process, and we certainly met all of those. Because it was such a small team working on our side, the ImageX team was good at coming in and working right alongside us, and helping us understand things. We weren't super sophisticated in terms of what we needed on the back-end, so much as what we wanted it to look and feel like from the users' point of view.

I don't have statistics on user engagement yet because it's so new. I certainly will be doing that, and I do work with another organization that manages that portion for us, and I get monthly reports. I'll be able to look at that in terms of where we were at the end of August with our old site, and then what we're looking at by the end of this month [September 2015]. Anecdotally, we've had a lot of great feedback from people who like the site. I'm looking forward to having that impression kind of reaffirmed through some more concrete statistical data.

How did ImageX perform from a project management standpoint?

We stayed within the agreed upon timeline and budget. ImageX was great to work with. I was happy with the whole process.

What distinguishes ImageX from other providers?

Having not worked with another development company for a number of years, I think what was great with how they actually managed the project through Basecamp. There was instant feedback and bilateral dialogue. When we were doing meetings, whether it was in person or over the phone, all of the notes from the meeting were then posted to Basecamp right away, any sort of actions, conversations, or threads. It was great to know where we were at in the project constantly, and then to be able to go back. Even now that we're into it and we're having questions in terms of back-end how-to, a question goes up and their responsiveness is so fast and thorough. We feel very well supported.

Is there anything ImageX could have improved or done differently?

Maybe the only thing – and I shared this feedback with them as well – was partly a function because we were doing this during the summer months, so vacations sometimes hit both on our part and their part. Sometimes, it was a little bit hard to know if we were still on track, even though we were on track. If somebody said, "Are you still going to be ready?" I'd be like, "I hope so." There were only a couple of times like that.

Then on my part, I didn't do a good job of saying where we were at in terms of hours and budget. Again, they were super confident in managing the timeline and the budget, but I didn't ask, and that was something that they've acknowledged that they could have given a little bit more progress reports and progress billing. Again, it was minor. Overall, we've been just very impressed by them.


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